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“Live From Court Street” to interview BTP presidential candidate Charles jay

In Libertarian on June 20, 2008 at 8:38 pm

Jason and Cilla Gatties’ “Live From Court Street” show has been rescheduled.  There will be no show tomorrow, but there will be a special episode on June 25th.

From their site:

We had to cancel the Saturday “Birthday Bash” because Jason actually got a really cool gift, which meant he had to leave town. We apologize for this, but again, we don’t get paid to do this show!

Charles Jay will be our guest this week on a special day & time. We’ll be on for an hour, so get your questions ready for the Boston Tea Party Presidential Nominee.

Happy birthday to Jason from Last Free Voice!

  1. Thanks ENM 🙂

    That is a tentative time and date. I still need to hear from Jay & Knapp. I’m hoping to do an entire hour with both.

    And DAMN IT, I missed the show again tonight!!! Grrrrr… I gotta listen on archive. I realized it when I took my son & Cilla out for ice cream. I even tried to finish quickly to catch the end of the show, but I missed it.

  2. That date and time is confirmed. Just chatted with Jay.

    Charles will be on for the entire hour. I’m hoping to have Knapp on as well.

  3. Cool!

    Last night’s LFV was very interesting, definitely worth a listen. Angela is a fantastic guest.

  4. Happy Birthday, Jason!

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