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LP Conn lists Phillies as their presidential candidate

In Libertarian on June 18, 2008 at 10:55 am

The LP of Connecticut has its Presidential Petition online in PDF format.

They have listed George Phillies as their Presidential candidate, and Richard Lion as their Vice Presidential candidate.

  1. I am guessing they started pre-Denver

  2. I assume also that they allow for a stand in.

  3. I am not going to say that I support such a move, but I think that with New Hampshire potentially doing this as well, the important point is that Barr is completely disingenuous when he says that the party is united behind him.

    Plus, this indicates how the nominating of such a polarizing, non-libertarian for the LP is very likely to be much more destructive to the LP than any potential additional exposure or votes that could be secured.

    Be ready to see other states follow suit.

  4. Clicking on document properties on the pdf shows me that the document was created April 16 and has not been modified. So I wouldn’t necessarily interpret it as meaning they don’t intend to substitute Barr.

  5. Good for Connecticut!

  6. Jim makes a good point. In Virginia, since the petition had to be circulated before the nominees were selected in convention, we used to use Ed Clark and David Bergland to hold the places. Then, after nomination, the BOE was notified of the change to the actual nominee.

  7. How many states will Phillies be the nominee? I’ve heard that he will be the nominee in NH, MA, and now CT. Is the entire northeast LPs nominating Phillies?

  8. As far as I know Dr. Phillies will not actually be on the ballot in any state.

  9. Paulie, how far do you know now?

  10. That I know of, it appears that Phillies WILL be on the ballot in NH, as he was nominated by the LPNH, who collected petitions for him mostly prior to Natcon, as part of getting the rest of the LPNH candidates onto the ballot. He has filed the required paperwork to be on the ballot, and NH does not allow substitution.

    Barr might also get on the ballot in NH, if he either does his own petition drive, or successfully litigates to replace George.

    In Mass, we are approximately 50% done with a ballot drive listing Phillies/Bennet as the ticket. The Secretary of State’s office initially said we would be able to substitute, but reversed the decision post convention. The petition drive is continuing, with apparent intent on the part of the Barr campaign to litigate to replace George – the LPMA State Committee and the electors have reluctantly agreed to cooperate w/ said litigation, though at least some of us (like me) hope it is not successful. IF the ballot drive finishes, and Barr’s litigation fails, the Phillies / Bennet ticket will be on the ballot, along with Robert Underwood for US Senate (in opposition to John Kerry)

    I have heard rumours that other states may (hopefully) refuse to put Barr on the ballot, but I’m not aware of any other details.

    LPMA Operations Facilitator
    Potential LPMA Presidential Elector (who won’t vote for Barr)

  11. ART is correct, except that Mass is more like 95% done – in fact, probably over 100% given that they are going for a very wide safety margin.

  12. Glad to hear we are getting close to done – mostly for the sake of Robert Underwood… You are closer to the day to day progress than I am since you’ve been collecting sigs here – I won’t because I can’t see a way to ask people to sign a petition for someone I wouldn’t dream of voting for…


  13. Luckily I have been able to avoid asking people to sign for Barr. I’m carrying more than one party petition and pitching them as a package of allowing all the independent parties on the ballot.

    Almost everyone signs them all, and a few people do ask which parties at which point I name them. I then say they all have different views but this is not about whether you agree with them or which you vote, just about everyone’s right to vote for any party they want.

    If pressed I explain, in many states they are on the ballot automatically just like the bigger parties, but in other states like this one we have to get thousands of signatures every election.

    I have yet to have anyone say anything one way or the other about Barr after over a thousand signatures. Not ONE person.

    Not when I only had the LP petition – and not since.

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