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Jason Gatties Press Release: “The Gift of Freedom”

In Libertarian on June 18, 2008 at 10:24 am

For Immediate Release:

Saint Joseph, Mi- The Committee To Elect Jason Gatties will open the “donation” section of the campaign site this Saturday. Why Saturday? Because Saturday marks Jason’s 33rd birthday! You can give the “Gift of Freedom” by donating to Jason’s campaign efforts this weekend. We would accept any donation amount, but imagine the difference a few $33 donations could make for a candidate fighting for freedom on a shoe string budget.

Jason is one of only two Libertarian Party candidates in the State of Michigan who will run in a non-partisan race this November, with the other being Robert Roddis’ campaign for Justice of Michigan’s Supreme Court. Jason will be involved in a “elect 3” race and will face off with 3 current incumbents. Realistically, Jason has the best chance to be the only Michigan Libertarian elected this November, but we could sure use your help.

Jason Gatties is seeking the office of Lake Michigan College Board of Trustees, which is a 6 year term. Jason is calling on the Board to become more fiscally responsible when it comes to the day to day operations of the school, including privatization of non-academic services. Jason has also criticized the current Board’s lack of communication with staff, students & the general public.

So this Saturday, if you can afford to do so, please visit and consider giving Jason a special “gift” and rest assured, your “Gift of Freedom” will be used for the best possible resources.

Priscilla Gatties
Campaign Manager
The Committee To Elect Jason Gatties

  1. Gatties also supports barf, who voted FOR the patriot act, FOR illegal wars of aggression and was a drug war prosecutor.

    I bet the donations will be rolling in…

  2. “Gatties” will be voting for the ALL Libertarian Party candidates this November. Also for the record, “Gatties” never voted for the patriot act or any war of aggression. “Gatties” has been on record on many online forums for the past several years, speaking out against the War in Iraq as well as the Patriot Act.

    “Gatties” feels that everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt and deserves a “2nd Chance” as well. “Gatties” challenges Disinter to prove that he has never made a mistake in his life. If Disinter is “perfect”, then he may continue to ridicule Mr. Bob Barr. However, I some how doubt Disinter can prove he’s never made any mistake ever in life.

  3. “Gatties” will be voting for the ALL Libertarian Party candidates this November.

    “disinter” will be voting for whomever he thinks best reflects his views, no matter what “party” that person belongs to. “disinter” prefers to leave the party loyalty mentality to the mindless lemmings.

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