Steve G.

Rep Ted Poe of TX gives Congress hell about new light bulbs

In Libertarian on June 17, 2008 at 6:07 pm
  1. Sadly lacking in most of these discussions is LED bulbs.

    I wonder why, when they WHUMP CFL bulbs in efficiency AND don’t have any mercury in them AND I think they’re even made in America.

  2. Great find ENM.

  3. Lidia; because they cost 4x as much to produce right now. Which is ironic because their lifespan is roughly 20 years, as opposed to the 5-7 for a CFL. Also, it is only very recently that LED’s have had the intensity sufficient to produce light on-par with standard ambient lighting.

    I use CFL’s in my home. I elected to do so. I know of very real and actually medical reasons why one would not want CFL’s in their home; the spectrum of light produced by them is in fact quite often a migraine trigger. (As a migraine sufferer, I have learned to shade my bulbs with yellow materials in order to mitigate the blue-spectrum. But I’m also a low-sensitivity to that particular trigger. And live with the pain.)

    If I could afford LED’s, I would certainly go that route. And, hopefully, we’ll see some real revolutions in the realm of LED manufacture in the next ten years or so. I’m feeling quite hopeful about OLED’s, for example. If, for no other reason, than to be able to turn my living-room wall into a home porn theater. (What?! It’s for enjoyment with my wife. And maybe a few select others… Can’t be libertarian if there isn’t at least a little libertine in ya! >:-P )

  4. This dude rocks!!!!

  5. There are other threats beyond the Mercury aspect that will exacerbate the problem of the impending incandescent ban. And yes, LED is the future. Many products have surpassed CFL in L/W output and have a 6-7X or longer lifespan. Finally, someone in the government is speaking out!!!
    Want more info???

  6. I am glad someone finally had the cajones to stand up for my light bulb usage rights!

  7. Given that it is difficult for a group to exceed the intelligence of it’s members, I think it’s a pretty safe bet that any bulb approved by Congress will be a DIM one…


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