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In Libertarian on June 17, 2008 at 4:36 pm

The Boston Tea Party has nominated Presidential candidate Charles Jay and VP Candidate Tom Knapp. The BTP hopes to be on the ballot in about ten states this year, and more in years to come.

Robert Milnes, who was defeated for the BTP nomination, vowed to fight on as an independent candidate for POTUS:

Well, everybody, I concede my defeat in BTP. & yes, time is short. However I am going to continue an independent campaign. I still need your support. I hope to get enough support to go to Oklahoma & try to get Indian voter registration and ballot petitioning. Then go to Chicago to try to get the Green nomination. Then on to CA to help my disabled friend get squared away & try what has worked before: camping & gold mining in the National Forest, to shake depression. From there I can still run an internet campaign. I had Starband ISP before. This time I’d like to try ATT/MagicJack with laptop. I still need a campaign manager & southern woman libertarian vp to complement the ticket. Tom & Tamara have declined. & I need a laptop! So go to & spread the word. Remember, Bob Milnes is no Teddy Roosevelt. & Bob Milnes is no Bob Dole. But Bob Milnes will do better than second place-with less! & Bob Milnes does not have E.D.! & Bob Milnes is still in to win!

Meantime, Jim Casarjian-Perry has left the Libertarian Party, calling LP nominee Bob Barr a two faced liar, and has filed official paperwork with the state to create a new Liberty Party in Massachusetts.

And, yes, lest anyone forget, Bob Barr is still running for POTUS as the nominee of the Libertarian Party.

Finally, I’ve heard a rumor that Arkansas LP Chair Gerhardt Langguth, who is the only known Imperato supporter in the LP, plans to put Imperato on the ballot as the LP POTUS candidate in Arkansas.

I think competition is a good thing in politics, just like in business. However, before we head too far down that path, here is a glimpse at what the future of libertarian political parties might look like.


TPW reports

Libertarians decided not to pick the punk rocker who, in The New Yorker’s words, “looks like one of the good guys in ‘Braveheart,’ a brawny warrior with terrifying hair.” But Fran Powers has a back-up plan:

“I have to be more personal, I have to be more myself,” he said. “The Libertarians just want to talk dogma. That was my undoing.” But he had no intention of dropping out of the race. He was planning, he said, to start a new party, called the Free Party, “as in, the free party—get it?”

  1. How long before each libertarian has his or her own political party?

  2. The thought of the LP going down the same road as our mirror-opposites haunts me every time I write something on the reds. They normally say the exact same thing about the exact same issue, but typically either snob eachother completely or renounce eachother over some gripe now-dead chairmen had with eachother years ago. It doesn’t keep me up at night yet, but maybe by the end of the year it will.

  3. > Starr’s and Barr’s party
    > -p

    A Confederacy of Dunces


  4. I thought we were an anarcho-syndicalist commune.

  5. There’s at least as much fusion as fission involved here.

    Many of the Boston Tea Party’s members and activists remain LP members and activists. Even the BTP’s vice-presidential candidate (me) continues to assiduously promote the LP’s ticket in his own state, where the BTP ticket will not be on the ballot.

    There’s reason for speculation that the Personal Choice Party of Utah may merge in some way with the BTP (Charles Jay, the BTP’s presidential nominee, was the PCP’s 2004 nominee and is their 2008 nominee as well).

    The key to letting all these various groups be productive (and to possibly re-merge at various points) is for all of them to attack statism rather than attacking the anti-statists to their right and left. I don’t see the BTP and the LP as opponents, but rather as two branches of the same river. Hopefully each will find fertile ground to irrigate and bring to life that the other couldn’t have.

    Tom Knapp
    Libertarian for US House
    Boston Tea Partier for Vice-President
    Damn Proud of Both

  6. Peter,

    Actually, Rational Review IS an anarcho-syndicalist cooperative. At one point, we were also 40% IWW (then I had to withdraw from the union as its bylaws prohibit members from holding political party office).

    Tom Knapp

  7. I forgot about the PCP! Shame on me. Next:

    Libertarian Social Democrats, Market Driven Anarchists, Government Haters Brotherhood?

  8. Good for Jim Casarjian-Perry!

  9. Maybe a little fission would be helpful. For all we know, maybe a few little splits here and there will help get the message across better by allowing different groups to aggressively push the parts of it that they feel most passionate about.

    Imagine a libertarian-leaning CP for the social conservatives, a big-tent LP that pushes “free minds and markets” or whatever, BTP’s and PCP’s and the new Liberty Party for people who are more or less anarchists but find campaigning a helpful way to communicate that, and, better yet, imagine if all of them refrain from hating and talking smack about the others.

    Stranger things have worked.

  10. Unfortunately, that last part is the one I have the hardest time imagining.

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