Steve G.

Suspected fraud in BTP online convention voting

In Libertarian on June 16, 2008 at 4:00 pm

In the Boston Tea Party’s online convention, there is some very serious concern about fraudulent voting.

It appears that some people may be creating multiple accounts – one seems to have as many as 12 accounts from the same IP – so they can vote multiple times; it appears those votes were cast for “None of the Above”, causing a situation wherein the top candidate for the VP slot was tied with NOTA.  The site has therefore been closed to registration at this time, and the suspicious votes have been disallowed.

Of course, there are undoubtedly some legitimate votes for NOTA, especially since members can vote for more than one candidate for each office.

However, there is concern that the party is losing out on legitimate members, by closing new member registration during the voting; and it appears that under the Bylaws, the party cannot close to new membership during the convention, though it has been done as an emergency measure since it is believed the site is under attack.

Unfortunately, a number of the new users are both attracted to the poll because something is happening here, and are apparently visiting parts of the site to indicate reflection on the candidates and issues. Thus, we are being screwed out of legitimate new members by the action of this vicious little spammer.

Voting will continue until 9 pm EDT tonight.  At present, assumably after the suspected fraudulent votes have been disallowed, the results are as follows:

Presidential candidates: 37 votes cast so far

Charles Jay 68% (25 votes)

None of the Above 32% (12 votes)

Robert Milnes 14% (5 votes)

Vice Presidential candidates: 33 votes cast so far

Thomas L. Knapp 58% (19 votes)

Todd Andrew Barnett 30% (10 votes)

None of the Above 27% (9 votes)

Chris Bennett 18% (6 votes)

  1. How many states will Jay/Knapp be on the ballot?

  2. They are hoping for about ten this time, and more next time.

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