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Angela Keaton continues to give ’em hell

In Libertarian on June 16, 2008 at 4:01 am

From LNC member Angela Keaton’s blog.

Standards apply, except when they don’t‏
From: Keaton (
Sent: Mon 6/16/08 1:45 AM
To: Stewart Flood (xxxnet);
My dear, Mr. Flood:

Of course resumes are confidential. No resumes were revealed. Some of us are aware of standard hiring and firing practices Unfortunately, judging by the disposition of the former ED’s tenure, Messrs. Colley, Redpath, et al., do not. (READ: In a real political party, Cory would have had his rump handed back to him.)Nothing was “broadcast” by me except to subtly drive home the points that first, Mr. Colley neglected to mention that the first candidate he listed was a central member of the Reform Caucus, a fact that given the current tensions might would be worth noting; second, that the Radicals should defer to the reformers on hiring so that they can have a free hand to implement their ideological and strategical agenda; finally, that given our entrance on the world stage, we should expect external and internal scrutiny.

If you can’t handle a little criticism from a menstruating retired titty dancer, I shudder to think what you would do on Anderson Cooper.

basium meus ass

  1. I love Angela. Keep up the heat!

  2. I understand why resumes/names would not be made available to the LP membership as a whole, but keeping them from the LNC (which is what, like 30 people tops?) is silly. I’d think the LNC would be given the chance to meet with and question any finalist before hiring.

  3. Could Angela please post here a list of whom the current officers, at large, and regional nat com members are?

  4. The National Committee members are on the LP.ORG website, as part of the organization, and styled “leadership’.

  5. Thanks, Mr. Phillies. How close did David Nolan come to making in on as an At Large rep?

  6. Angela deserves a Hawaiian vacation


    [Seriously, Hawaii? How about Cuba, shitballs?]

  7. How to comment on blog of Angela?

  8. Hiya, Paulie. I think you have to register on Angela’s blog, before you can comment.

  9. Yep, she explained it to me. I discounted that since it did not use to work on her blog.

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