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Angela Keaton: “LNC 2010: Your Hawaiian Vacation”

In Libertarian on June 15, 2008 at 3:13 am

The following was posted on Angela Keaton’s blog, and has been posted with her permission.

ENM commentary: Is it just me, or does having a convention in Hawaii sound like a foolish idea given that many if not most libertarians either don’t want to fly, or can’t afford a trip to Hawaii? Also, given that the LP appears to be teetering on the edge of not even being able to meet payroll and normal operating expenses, it seems like a poor financial decision as well.


Ship of Fools

Hat tip to Muddy, LadyGaura and LB.

An actual email from M Carling dated May 28:

I advocated that the 2008 and 2010 conventions be negotiated at the same time, because it’s just about as easy to get two quotes from a hotel as to get one. For reasons that have never been revealed to me, the Convention Committee decided not to do that. It took over a year of asking every month before I could even get a straight answer (finally last December) from anyone that the Convention Committee was not actively negotiating for the 2010 convention. Then Bill Redpath asked me if I would try to negotiate contracts for 2010 and 2011/2012. I took the RFP that the Barry Dively had used to get bids for 2008, updated it for 2010 and 2012, and sent it to the appropriate folks in Austin, Charleston, Cleveland (IIRC), and Pittsburgh. Austin never responded to either email or voicemail. The others responded that they had heard that we had already signed a contract for Austin, and I had a difficult time convincing them that that was a false rumor. After a few months, Nancy Neale asked to be in the loop and I tried to include her despite limited responsiveness on her part. I also asked Bill for permission to get help from Barry Dively, to which Bill enthusiastically agreed. Barry convinced Bill and me that we were so close to the 2008 convention that it would be better to wait until after the convention when we had hard attendance numbers to show.

I think Austin would be a great venue for a presidential convention, perhaps in late 2011. For 2010, I think we would get a better deal from a venue nearer the size we need. Our attendance numbers in 2006 and 2008 make us less interesting to the Austin Hilton. We would need to convince them that our numbers will be like 2004.

May is low (cheap) season for convention hotels in Hawaii. People want to go to Hawaii when it is winter in the midwest and during summer vacations. Honolulu has many hotels with convention facilities
of the right size for us and they are competitive. It’s generally easy to talk one’s spouse (often not an LP member) into going to Hawaii. We’ve never had an LNC meeting there and they are the most isolated of our state parties.

Aaron Starr’s response dated May 29:
I just mentioned to my significant other the prospect of Hawaii as a site for a future convention and she proceeded to get giddy and do cart wheels. I concluded that perhaps this was a demonstration of approval. I’m wondering whether the prospect of a trip to Hawaii commonly draws similar exhibitions of exuberance from others.

  1. You know I was going to blog about this but you beat me to the story. If they ever have it in Hawaii in the near future with the price of everything skyrocketing I think that those who can’t go should find a way to hold a convention of our own. You know the same idiots who are proposing this are the same idiots who had the ‘povertarian” debacle of the LP of California cruise ship situation. If you want to see a convention that had lower attendees than Portland….go ahead have it in Honolulu and heads will roll!!!!!!

  2. I hope that Angela, wherever she is, keeps up the effort to let us know what is happening instead the beast. And what the hell is it that M Carling does for a living? And what is he qualified to do?


  3. Hawaii would be a cool place to visit (it is one of the few states that I’ve never been to) but I don’t think that it is a good site for a Libertarian Party convention because it is too far away and too expensive to get to for many people.

  4. Previous posts have said M Carling is usually unemployed and mostly not doing anything. Hawaii makes a lot of sense.

  5. I wish they’d come to Chicago. But thats for selfish reasons.

  6. It’s been theorized that the whole point of holding LP cons in expensive locales is to out-price radical povertarians.

    I’m also sick of hearing about the need to cater to non-libertarian spouses. The proper reason for a convention is to work at party business, not to provide expensive family holiday packages.

    It makes sense to hold conventions in cities that are (1) cheap, and (2) boring.

    If a venue is boring, delegates will more likely stay in their seats and work, rather than step outside during key votes.

  7. Like Denver is boring…

    As a 20-year Coloradoan, if that’s the implication, I would take offense to that.

    If not, then, nevermind.

  8. The cost to fly to Hawaii right now is INSANE. 1500-2k round trip.
    Why don’t we just have it in Jamaica if you want the spouse to be happy, it would be cheaper and the environment is indeed more libertarian.

  9. Yeah, weren’t we just discussing the new airport scanners? That, or get a boat ride over, and deal with hubby’s seasickness?


    Meanwhile, I’m seriously hoping to be in Austin in 2010. This would be admittedly wonderful for me.

    Please please reconsider Austin.

  10. Cal. LP can’t even get 100 delegates to its own in-state convention.
    Yeah, maybe Left Coasters can get to Honolulu for decent airfare but what about the rest of us? Dively does a good job with Hilton meetings, so why not let him try to get the Pittsburgh Hilton for 2010?

  11. If you want to see a convention that had lower attendees than Portland…

    Yep, I think that’s the idea.

    How about Cuba, shitballs?

    The 2010 LP convention will be at Gitmo.

  12. Why doesn’t the LP alternate between the east coast and west coast for it’s off year conventions and try to keep the convention in the center of the country for it’s presidential year conventions?

    Hawaii seems to far and expensive… but I’m ready to pack my bags to paradise.

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