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The Case for Robert Capozzi for LP Executive Director

In Libertarian on June 14, 2008 at 2:34 am

The following was written by LNC member Angela Keaton:


Investor relations executive and libertarian writer Robert Capozzi has applied for the position of national executive director. Capozzi, editor of one of the first libertarians webzines The Free Liberal, emerged in recent years as one of the Reform Caucus’ most effective spokesmen. Last year he was elected by the LNC to sit on the platform committee where he played a key role in the Directional Principles draft.

His libertarian roots run deep. Capozzi was an undergraduate at SUNY Buffalo when he wrote for the now defunct Inquiry and interned at the Libertarian Review. His mother, college instructor, Audrey Capozzi is well regarded by her fellow members of both LPNY & LPFL and is quite close to some of the most influential east coast radicals. As one top anarchist leader put it, “Audrey’s good stuff.”

Capozzi is not without his weaknesses. He lacks the activist background of a Wes Benedict or a Marc Montoni, two of the party’s leading former state executive directors. As an unapologetic egghead (”I’m a theoretical asymptotic anarchist,”) he could easily alienate the working class voters that anti-prohibitionist Loretta Nall, the Dondero Libertarian Republicans, and the Grass Roots Caucus have targeted as part of a real world libertarianism. Further, while he enjoys the banter of the libertarian basement blogs, he has not provided satisfactory answers to many of the philosophical challenges issued by Radical Caucus leader Susan Hogarth.

Why should anarchists and other radicals give Capozzi a chance at our top administrative slot? The Reform Caucus members have demanded that we give their approach a fair hearing. We did. They won their case in Denver. I don’t envy them as for now we, the entire delegation of the LPUS, demand they produce the goods. Other than current treasurer Aaron Starr, I can’t think of any reformer more qualified than Capozzi to put those plans into action.

  1. Has Keaton gone to the dark side, or was this sarcasm?

  2. If the goal is for this person to execute the manifesto of the retard caucus, they might as well hire Robert Milnes.

  3. Sarcasm or not, just be sure to read what he has written on Read about how he thinks it is prudent to take steps to stem the “chemical assault on the Earth and its inhabitants,” and what Congress should do is “protect us from being damaged.” Read his quips about libertarian theory being “grand,” but that property is a human institution and a mere “helpful contrivance to facilitate wealth creation,” and that the institution of property has been established by governments. He has said “taxation is theft” is a false statement, and has argued that the “negative externalities” of pollution should be “internalized.” He has falsely claimed that “every free market” theory finds that “pollution” (however Capozzi might define that as King) is a negative externality that should be limited as much as possible. He has explained that a pollution tax would some how cause automakers to ramp up their “production and economies of scale” to meet the “consumers demand” for cleaner technology. I guess that he’d explain that free markets work by being guided by the good grace of clever governments. He says that no one has a “right” to pollute, so dissuading it is “consistent” with a market economy. To keep things in context, he simply declares that burning fossil fuels is “damaging,” no one has a “right to pollute,” and therefore Congress should consider penalizing, i.e., taxing, injurious behavior.

    I don’t know if Capozzi has recanted his goofy idea that governments can figure out exactly what is “injurious,” that clever ways to tax all those injurious things can be figured, and that exactly how heavily those naughty acts should be taxed such that we don’t have too little or too much naughty and dirty activity can be guessed, eco-naughty or nice, but I am glad he thinks he can figure it out.

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