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LP overspending may affect payroll, normal operating expenses

In Libertarian on June 13, 2008 at 8:37 pm

From LNC member Angela Keaton’s blog.

(Editor’s note: Last term I voted to keep the contents of the LNC Discuss list private. The motion which was seconded by me was rejected during an LNC meeting. At Anarchist Bitch, we respect the ownership of one’s words. As such, Hardy Macia and Michael Colley often mark their correspondence as private. It will remain such as will the work of acting executive director Robert Kraus and our attorney Bill Hall.–AK)

LNC Treasurer Concerned with Major Shortfall: Can the Barroot ticket make up the difference?

Aaron Starr reported this morning that:
As you may recall, at the June 5 meeting we had funds after paying payables of $122K. The amount remaining after unspent encumbrances amounted to $85K. We authorized additional encumbrances of $55K at that time, bringing our funds available figure down to only $30K.

Looking at the spreadsheet, it appears that during the next week, we spent $28K more than we took in, but we can only attribute $5K of this to spending on ballot access. This meant that we only had $6K available once we exhaust the remaining encumbrances.

With the approval at the June 11 meeting of $33K of new encumbrances, we now have a deficit in funds after encumbrances of $27K. This means that if we were to spend all of our encumbrances today, we would have issued $27K more in checks than we have cash in bank.

This concerns me obviously. If we incur these expenses, they do not create the sort of payables where payment can be easily delayed. Petitioners expect to be paid promptly or they will simply walk away.

If we spend this money and do not increase our incoming revenues quickly, we run the risk of not being able to meet our obligations for payroll and other expenses required for normal operations.
Starr is currently in China and cannot be reached for comment.

  1. Angela,

    Do you think the shortage of LNC funds is related to the LNC policy of using its admittedly less than ideal email list to raise money for Barr-Root, rather than for itself?

    I have had three emails from LNC, INC, all raising money for Barr. The one saying that we needed to raise a million dollars by the end of the month appeared, in the absence of novel new funding sources, to be in touch with a different reality, one in which money grows on trees. The notion that we need that much money to pay for ballot access suggests a somewhat substantial overhead level.

    Mind you, the number of people being bothered by the emails from your committee is more limited than you might think. Last winter, my state party tried contacted present and past members, going back to 2000. We sent about 350 emails. Over 200 bounced. When I sent a list of these to national the answer was that they did not have the staff to update that part of the Raisers Edge file–meaning that the quality of that data is open to question–and simply filtered bounces. As you may be aware, some ISPs use ‘mails to too many dead addresses’ as a way to tag spammers, and simply deepsix all other emails from that address.


  2. I may be off on the wrong track, but after speaking with someone who was to be involved in ballot access in another state (we are set here and don’t have to petition) my current impression of this party is that is doesn’t have it’s act together much if at all. And I thought all this time we were ignored by the media because of some bias, maybe it’s because we truly aren’t viable because we don’t have all of our ducks in a row. What the heck have you folks been up to for 33 years? Shouldn’t all the kinks have been worked out? Shouldn’t ballot access be a cookie cutter operation? (even if state by state)

    And just how am I supposed to convince anyone we are the party to restore fiscal sanity to Washington and our State capitol when the LNC can’t seem to balance it’s own checkbook?

    And yes George I concur, the data dump is a disaster. I have over a 75% bounce rate myself. What in blazes is the LNC paying for that it can’t afford someone to maintain the database? I’m switching to direct mail. Unless you have a better suggestion?

  3. p.s. – thanks Angela for keeping us informed on such matters.

  4. […] that the LNC barely has enough money to function, why are they still paying someone who allegedly resigned over two months ago?  Why is Corey being […]

  5. Shouldn’t all the kinks have been worked out? Shouldn’t ballot access be a cookie cutter operation? (even if state by state)


    I understand and share your frustration, but it’s difficult to understand just how crippling recurrent ballot access struggles are to the process until you’ve been an LP activist in a state where ballot access nonsense is a regular part of life for non-D and non-R parties. I’d be happy to discuss it with you by email ( or phone (919-906-2106) any time, and may work up a post about it, but it’s not by any means ‘cookie cutter’ in the more difficult access states.

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