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Soldier who threw puppy off cliff discharged

In Libertarian on June 13, 2008 at 3:21 pm

Infamous SOB (and no, I do not mean “son of a butcher” a’la WAR) David Motari has finally been discharged (assumably dishonorably) from the Marines. For those of you unfamiliar with this situation, here is the video which got him in trouble.

Warning: if you are easily upset by animal cruelty, DO NOT watch this video.

My question is, what the hell is going on in that man’s head, that he thinks torturing and killing a puppy is okay?

Here is his explanation:

And this is the shit if I have to put up with everywhere I’ve gone today. Believe me, I’ve heard it all. The thing that you guys don’t understand is that you’re not out there.

What, you expect me to carry a stray sick dog from patrol 10+ miles back to camp with me. Did you know that we’re not supposed to have dogs? Did you know that there isn’t medicine available for animals out there? So what the fuck do you want me to do with it. It was going to die a slow and horrible death.

Sorry you guys saw that, but it wasn’t supposed to ever been shown. Usually what happens is we shoot them. I was being “creative” that day and decided to throw the dog instead. If i could take it back, I would. Either way, I did the dog a favor. Sorry if you can’t understand that.

Actually, we understand completely why you threw a puppy off a cliff and laughed about it. You are a psychopath. See? That wasn’t at all hard to understand. As for “what the fuck do you want me to do with it”, let’s try a simple “not throw it off a cliff, Shit For Brains.”

The only thing left to ponder is whether Motari intentionally killed innocent human beings in Iraq and Afghanistan. I can’t help but assume he did, since those who get their jollies by torturing animals also tend to torture people.

Oh, well. At least his mommy had nice things to say about him.

A moment of using bad judgment does not portray the true character or integrity of my son David. It does not show that when he was home on leave, the last thing he would do was buy soft dog food for our aging dog ‘Bear.’

It does not show the kind and gentle heart of a young man who served his country for 3½ years of his life. Nor does it show the battles he fought in Afghanistan or Iraq; that he fought for the freedom of the people of Afghanistan, Iraq and the United States of America!

The video released does not alter our opinion of him. The sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening,” the statement read. “Life goes on no matter how much grief we may be in. My son’s life will go on as will ours.

Actually, Mama Motari, it does indeed show your son’s character. He is a vile, disgusting human being, and chances are he’s that way because you raised him to think he can do no wrong. Had you raised your son to be a caring individual, chances are that none of this would have happened.

  1. Ugh.

    (Please remember that I currently have three dogs, and I’ve adopted others as well, since deceased from stuff like cancer, one of those was adopted after Katrina)

    On one hand, it’s generally true that they are not supposed to bring cute little Iraqi puppies home. I’ve heard this too. I am not sure why they are supposed to shoot them, unless it’s a fear that a yapping puppy nipping at heels is to likely to betray their position, which is obviously possible. Can’t they bring them back to the village where they belong, if it’s safe to do so? It seems to me a disregard for property rights.

    On the other hand, there simply isn’t any excuse for tossing them like a football over a cliff. You know, I bet he wouldn’t do that to an actual football, because then he’d have to retrieve it. Do (some of) our troops disregard non-combatant life that badly? (Okay, not true of all troops. One of our delegates back in Denver was on leave from the Sandbox and he’s still sane and I know he’d have a rough time of shooting a puppy)

    It does underline in my heart that I made the right decision in life to have dogs around John from the moment of birth. He really does love dogs, helps (a little) to feed them, gives them treats, etc. I suppose it helps that the beta bitch (sorry trying to use a correct term here) when he was born, that was Bluebird who loved him like crazy and actually wanted to help with the mothering. For those who haven’t had kids yet– early on positive experiences with dogs IS important.

  2. This really pisses me off. It’s no wonder we’re still in Iraq when the soldiers are busy raping women and killing puppies instead of doing their fucking jobs.

    I judge people by how they treat animals, and this cocksucker doesn’t even deserve to breathe. The Marines should have turned him over to the fucking Taliban.

    He is a disgrace to his parents, a disgrace to himself, and a disgrace to our goddamn country.

  3. It sucks, but I wouldn’t be so quick to blame his upbringing. Almost every family I know has at least one “black sheep”, even ones with very caring and active parents. I am convinced that a certain % of people are just so predisposed to be assholes that there is nothing family can do to help. So as a family member you just care for them regardless.

  4. Whoa. The tossing was wrong. But let’s not assume this boy was born an ass, or raised by his mom to be one.

    This makes me think of the American prison system, of which I’ve often reflected that if you aren’t a criminal when you go in, you almost certainly will be when you come out. The system *creates* criminals and fosters lying, stealing, cheating, etc. I suspect the same is true for the army – that it is a soul-destroying experience for many men, especially weak ones.

    Note: I’m *excusing* the behavior. I’m just saying that the U.S. military has a hell of a lot to answer for, and taking what was probably a fairly normal kid and turning him into a puppy-slinging bastard is just one more black mark against that institution.

    This is a point we libertarians ought to be making loudly.

  5. Whoops. “I’m *excusing* the behavior.” should read “I’m NOT *excusing* the behavior.”

  6. Everybody, say hi to Tom, my other half. Unlike me, he doesn’t mince words, LOL.

    Lidia, I agree with you 100%. Having children around animals from an early age is important in helping them grow into empathetic adults.

    John, I also agree 100% with you that it’s not always the parents’ fault when their child grows up to be a piece of crap, and that parents love their children unconditionally (and they should love their children that way).

    However, in this case the wording of the mother’s statement suggests that she sees nothing really wrong with what her son did to that helpless animal, and she makes excuses for his behavior. The son also made excuses for his behavior and doesn’t seem to see anything wrong with what he did, so I suspect the apple didn’t fall far from the tree in the Motari family.

  7. Hi, Susan. In partial response I would refer you to the final paragraph of my last comment, with regard to the apple not falling far from the tree.

    While it is possible that he became a puppy killer as a result of his military service, I seriously doubt it. This particular type of behavior in an adult can almost always be traced to childhood.

  8. Actually I need to expand one of my comments…

    “Early on positive experiences with dogs….”

    I should add and cats, ferrets, horses, birds, and anything else you can expose your kids to. Yep, ENM, total agreement. That soldier does lack empathy, and I think it’s actually that which people are really reacting to.

    Empathy is a basic human trait, most of the time. My son, even though he’s language-delayed will ask, “Are you alright? Are you okay?” when I stub my toe or whatever. He has the empathy, thank goodness.

  9. Lidia, don’t forget the ducks!

    That puke should have been thrown over the cliff himself and see how HE likes it. I know that’s not very libertarian of me, but what he did was just uncalled for. And he called it “being creative.” BULLSHIT.

  10. Two observations:

    1. Susan is right. War brutalizes.

    Without excusing his actions, it must seem bizarre to this soldier that we train him to be “a lean, mean, killing machine,”, our media cheers the slaughter of thousands (including civilians) in “shock and awe” bombardment, we celebrate the slaughter of humans beings in what is called “a trukey shoot,” — and then we condemn a soldier for killing one tiny, runt animal.

    This lean, mean, killing machine must be wondering “Huh? What’d I do wrong? What happened?”

    2. I’m disturbed that many Americans will feel greater remorse for this one puppy than for all the people (especially those “Mooslim” civilians) killed in Iraq.

  11. Thomas, it’s not that we feel greater remorse or not. It’s all fucking outrageous and saddening. It’s not even that this asshole dishonored his country by committing what would be a war crime if it were done to a human.

    What it is, is that these activities are just uncalled for, war or not. We expect human casualties in war, since that is one of the two things war does, alongside breaking things. War has rules, believe it or not, and this punk broke them and got caught on film.

    As for the media, I direct you to the lyrics of Don Henley’s “Dirty Laundry”:

    “It’s interesting when people die-
    Give us dirty laundry”


  12. Puppies know only three things: 1) They want love and companionship. 2) They want food. 3) Only people and mama can provide #1 and #2.

    So they do what puppies do: they seek out people and mama.

    As did this one.

    And he got a death toss over a cliff for doing what puppies do.

    He ran into the wrong person.

    Now, at least, he’s at the Rainbow Bridge, but he’ll always be waiting for the master he never had.

    Truly sad.

  13. I think if this soldier gets sick someone should throw his ass off a bridge to be left to suffer and die. Only a sick person could do what he did. There we many options. He should be discharge dishonorably and made to serve about a million community hour’s in an Animal Shelter. And then another million picking up road kill.

  14. While it is possible that he became a puppy killer as a result of his military service, I seriously doubt it. This particular type of behavior in an adult can almost always be traced to childhood.

    I don’t doubt that ‘he had it in him’ before; but what I mean is that he could very well have lived an entire productive lifetime without displaying such bad behavior.

    I suspect stress is like alcohol in that it lowers inhibitions and removes social (and sometimes moral) filters; but that it doesn’t change who you fundamentally are.

  15. I am glad that this idiot was discharged. I stand behind our military, and I realize that in times of war bad things happen. But the thing that really pisses me off is that he deemed it a “creative” spark to toss the puppy. I understand that taking this puppy in would be impossible, but next to getting tossed off of a cliff, a quick bullet would seem to be an alternative. I am not naive enough to think that this type of shit doesn’t happen over there. But my good friend who is over there right now has told stories and shown pictures of finding a stray and then showing a little compassion by feeding him and sending him on his way. I am sure animals have a tough enough time surviving over there, so we don’t need some goddam idiot hurrying the process by tossing a defenseless pup over a cliff. I am sure revenge will be exacted when he tries to apply for a job back here in the states, and then has to explain why he was discharged from the military. Oh well.. maybe McDonald’s will hire his pathetic ass. So, yeah Motari, I WILL take some fries with that.

  16. I hope you and yours down the road….SUFFFFFER!!!!! waht a freak you are .Low class is not good enough for you…you are scum

  17. Your just another cowardly piece of toilet scum Motari.
    Kharma Gram for you some day. Maybe tomorrow, next month, who knows? What you send out into this world will eventually come back into your own. Eyes Wide Open Clown!!
    DD on your 214 is not good enough. You should be “Branded”, like in the US Cavalry in the 1800’s, Branded a coward in addition to your “Bad Paper”
    Kiss those Benefits Bye Bye…. Like the poster above said,
    “Add the Fries” dirtbag….

  18. What is truly “sad” is everyone going over the top for this puppy and not even knowing shit about why and how. Does anyone give a shit for the soldiers whom are getting traumatized used and abused over there for no reason? Does anyone care about the mental heath of these young people whom in order to survive and retain a small portion of sanity have to deal with somethings with humor even when there is nothing seemingly funny. Have any of you for a moment tried to think beyond your pretty little organized self righteous world? Does anyone even know some of the reasons soldiers are SUPPOSE to kill dogs that come into their camp besides?????????

  19. Ihatearrogance, you should read carefully before you throw around words like ‘everyone’. At least two people above made similar points to the ones you you mention. Don’t alienate people who agree with you by refusing to listen to them.

  20. I hate what this peice of shit guy did to this poor, defenseless animal! Actually, I wouldn’t call him a guy because he is not even a human being! He needs to be tortured to death. He is the scum of the earth! I hope he dies a horrible death and burns in hell!!!!!!

  21. […] Soldier who threw puppy off cliff discha […]

  22. That video made be real upset. I’m a dog person and this person is one sick guy.

    In fact, someone should throw him off a cliff and see the way the he likes it. A people like this should be locked up forever and never allowed to walk the earth again.

  23. The video has been removed due to a terms of use violation. Nevertheless, the descriptions given were vivid enough that I think we can all agree that this man was a scumbag.

    Nevertheless, I am disturbed by comments like this: “[David Motari] needs to be tortured to death” (Jamie, 11 August 2008 at 2 PM).

    As libertarians, I think we need to give more thought to the question of just punishment.

    The problem we run into is that there is a lot of disagreement within the libertarian movement regarding (A) capital punishment and (B) animal rights.

    Regarding animal rights, I honestly do not know how I feel. I’m inclined to believe (A) that animals do have rights, (B) that animals do not have as many rights as do humans, and (C) that I do not know precisely how many or what sort of rights animals possess. But this is just an inclination, and I reserve the right to alter my position on the matter at any time.

    Even if we were to all agree that animals all possess rights, we would still run into problematic areas. Although the scientific community does not label bacteria with the term “animal,” it is not inconceivable that a person could consider bacteria to have all the same rights as humans. I think most of us would agree that this view is far too extreme. So, perhaps animals of a higher intellect or ability to communicate have more rights than animals of a lower order. But accepting this position does nothing to improve our ability to determine the various cut-off points.

    This is an area where I believe libertarian theory is lacking.

    As for punishment, I think all or at least the vast, vast majority can agree on the following: Withought a doubt, this soldier deserved a dishonourable discharge. Without a doubt, it is the right of all individuals to refuse to do business with this former soldier, to boycott and shun him. Without a doubt, it is the right of all individuals to refuse to help this former soldier, even if he is dying.

    And, if the dog was the property of a just owner, then the soldier can be justly compelled to pay huge amounts of money to the owner so as to compensate the owner for her or his loss, emotional and fiscal.

    Perhaps, assuming animals do possess rights, we might even go so far as to say that he should be required to do animal-based community service.

    But only if animals possess equal rights as humans could we execute this man for his actions, and I am definitely not convinced that animals do possess these equal rights. Likewise I have to reject the notion that we ought to be permitted to torture this man.

    Of course, I don’t have all the answers on this issue, and am open to hearing arguments to the contrary.

    Alex Peak

    P.S. I agree with virtually everything Ms. Hogarth has said in this thread.

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  26. This is completely ludicrous. Part of this man’s job involved killing people, as in human beings. I don’t understand how folks could get so worked up over him killing a puppy.

    Stray dogs in Iraq are shot and killed on standing orders because they could spread rabies to our troops and the locals alike. Would you want some animal sneaking into your barracks and mauling you in your sleep, possibly even infecting you with some lethal disease? Of course not.

    However, he didn’t need to film it, and he certainly didn’t handle the job professionally. Personally speaking, I wouldn’t even want to touch one of those mangy curs. You put yourself at greater risk when you’re in close contact with an animal that could be contaminated.

    He should’ve gotten off with a minor reprimand and/or perhaps an appointment with a shrink. I don’t think the man deserved to be discharged for this. There are people who have squandered millions of our taxpayer dollars in our banking and transportation sectors, and those clowns still have their jobs! That’s a very real crime.

  27. Dear Allanx,

    I don’t think the issue for most people was that the soldier in question killed a puppy so much as the manner in which he did so.

    Alex Peak

  28. Alex Peak is correct. The soldier could have shot the puppy, videotaped it and even laughed about it, and though I’d have thought he was an asshole for laughing, you’d have never heard a word from me about it.

    However, it is torture to throw the puppy off a cliff, pure and simple. Torture is never acceptable, whether it is the torture of humans, or animals. Just think about what it would feel like to suddenly go flying through the air and land on the ground like that, when all you ever did to deserve it was trusting the wrong person.

    That puppy can’t even understand why a human might do that. All that poor little puppy knew was “howdy, new friend!” followed by extreme fright, and pain.

    Ugh. I am beginning to hate Motari for what he did to that puppy, the more I think about it. At least before now I just strongly disliked him. 😦


  30. He deserves to be pushed off a cliff too so he can feel the pain of shattered bones.
    This man is a total idiot, why do something as bad as that and show it on camera?
    Either human or animal none should have to suffer.
    I hope he suffers for what he has done and more so, truly hope people give him his long due payback.
    This kind of sickness breaks my heart.

  31. “I’m disturbed that many Americans will feel greater remorse for this one puppy than for all the people (especially those “Mooslim” civilians) killed in Iraq”

    I feel a lot for them too, it gets to the point where I have to shut that stuff out or I would drown in depression.
    There is too much pain in the world and humans are a vicious lot.
    The saddest thing of all…we are not changing.

  32. i think david shold be shot to death he is a worthless piec of shit why do you think people have a bad idea about the war because we have dumb mother fuckers like david i hope god personally takes a enterest in making his life hell i also hope he has the most painfull death ever obama should be a good president and not let this slide with just being discharged its bullshit and why do you think other countries think bad about us wondr why david you dumb mother fucking idiot i hope you die and your mother for sticking up for a piec of shit son like you to bad you didnt die while you were there dumb mother fucker

  33. I really don’t think that he was in Iraq or Afghanistan to serve his country; he was there because he wants to kill. He is a vicious human being that probably had a horrible childhood that is sick of living. Probably had an alcoholic/prostitute mother and a crack head father.
    AKA=a son of a bitch! Yeah, this is what she raised him to be.
    I hope he suffers a horrible death.

  34. I think he done the right thing the damn dog was. Gonna die a slow sick death anyway why not shoot or throw it and this guy was over there protecting your asses so be grateful I’d love to see one of you over there….

  35. that puppy was gonna die and so what if he did its A PUPPY get the fuck over it

  36. For the last few commenters, there was no proof that the puppy was ever going to die a sick and slow death in the first place. Just because he said so doesn’t mean it’s true. After all, he just threw an innocent dog off a cliff, and laughed about it.

    A life is a life. Treat living things with respect.

  37. Look, the problem with so many of you is that you are just too over sensitive about animals. You people need some serious mental readjustment. This soldier’s action does not warrant a discharge from the army. Look, these guys are soldiers.. they are trained to identify and kill the enemy (another human life) at will and without remorse and compunction. Do you people even appreciate what it takes to be a soldier everyday in a war zone? You people just sit at home with your fancy PC and type nonsense. Their psychological makeup should not be the same as your every day working class individual especially in a war zone. Otherwise they can’t get the job done. They won’t win battles. So you expect soldiers to be pussies sometimes. I don’t expect them to be as sensitive as I would normally be.

    The guy’s mum has given the very best take on her son and the situation. I echo her words. She spoke the truth and its not just because the soldier is her son. It’s because that’s what it is. What about the the good this soldier has done for his country. Just because he threw a puppy and laughed.. so that means he is suddenly a maniac. No!.. I think the people who are condemning him for this are the maniacs themselves.

    I like animals but men! we should stop treating them as if they are human beings or more important that human beings. That is the real manic sickness in people’s heads. We buy them cloths, wear them expensive accessories and jewelry and make them do yoga. Whoever told you animals want to be treated that way. Animals, domestic or wild have their place in this world.

    Some one posted here that… “A life is a life. Treat living things with respect”. Yes, I agree with you.. but animal life and plant life is not and will never be the same as human life. Animal life is not equal to human life. We should never equate animal life to human life for any reason what so ever. I think that is the problem with so many people. They now want us to equate animal life to human life. If that is to be so, then hey, we should not kill animals for food because that would be murder punishable by death.

    If the soldier had shot the puppy.. that would have been considered o.k, right? That is considered humane? how come? Well how come shooting an animal is not cruel? By what or who’s standard do we measure animal cruelty now? Is it because guns are acceptable in the U.S? There are countries that are averse to gun use for any reason so even shooting an animal would be seen as cruel no matter what the situation is. People need to check their sentiments about animals at the door before they come in.

    The main writer then writes above;
    “The only thing left to ponder is whether Motari intentionally killed innocent human beings in Iraq and Afghanistan. I can’t help but assume he did, since those who get their jollies by torturing animals also tend to torture people.”

    Well This is what Motari has to say about that. “The thing that you guys don’t understand is that you’re not out there.”

    The soldier gave his reason for his action. Nobody proved that the animal was not going to die either. His action might have been shocking to many and it is understandable but that should not impair their ability to render a partial judgment not based on sentiments. I consider the soldier’s action as insensitive, not animal cruelty. The soldier should have gotten some other kind of punishment short of a discharge.

    Justice is a scale. You put in the good on one side and the bad on the other side.. which ever arm stays down wins the day…

  38. Hilary:

    I would not approve of him shooting a harmless puppy either. If it was dangerous, he wouldn’t have picked it up in the first place.

    Nor do I approve of the loss of human life. It’s not the killing of the puppy that bothered me, it was the blatant disrespect in taking the life that did. It makes me believe that he would so much as “enjoy” killing enemy soldiers, and getting satisfaction in taking other human life is just wrong.

  39. This piece of shit should be in jail, PERIOD.

  40. These soldiers that did this need to be executed. They are the absolute scum of the earth. They need to do the world a favor and commit suicide and rid the earth of scum like themselves. If they were to ever read this comment listen and kill your selves for all of us and what is right and just…….you scum!

  41. One more comment, not all American soldiers are low forms of human nature but a certain percentage are. They are lower forms of human beings needing money to survive so they join the military…..they kill puppies, they kill civilians, they kill children and rape women then take photos of their monstrous activities they view as victorious achievements. These soldiers are not even human but just lower forms of human feces. They need court marshaling and removal from the living and need to be executed. They are absolute scum!

  42. You people are so pathetic you cry over a puppy but millions of REAL HUMAN BEINGS are being killed in the most monstrous ways I wish he had cut the dog open and ripped out it’s eyes in front of you. There is only evil in war.

  43. Not quite certain what purpose abusing a baby animal actually serves in the military other than to prove that some of these soldiers are quite ill and need specialized medical help. If there is ANY chance a person doesn’t want to FIGHT IN A WAR and SEE TERRIBLE things, I suggest THAT YOU DON’T SIGN UP TO GO INTO THE MILITARY. Not quite hard to figure out.
    Once you are in, don’t take your illness out on those that cannot fight back: babies, puppies, etc. Thanks to Bradley Manning we are now aware the military is killing civilians too.
    You cannot justify throwing an innocent puppy off a cliff. You can just walk away. LEAVE IT ALONE. Now, I worry that this behavior will be repeated by this non feeling soulless monster sicko in the civilian world.
    Mr. Mark? Maybe he will download cutting his newborn baby open and ripping out its eyes for you. You never know. Have a nice day.

  44. he did a stupid action and would be more useful to put in detention by cleaning bathrooms and making himself useful not sending him away from the body

  45. I am not ‘disturbed’ that people are more upset over this then the war at iraq (because people indeed are! This is to make a different point!), because the war is not the point thats being made here, the point thats being made is that there is animal cruelty every where you go, even done by someone that is looked up to as a hero.

    This soldier definitely could have given that dog a more ethical death under its circumstances, yes the dog could have rabies, yes the dog could possibly already be sick with another disease, yes the dog is probably dehydrated and hungry and no the soldier cant make the dog better because of his strict rules given to him, but what the soldier and anyone could have done in this situation, put him out of his misery in a way thats respectful and appropriate.

    P.S. if you don’t ever want it to be seen, or it “shouldn’t have been seen,” then don’t record it…

  46. In context, this does make a bit more sense, I don’t think he should have thrown it off the cliff, but he was showing the dog mercy if it was indeed sick and dying. A quick shot in the head would have been far better though…

  47. Im a Miltary Brat and a animal lover, when i saw this video, i started crying! I mean, yea you cant carry the dog with you,its sick,ok, you have to kill it [not so happy with this but still]. At least try to ends it life quick, instead of throwing it to its doom! Think about what that innocent dog felt like being throw, suffering! Im disgusted as a miltary family about how this soldier acted, and as an animal lover, how he made it suffer!

  48. Serious irony in the fact that this is a libertarian blog and everyone is saying he should be “thrown of the cliff to see how he likes it” and other similar things. You guys are all hypocritical in your comments. He clearly mishandled the situation by recording it, but like EVERY other person on the Internet you are going to buy the video out-of-context and not listen to the rest. Dogs in other countries are not kept the same way they are in America, for one (speaking from my own third-world experiences). They are raised around civilians who beat them away and survive by stealing foods. They are ragged and sickly and they breed like rabbits. They are seriously everywhere in the streets and generally anti-social. Not to mention he’s not allowed to keep it. Yes, the act of recording and tossing it off a cliff for kicks is both disgusting and inexcusable, but he received his punishment (in which he lost basically everything). Further, you have absolutely NO right to patronize his mother. A mother should love their child unconditionally, and even if he made this mistake, she’s going to love him. His family is probably the only group of people that won’t chastise him and threaten him over this. His punishment is beyond being discharged. His mother needs to be there for him because everyone else wants to abuse him. Good for her for standing up for him. Finally, don’t you think this has probably been done by hundreds or thousands of people before? This one just happened to be on camera.

  49. What a miserable excuse for a human being. I understand that they can’t take puppies or animals with them in a war zone because of the risk to their own safety, but there is absolutely no excuse for throwing an innocent animal down a cliff. I shudder to think what went through that poor little puppy’s mind as it fell. And even if he thought killing the puppy quickly by dropping it onto rocks was ‘doing it a favour’, how could any decent person feel okay about putting it on camera like it’s some amusing game?

    If I were his mother, I’d throw HIM off a cliff. Though it seems that in this case, neither the soldier or his mother seem to understand that his actions were those of a monster.

  50. Ummmm……. This guy was an idiot deserved to be discharged. If they couldn’t let the puppy live you should shoot it because it is a quicker death. You don’t throw it and then laugh about it. I love dogs and I have adopted Two. I understand that this guy was going to have to kill it anyway. But don’t make a video and laugh about it. You could here it cry. And what kind of heartless human being are you to do that?

  51. They are NOT “supposed” to shoot them. They are supposed to leave them alone and ignore them. He never said they were supposed to be doing that, only that this was what they “usually” did. It’s true they are forbidden to “befriend animals” but many soldiers have broken this rule outright (many soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan have picked up stray puppies and kept them as pets at their bases) and their commanding officers decided to look the other way. Under no circumstances was he encouraged to seek out and kill puppies.

    His actions were inexcusable, and he should have served time in jail. If he were my son, I’d disown him instantly. Going through something terrible is never an acceptable excuse to commit an atrocity like tormenting an innocent for amusement.

    I’ll wager the majority of soldiers do their duty without developing a taste for cruelty. His comments in his own defense are chilling. Again, if he were my son, I’d never speak to him again. But then I’d never raise a piece of trash like that.

  52. Well, if this guy found a sick baby and there was not medicine for it, and he couldn’t keep babies back at camp would he throw it off a cliff? I mean he’d be doing it a “favor”… Right? He deserves to rot in prison.

  53. At first I was sickened and upset by the video, but after reading the soldiers “excuse/explanation” of his actions, I was truly amazed. I have always supported the US military and their bravery, but this enraged me. The first thing I thought was, “I hope this disgusting excuse for a human is killed out there.”. But then I realized that he would be honored and regarded as a hero, when really he is a demon and sick person. I hope this incident haunts you for the rest of your life. And any woman that becomes involved with this sicko needs even more help.

    If things were so bad for animals out in the desert, why execute an innocent puppy in the most despicable manner ever? If you gave a damn, like you claim, why not feed the puppy and let it drink, take a nap and then shoot it in the head while it was sleeping. The puppy would have never known what happened or experienced the pain and fear that it encountered the last few seconds of its life.

    Nothing can be said or done to erase what happened in that video. I hope you are treated the same way you treated this innocent animal. Hopefully in time laws will become more harsh to penalize people like you. This is a sad day in history that a disgusting person like you is part of the US military. I am ashamed of you and your actions. Now you will have to face your Karma.

  54. agree with tom and john!! I believe people should get the same punishment for intentional killing animals as they would a person. The excuse that were made for that action is just bull. They are laughing! It disgusses me and is really sad how unhumane some people can be.

  55. Theres no excuse and this really has me mad. he needs a worse punishment then just a dishonorable discharge. Also K’s, Johns, izabelle”s and the diana that said “he deserves to be puushed off a cliff too so he can feel the pain of shattered bones.” i totally agree with you guys!!!!

  56. Y see two mamefers wich one is the salvage animal

  57. Whoa This guy should be in hell for sure. I have seen pictures of people from army, marines did cared for little puppies was sick. Evenly one dog came home with one soldier who saved his life. What you did was horrible thing. He was only innocent puppy. helpless puppy. he was crying for your help. but u just threw him away like trash? Dude.. he is just God’s animal. He is disappointed in you, son. You should ask him for forgive you. if u try for excuse. forget it. Dont go to your mother to help. Man up and say sorry to God, the puppy and us.

  58. You guys really needed get rid of this letterman thou attitude. The guy made a mistake and a err in judgement. You guys treat him like he’s Judas. If the guy was your friend are you saying that you’d stop being his friend cause he did this? If you’d leave him cause of this then it shows your true colors as an unauthentic person. Judging people by how they treat animals is absurd and to me it means that your to enamoured with animals to be with regular people. Soldiers are put through so much stress and I think he was acting out. It’s pathetic for people ripping on soldiers or anyone for that matter when you don’t know what and why

  59. You think this guy is such a hot shot! He was laughing as he threw the puppy off the cliff, as did his friend Adan Padilla, and what of the cameraman and the rest of his unit. They disgrace the uniform they wear. They were not under stress, and if they were they should not be there. If you wear a uniform it does not give you the right to be cruel and unconscionable. Besides, a persons true colors come out in times such as this when you make a decision that is so reprehensible you do not deserve the right to claim, “Oh, it was a mistake, I should only have thrown the puppy off the cliff when the camera was not pointed at me. Only a very weak wicked individual would behave in the manner he did. . . If you are a soldier behave in a professional caring manner, save the undernourished and protect those that are in need. There are many soldiers in the US Army who have done just that, and would have shot the marine if they had been there. . . Animal or human, no difference. A Legionaire once carried an injured donkey on his back for 20 kilometers through the desert. What a man! Your friend is not a man. . .

  60. Just like an American brainiac,your son is heartless,it taks a lot of courage to do something,this guy didnt defend his country,they are just over there,Look the war is over,Bin Laden is killed,I order you to kill puppy ‘s and dogs,our ‘:military been a joke.Power hungry resource stealers,thats all you defend,defend my nuts,did you hear the dog screaming while in the air,hahaha discharged scumbag,your parents should be proud,SUPPORT OUR TROOPS,

  61. You David Motari are not a hero to any of us because you made stupid decision that will be with you for the rest your life. Way to go moron!

  62. This man lost any possibility of being redeemed with the whole “he served his country” speech. He’s a psychopath.

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