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Angela Keaton: “Membership in LP”

In Libertarian on June 13, 2008 at 8:15 pm

The following is reproduced from Angela Keaton’s blog, with permission of the author. Angela Keaton is a multi-term member of the Libertarian National Committee (LNC).


From: Keaton (
Sent: Fri 6/13/08 9:39 AM
To: Jim Casarjian-Perry (;;;;;;;;


Yes, the LP has become an objectivist dystopia where whatever is good, decent and select is verboten and whatever is mediocre, common and repulsive is glorified.

I understand that you can’t place much confidence in officers who imagine that the deeply troubled and usually unemployed M Carling should be given a position of authority while the editor of the highly regarded Rational Review is deemed unfit to sit on our Platform Committee.

Take the long view. Radicals for Capitalism just came out in paperback. Read, digest and remember that if the party can survive Andre Marrou, it can survive a possible Root indictment, our leadership’s male menopause and that thick legged hillbilly girl they tried to put on the LNC, Mattson, her name was or something. I don’t know. All those Christian types married to their uncle cousins look the same to me.



UPDATE from same source:

Wayne Root just called me.  He doesn’t feel he has been mistreated by the Barr campaign.  He says he has been doing many local interviews each day.  He also believes that there is no investigation pending with regard to the sale of his company.

He expects to be on the Barr ‘08 site any day now.

  1. Okay, for the people here who are not terribly up to date on Rational Review and the like– who was that? I may not have voted for him/her because I am completely unsure who that was

  2. Jim Casarjian-Perry is an LFV contributors, an activist in Massachusetts, and one of the nicest guys imaginable. He recently ran into problems getting his license changed to his married name as a direct result of DOMA. As far as I know, he’s not running for any office right now, though he is a Town Meeting Representative in Billerica, Mass.

    Here is his blog:

  3. I take it that some wished to employ M Carling in a position within the party. Can we get an explanation as to who proposed this and what the position was?

    Thank you,

  4. Oops, I didn’t vote for him. I really am sorry, I had no idea who he was, really– it didn’t help that John was being pretty difficult by Monday and so I was in the hall more than on the floor and I just didn’t get to hear a lot of speeches. It’s nothing against him. I have to admit I know a lot more about CA activists and CO activists than I do about those on the East Coast.

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