Steve G.

Angela Keaton: “Darth Accountant”

In Libertarian on June 13, 2008 at 8:21 pm

The following is reproduced from Angela Keaton’s blog, with permission of the author.  Angela Keaton is a multi-term member of the Libertarian National Committee (LNC).


Dr. Ruwart is too much of a gentlewoman to address Starr’s disrespectful non-response.

I’m not.

Dr. Ruwart is the best known of all our committee members.  Secure and accomplished, she needs nothing by her name.

As for transparency,  Mr. Starr would do well to note that while he may be the controller of a billion dollar corporation according to his bio, his employer is serving a two year prison sentence for tax fraud, intimidating witnesses, and intimidating a federal agent. Granted that makes Haas a hero in my book, to the ”respectable” people with whom some of you are so enamored, this is a taint.

Dr. Ruwart already had her movement ticket punched.  As for me, it’s not my lot in life to cater to the petit bourgeois sensibilities of the treasurer and his cadre.

There is nothing stopping the Starr Chamber* from raising money or winning elections. Endless yapping about how our educational mission or “povertarians” keep you from doing anything is not a reason; it’s an excuse.


*Thanks, Team Seebeck.

  1. Umm,
    “starr chamber” is not a Team Seebeck original. It does originate from RivCo, probably from Larry although I am not quite certain.

  2. So when does the Starr Chamber go supernova???

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