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SEB: 97-year-old woman can’t vote due to Voter ID Act

In Libertarian on June 12, 2008 at 3:19 pm

From Les over at Stupid Evil Bastard:

In 2004 voters in Arizona passed a law that requires all citizens of the state to provide some form of ID in order to be able to cast a ballot. This law is turning out to be a problem for some of the older citizens who no longer have valid drivers licenses and who were born prior to the use of birth certificates. People like Shirley Preiss of Surprise, AZ:

“I’m a legal American,” Preiss said. “I’m born here. Born and raised in America.”

The Arizona law was approved by voters in 2004 as Proposition 200 on that year’s general election ballot. It requires voters to produce specified types of identification when casting ballots at polling places and to provide proof of citizenship when registering to vote either for the first time or in a different county.

Preiss was born in 1910 in Clinton, Ky., before birth certificates were issued. She said she no longer has a driver’s license and never had a passport.

“You can see my mother’s not a national threat,” said her son Nathan Nemnich. “Been voting since 1932.” Nemnich produced the files documenting his attempts to get her registered.

“A delayed birth certificate,” he said. “You have to have witnesses. Everybody’s dead.”

When the family tried to get school records from Tennessee, they found out the school no longer exists.

“We’re talking about something that is so precious, that right to vote, “said Linda Brown of the Arizona Advocacy Network. “How many hurdles are OK to jump through? How many barriers are we going to accept?”

Read the rest of Les’s blog article here.

  1. oes this mean McCain’s mother won’t be allowed to vote either?

  2. Why not just let anyone who wants to vote, vote as many times as they want? It couldn’t be any worse than the current situation, could it?

  3. Papers, comrade…

  4. Now you know why I carry multiple mini-copies of John’s around, considering he has no governement slavery card (and no ID, since the People’s Republic of Arnoldville, i.e., KAHHLEEFOURNYA, requires the slavery card to get an ID). It’s the only government documentation of his existence, and we only have that to prove his citizenship.

  5. Kent: I really don’t think we should let people vote as many times as they want. That would interfere with elections in a very big way, so yes, it is just as bad if not worse than the current situation.

    One person, one vote. That’s how our country works.

    I don’t see why the state should require anyone to have a photo ID to participate in an election, though. If they are registered to vote, and have their voter registration card, that should be the end of the conversation.

    Unless the state is claiming that people are going from precinct to precinct, voting under others’ names, this entire situation is silly and unnecessary.

  6. The real fraud doesn’t occur until after the polls close.

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