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Loretta Nall on Hating Wal-Mart

In Libertarian on June 12, 2008 at 12:01 am

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I HATE Wal-Mart

I really do.

This has been a tough week financially for my family so I had to ask my mom to loan me a few bucks til payday so we’d have gas money.

She went to Wal-Mart in Talladega and bought a Wal-Mart Money Gram from the Wal-Mart Money Center. She filled in all of the necessary info and popped it in the mail to me. It arrived today.

So, I have a cheap dinner all planned in my head for the family tonight and gas money left over. I pick my husband up from work and break the devastating news that he will have to endure a Wal-Mart stop before he can make it home.

We go into the Wal-Mart in Alexander City to get the money order cashed at the Wal-Mart Money Center. I waited in line for oh say 25 minutes before I finally get to the desk. When I get up there and present my money order I am told that Wal-Mart Money Center cannot cash a Wal-Mart Money Gram because that Wal-Mart Money Gram is made out to me and not to Wal-Mart.

I said, “Huh? Wal-Mart sold this money order to my mother who then sent it to me. What do you mean you won’t cash your own Money order?”

Stupid Wal-Mart Bovine: “Well its made out to you…not us.”

Seriously Irate Loretta Nall: “Yeah but your company issued the money order. Why on earth would someone buy a money order from Wal-Mart and then turn around and make the money order out to Wal-Mart?

Stupid Wal-Mart Bovine: “Well she should have left the payee part blank. It’s like a third party check now.”

Seriously Irate Loretta Nall: “Yeah…like you are gonna buy a money order and fill in everything but who it is payable to and pop it in the mail. You’d do that right? It is nothing like a third party check at all because YOU KNOW the money is there because I wouldn’t have this money order that WAL-Mart Money center issued if she had not paid for it. This can’t be right. Call me a manager.”

Stupid Wal-Mart Bovine calls a Customer Service Manager, which is nothing more than a glorified cashier, and not a manager at all. It just so happened to be one that I never cared for when I worked in that hell hole. She starts spouting off the same nonsense about it has to be made out to Wal-Mart.

Stroke Level Loretta Nall: “So, what you are saying is that Wal-Mart only cashes money orders that they issue if they are made out to Wal-Mart? Why would anyone buy a Wal-Mart money order and then make the damn thing out to Wal-Mart? Does Wal-Mart explain all of this when they sell these money orders? Do they tell customers that they should send blank money orders in the mail? No one in their right mind would send a blank money order in the mail. The Post Office cashes the money orders they issue. I don’t understand why you won’t honor your own money order.”

CSM Bovine: “Yadda yadda ydadda the rules …blah blah blah.”

She started getting that smartass tone to her voice and I had to give her a refresher course in good customer service, as in “Don’t get smart with me you bitch I pay your salary.” I didn’t say bitch but it was strongly implied. I also reminded her that she is NOT a MANAGER, which is what I requested, and I still wanted to see a manager…not a cashier.

When the manager whose name was ‘Nannie’ showed up I could take no more. I just turned around and left before my fractured nerves caused me to lose it and pummel every-fuckin-body in the store.

So, tonight we are eating Ramen donated by a friend who we gave a ride home and tomorrow we will be riding on fumes.

Goddamn I HATE WAL-MART and after today I don’t believe I will ever shop there again if I can avoid it.

  1. I used to be a fan of wal-mart until they started advocating universal healthcare.

  2. I’ve hated Wal-Mart ever since I started to find out what assholes they (meaning their management) are 8 years ago.

  3. Strange Story. Wal-mart cashes 3rd party checks. I can’t see how they wouldn’t cash their own money order. Even so, can’t you just take it to a bank or something? Or is a Wal-mart Moneygram ( sorry, not familiar with them as I only accept Postal M.O.s or electronic payments) some type of private alternative money that can’t be cashed at a normal financial institution?

    Personally, I do shop at wal-Mart, but that’s all I do there. Based on price alone, it’s hard for me not to. There are some inconveniences that push me into other stores from time to time. It really depends.

    Politically, I don’t really care. I mean, I’m sure most competitors aren’t any better.

  4. I didn’t even know Wal-Mart offered that service. It does seem strange that they won’t cash their own money orders, though, since they know the money is there.

  5. I pretty much have to shop at Wal Mart. Its the only place I can afford to buy clothes at the moment. If I could afford not to shop there, I wouldn’t. Wal Mart is a shady corporation.

  6. Jason: Ebay. Bulk purchases w/ shipping = less costly than Wal-Mart.

    Hong Kong for clothing is your FRIEND.

  7. I don’t shop at Mall-Wart. Their food is chemical-laden crap. Their clothes are cheap junk, the places never have enough cahsiers, and the ones that are there are always going on break in the middle of the lines, and the stores are as trashy as Kmarts used to be.

    I prefer Target–much better quality.

  8. BTW, recall JibJab’s Big BoxMart? Kinda fits the bill here.

  9. I find the anti-Wal Mart rhetoric to be elitist.

    Wal-Mart has been great for poor people in America.

  10. Try working for them GE.

  11. It does not make sense. Payroll & Government checks are all third party which they cash.

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