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Lookin’ for love in all the wrong places…

In Libertarian on June 12, 2008 at 12:22 am

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George Bush recently sent a video message to the US troops fighting in Afghanistan:

“I must say, I’m a little envious,” Bush said. “If I were slightly younger and not employed here, I think it would be a fantastic experience to be on the front lines of helping this young democracy succeed.”

“It must be exciting for you … in some ways romantic, in some ways, you know, confronting danger. You’re really making history, and thanks,” Bush said.

He added, “Boy do I regret missing out on all the romance and adventure during the Vietnam War! I totally chickened out! I guess, deep down, I’m just afraid of love. That, and landmines.”

  1. If that is love, I worry for Laura what he thinks foreplay is.

  2. Ahh, romance. There’s nothing, indeed, more romantic than death and destruction in the name of empire.

    Unless, of course, you count “supporting the troops”.

  3. He and his old daddy need to be tried for treason, when found guilty they need to be hung by the neck in front of the Supreme Court until DEAD…

  4. Anyone who thinks war is “romantic” is a very, very sick person.

    Of course, we already knew that about Dubya.

  5. Hasn’t he seen the latest McCain tv ads? This is some 13 yr. old boys notion of war, where the enemy can’t shoot straight and bullets can’t penetrate the hedge, and a medal is won after every skirmish, and that cute Diana down the block will plant a kiss on your check.

  6. “8 years ago, a cracked whacko unit was selected President by a Supreme Court for an election they didn’t win. These nuts promptly escaped reality into the Washingotn DC underground, where they survive directing soliders to make them their fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if they’ll let you find them, maybe you’lll be sent to Gitmo by…the “Bush Team”.

    Starring Dick Cheney as Hannibal, Tony Snow as Face, George Bush as Murdock, Dana Perino as Amy Allen, and Collin Powell as B.A.

    MWS: Romance in war? what a bleeping idiot! And people voted for this moron Chimp-in-Chief?

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