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Steve Kubby: “Free at last, free at last, great ganja heaven, I’m free at last!”

In Libertarian on June 11, 2008 at 4:16 pm

The following is posted with the permission of its author, Steve Kubby. Steve is, of course, a longtime medical marijuana activist who is alive today, according to his doctors, due to the medicinal qualities of marijuana.

I’m pleased to report that all charges against me have been dismissed and my record has been expunged.

I am a free man with a clean record.

Yes, you read that right, thanks to the incredible support of my fellow libertarians, I not only survived, I PREVAILED!

Because of those who cared enough to help me and my family, I survived an indictment for 19 criminal counts amounting to a minimum of 40 years to life in prison. That indictment was backed by a $10 million grant by the US government to put me, and the medical marijuana revolution, behind bars.

For the crime of passing and then attempting to utilize a law that police, prosecutors and judges all hate, I faced the wrath of the DEA, California Attorney General, IRS, State of Nevada, CPS, Immigration Canada, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and the Placer County DA.

Upon my voluntary return to the US, under a 30 day departure order, not deportation as widely reported, I was pulled off a plane and roughed up by heavily armed officers from Homeland Security, US Immigration, and US Customs.

Two days later I was in solitary confinement in cell number 420 (cops humor is suppose, but that really was my cell number), pissing blood, suffering horrible pain from my damaged kidneys, and cut off from the world. But you didn’t forget me and you came to the jail where you shook the jail walls with billowing clouds of MARIJUANA SMOKE!

Even my former wife, Rebecca Maidman, pitched in and raised several thousand dollars to purchase the Marinol that kept me alive through my ordeal.

Oh, how I wish you could have seen how they came to me and told me their phones were all tied up! The medical complex can’t do a thing because of the constant ringing of phones! The entire jail complex is on HIGH ALERT because we have no phone communications!!! WORST of all there was MARIJUANA SMOKE in the PRISON VENTILATION SYSTEM!!!

Yes, I wish you could have seen their faces when they came and told me that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors had passed a resolution calling for me to be released immediately. Truly, they looked like deer caught in the headlights. (Actually, these were all big deputies, so it was more like hippos caught in the headlights.)

Most of all, I wish you could have seen Placer County Sheriff Ed Bonner, coming to visit me in jail and greeting me with a big smile and a warm handshake. Bonner told me straight up that he thought medical marijuana was a fraud, but now he knows it is real and that law enforcement is going to have to obey the new law.

It’s sad that anyone should have to go through something like this, especially when someone has followed the rules and changed the law. However, as Dennis Peron, the true author and driving spirit behind Prop. 215, recently told me, “It is our suffering that changes the world.”

To which I can only add, “It is libertarians like you, supporting those of us on the front lines, who make real change possible!”

  1. Congrats Steve!

  2. Hooray for Steve Kubby! Perseverance pays off!

  3. Too bad people like Bob Barf are the reason he had to go through all that….

  4. It is a damn shame that Steve Kubby had to go through this ordeal, especially since it was still going on while he was campaigning for the Libertarian Party’s Presidential nomination.

    Just imagine how much better his campaign would have gone had he not had to have gone through any of this bullshit. Maybe he’d be the Presidential or Vice Presidential candidate right now.

  5. Just imagine how much better his campaign would have gone had he not had to have gone through any of this bullshit. Maybe he’d be the Presidential or Vice Presidential candidate right now.

    Since I was convicted of felony possession of the 2 grams of peyote buttons left by a guest in the guest bedroom, I was forced to register as a drug offender, report monthly to probation, pay $5,000 in fines, submit a DNA sample, and serve 40 days in jail, were I lost 33 pounds.

    Any travel out of California had to be pre-approved and violation of any of a long list of prohibited behaviors or actions would revoke my probation and send me to prison. In addition, I could be searched at any time, for any reason.

    Did these restraints from the State curtail my ability to run effectively as a candidate for my party’s nomination? Of course it did, that was the point to prosecuting and attempting to silence me in the first place.

  6. Did they return your fin money?

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