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Another high profile case involving a teen who cried rape, with different results

In Libertarian on June 9, 2008 at 10:17 pm

Another Florida case has arisen, in which there is a controversy regarding whether a man should be charged criminally for having sex with an underage girl.

The previous post about Alisa Dean, the 13-year-old Florida teen whose sexual shenanigans caused two men to go to prison, is here.

This second case involves a 15-year-old Florida teen named Crystal Shinkle.  Crystal posted a video on YouTube, asking that someone “help” her after a prosecutor declined to bring charges.  In this case, it appears that man not only had sex with her, he also allegedly provided her with drugs and allegedly made threats against her and her family.  Here is the video:

You can read the investigation documents on The Smoking Gun.  It appears the prosecutor believed that Crystal gave informed consent.

Did the prosecutor make the right decision?

  1. I gotta stop hijacking posts here…

    Anyways, if anyone can make a 120×60 graphic for LFV, I’ll put the button on my campaign site. I currently have IPR’s button.

  2. I seem to recall that it was the general consensus of “Teh Intarwebs” that this girl was fake. I don’t recall the details but they //were// convincing.

  3. Perhaps the little skank shouldn’t be hanging out with older men?

  4. The chick should be put in prison. She’s dangerous.

  5. This is hard to watch. This girl clearly needs help. But I would think that most rape victims don’t broadcast themselves like this. I also think, what was she doing with a 23 year old guy? I understand and know full well that guys do take advantage of young girls, but she is way too emotional for me to even finish watching the video.

  6. Yes, the prosecutor did the right thing. Have ya’ll read that statement on TSG? This is a girl who was sexually active before meeting this guy and now she’s attempting to call rape for what was-as admitted by her- clearly consensual sex. This SHOULD be a wake up call to her. Life ain’t always nice and sometimes you make bad choices. Other people shouldn’t pay for your bad choices though. And, I’m wondering whether this would be going on at all if he hadn’t mentioned screwing another young woman. Hell hath no fury and all…

    If she were my kid, she’d be told to suck it up and learn from it. Of course, that’s easy for me to say as my girls are not fucking indiscriminately.

  7. Anyone else find it hot that both TG & Michele posted back to back in this thread?

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