Steve G.

A few Denver pics

In Libertarian on June 8, 2008 at 8:20 pm

pics by – GE, I think?

Send me more if you got ’em….

Andy with Glenn “Kane” Jacobs

The infamous badge

Mary Ruwart and me

Ahoy, prepare to be boarded!

Barr accepts Imperato’s endorsement

  1. Interesting pics. 🙂

  2. Starchild looks really good in that Sparrow outfit. And in general it seemed like he was toned down this year, Creative, but not crazy.

  3. Oh yeah, and Glenn also was really impressive. His stage persona is exactly that– a persona. Kane and Glenn are completely different. I was impressed by how it seemed that every time I chanced to see him, he was thoughfully observing everything that was going on. He wasn’t there to bask in being a celeb, he was there as what seemed like a really responsible delegate. At one point Mike was kidding him about clotheslining (a wrrestling move) someone and Glenn pointed (with extraordinary gentleness, to make the point) at my “non-aggression principle” button and said I won’t because of that (the Principle).

    Kane is a monster. Kane also evaporates past the entrance to the ring.

  4. Glenn Jacobs/Kane is very hardcore libertarian, and very educated and knowledgeable on libertarian theory. That’s why he supported Mary Ruwart.

    Yes, those pics are mine (all but the last one).

  5. Awesome pics! I think Starchild is really good looking 🙂

  6. Silly question: How tall is Mary Ruwart? I was trying to figure it out during the convention coverage. At times she looked really petite, at others about average height.

  7. For reference, I’m about 5’7 or so, and as far as I know neither of us was wearing platform shoes or heels.

  8. Awesome pics! I think Starchild is really good looking 🙂

    And I am what, an old doggie bag of chopped liver?

  9. I posted one of my favorite convention pics here. Hint: It’s Starchild and me. I do have to find the Stanhope team’s mouthwash shot pics and post them. After the Barr nomination they were passing out shots to rinse the foul taste out of mouths. I think Keaton actually drank her shot rather than just rinse. ;o)

  10. Peter – I’d estimate Mary at just over 5 feet.

  11. The pic with her and Paulie actually makes her look taller than she is.

  12. I’m guessing 5’2″ myself. She does have a fairly petite build. However since I’m 5’11 1/2+” (da**ed Amazon genetics) it makes judging height somewhat difficult.

    I’m guessing 5’2″ but since I’m 5’11 1/2+” (blame the Amazon genes!) I have difficulty in judging height. I strongly suspect Mary has much the same problem my mother has, that is too say many fashions are too baggy for her. (She does look good in what she does buy, however!)

    (At least John will have it easier, since tall guys are much more socially acceptable, not to mention easier to fit)

  13. sorry for the glitch– I thought that first paragraph got deleted somehow

  14. I do have to find the Stanhope team’s mouthwash shot pics and post them.

    They are somewhere in the links I posted. Dan Kilo, maybe?

  15. I found them, Paulie and posted at my place.

    edit to add that you are in one of the shots. smooches babe…

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