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Reminder: LFV on “Vortex of Freedom” today

In Libertarian on June 7, 2008 at 9:43 pm

At 6pm EDT, LFV will be on the Vortex of Freedom show. ElfNinosMom, Paulie Cannoli, and G.E. Smith will be appearing to discuss libertarian issues.

The link to listen live is here.

UPDATE:  Many thanks to Vortex of Freedom for having us on the show!  For those of you who couldn’t listen live, it was quite interesting.  We took calls from listeners who asked some excellent questions, and discussed the Barr and Root nominations, Ron Paul, ballot access, and the convention, among other things.  I have invited Michael from VoF onto our show next Friday at 7:30, to return the favor; hopefully he will be available!

  1. I’d like to thank ElfNino’s Mom, Paulie, and G.E. for being on the show.

  2. No, thank you! That was fun, we’ll have to have you on our show. How does this coming Friday at 7:30 sound?

  3. I’d be honored. I am looking forward to it.

  4. Thanks VoF!

    If someone calls me with a reminder about the LFV show I would appreciate it.

  5. Great job on the show Paulie. And GE must have been knackered. He was at the LPM convention only hours earlier.

    This was the first time I’ve listened to Vortex of Freedom. I’ll tune in again, great show.

  6. Paulie and GE did indeed do a great job, as always.

    Perhaps we should have Jason on the show as well, he can discuss his new campaign as well as the LPM convention. Remind me, Jason, what office are you seeking?

  7. you did great too ENM, in my multi tasking last night, forgot to mention that. I like the laid back bumper music at the start of the show.

    I’d rather have you on my show in a few weeks.

  8. Thanks, that was not my best moment because my neck and back were killing me. I did the show while lying in bed full of painkillers, LOL.

    Glad you liked the music, I’ll send you the audio file in email. I’m a big Blind Melon fan, so I thought I’d throw some “Walk” in there. That tune is on their “Soup” album, from 1995.

    Anytime you want me on your show, let me know.

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