Steve G.

My Anti-War on Drugs letter in Houston Chronicle

In Drug War, Media on June 7, 2008 at 1:49 pm

Here, in response to this.

Were Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff truly concerned about the crime wave in Mexico, he would encourage Congress to end the repugnant, corrupt and failed war on drugs.

The only thing criminalizing a product accomplishes is making crime more profitable.


Remember, people: write letters to the paper. It takes you five minutes to have your thoughts sent out to hundreds of thousands of people.

  1. Good job, Nigel!

  2. Wasn’t Bob Barf a drug war prosecutor?

  3. It would be good that whenever someone had a LTE that it was posted on the net. Maybe here?

    Other than that. Job well done Nigel!

  4. Nigel, you need to get all illegal drug out of your home and vehicles TODAY ! Even get the seeds out of the carpet.

    Loretta Nall, a housewife from Aleander City,AL did about the same thing and the DEA showed up within hours of publication in full force (including helicopters). Starting an ordeal that has only recently ended. Sadly, we live in a POLICE state and if you promote anything illegal they have the funds (ceased thru FORCE) behind them to go anywhere and do whatever it takes to give you greif !

    BE CAREFUL friend, they may come for you !

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