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Electing Libertarians

In Libertarian, Libertarian Party-US, Media, Personal Responsibility, Politics on June 6, 2008 at 6:20 am

A few years ago I came up with a consulting firm dedicated to help Libertarian candidates win elections. This year I really wanted to be on a presidential candidate’s team but due to who we nominated, I am in the process of reviving Liberty Consulting. However, I will continue to help Illinois Libertarians with our ballot access drive to put the Barr/Root presidential ticket and our US Senate candidate Larry Stafford on the ballot. The extent of my participation with the Barr/Root campaign will be limited to just voting for them.

First we need compile a list of Libertarians who are running for elected offices. I have already committed to helping Tom Knapp’s congressional campaign in any aspect that I can. I may volunteer for one other campaign during this election cycle. My consulting firm will not be a one-man show. I need some dedicated, practical, well-spoken, experienced Libertarians to help me with this venture. I need a fund raiser, a public relations representative, an opposition researcher, and a webmaster. But first I need a candidate willing to let us help with their campaign. I would like to form a team by July 15th. Anyone who is interested drop me an e-mail at

  1. Best of luck getting this off the ground.

  2. It definitely sounds like a worthy project, Chris. 🙂

    Perhaps Knapp will let your consulting firm help with his race pro bono. That way, you will have at least one campaign under your belt, to show other candidates what you can do. A recommendation from Knapp also wouldn’t hurt in getting business from libertarians, since he is pretty well respected.

  3. Here’s a Libertarian campaign just launched:

    Neil Stephenson, of, is running for Congress in Michigan’s 10th district.

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