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Robert Milnes reaches out to Native Americans

In Libertarian on June 4, 2008 at 5:53 pm

The following is posted with the authorization of its author, Robert Milnes. I have edited its layout for easier readability.

To Oklahoma Tribe contacts,

Greetings. I have obtained your email addresses from websites listing U.S. government recognized Tribes. Please allow me to introduce myself. I was a candidate for the Libertarian Party nomination for president. Now I have decided to proceed as an independent. As such I have great interest in Native American issues. You can see this on my website:

As you may know ballot access is a very important issue in American politics. Your state is very difficult for third party and independent ballot access. About 43,000 registered voters’ signatures on a petition are required. 85,000 is considered recommended in the event of disqualifications. These are due by July 15. The Green Party convention is July 10-13. I would like to get the GP and/or the Boston Tea Party nominations etc. But failing that I will try to get on as many ballots as possible.

To get on the Oklahoma ballot would be a great accomplishment; the GP and LP may very well fail. I am asking with this letter for your support in getting on the Oklahoma ballot and as many others as possible. I would be willing to pay premium wage for signature gathering. However unfortunately I have not as yet received sufficient campaign funding to do that. If you would be willing to help and publicly state so, that could be a strong factor in my getting campaign support. So I am asking for your public announcment of support for my candidacy and help with signature gathering. I look forward to your kind reply.


Robert W. Milnes.

  1. hmmm…I’m native american.

    Maybe I should give this Milnes guy a shot?

  2. […] letter, posted at Last Free Voice, also reveals Milnes’s aspirations to capture the presidential […]

  3. “Maybe I should give this Milnes guy a shot?”

    Make mine a vodka, straight up.

    Milnes just will not get it that he has no support anywhere…

  4. Is today April 1st?

  5. Considering his situation in life, I’ll refrain from making fun of him or criticizing him.

  6. Jason Gatties, A native American libertarian woman as veep would be something. Know any? & have you checked out my website?

  7. and what is his situation in life? I’m out the loop here…

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