Steve G.

Cop calls 911, thinks he’s dying from pot brownies

In Cops Gone Wild, Corruption, Crazy Claims, Entertainment, Humor, Media, Medical Marijuana, Obituaries, People in the news, Shine on you crazy diamond on June 1, 2008 at 7:18 pm
  1. Oldie, but goodie… for sure. Very funny!

  2. This is why Mendocino growers alway spray their marijuana crops with LSD, just before harvest, in case any of it ends up in the hands of unsuspecting cops.

    In fact, psychotic breaks with reality are increasingly common with Narcs in Mendocino, but almost never reported to the media. It’s sad to see how just touching a baggie of Mendo Organic can reduce a macho officer to a frightened little child — like we heard on this tape. Gosh, I bet that being so frightened would be a real bummer for an officer who tried to mess with a Mendo stash.

    Oh well, at least they’ve been warned, right here at LFV!

  3. Should I ask how the officer was going to present the evidence against the person whom he confiscated the marijuana from?

  4. Unrelated, but fuck it. I find it ironic that “troofer” Alex Jones raised over $200k yesterday… in ONE day. Yet Barf hasn’t raised that after many weeks of begging people to donate, much of which came from Kostards.

    These are the same people that Barf dismisses.

  5. This is pretty hilarious.

    I’ve never used– but I know what I’d do if I ever decided pot brownies were in my future– I’d have some Liberty-minded experienced friend on hand to help me figure out the experience. And I’d probably start the same way I start with any unfamiliar plant– with just a little.

    Yep it pays to know Libertarians– we can help you decide that you’re not dying, after all (or we might mess with your mind a bit, if you’re a drug warrior) (Okay well not me personally– about the best I could do would be to inspect the hydroponics, did that in lettuce for a class many years ago)

  6. You could learn a lot from a DUMBY! That’s what his ask me no questions get. I’m not surprised he wasn’t charged, R U? He must have thought he had some of that Killah Kat Williams was talking about. He need to put his helmet back on and proceed on the short yellow bus.

  7. Officer Put your hands in the air and drop the brownies!

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