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In Libertarian on May 31, 2008 at 8:14 pm

We seem to be having a problem with some legitimate comments being caught in the Akismet spam filter.  Unfortunately, I have no idea why this is happening, since our only criteria for spam is if the comment has more than two links in it.  Most of these comments have no links in them, so I can only scratch my head in wonderment.

If you post a comment and it doesn’t appear immediately, it is likely caught in the spam filter since we do not censor anyone’s comments on LFV.

Please take a moment to save the LFV email address [ ] in your address book.  That way, if one of your comments doesn’t immediately appear, you can shoot me a quick email, and I will release it as soon as I receive your message.

  1. Forgive me my ignorance, but at Green Party Watch we use Blogger, and have comments set up like here, except that we make people jump through a “type the text you see into this box and submit” thingy, but over at Green Commons, which uses Drupal, they have the same sort of spam filter, and yes, regular visitors do get caught in it and I and others have to “clean it out” from time to time.

    I guess my question is, why don’t you use the same sort of system Blogger has? It seems to get the job done and, as with this site, doesn’t therefore censor what folks write.

  2. Blogger sucks

    Just my opinion.

    I do like the Green Party Watch blog, I’ve visited before. I just don’t like using blogger.

  3. Hi, Gregg! Comments being caught in the Akismet spam filter is actually a new problem here. It didn’t happen at all until about a week ago, so I am hoping it is merely a bug and will be fixed. In the meantime, I didn’t want anyone to fear we are censoring comments, and also I know how annoying it is to put a lot of thought into a comment then have it not show up.

    I used Blogger for years, but found that I like WordPress much better. Its pluses are actually quite significant; for example, it is easier to tag entries on WordPress, and entries are picked up more readily. Also, it is quite easy to backup the site, especially with multiple contributors, which is of course extremely important.

    At the same time, WordPress has its negatives as well, the biggest one being that it is not easy to customize the site since WordPress uses CSS instead of HTML.

    All in all, I guess it comes down to personal preference. 🙂

  4. Thanks ElfNinosMom and Jason. I am so slow on the technology uptake that I fear I will never “get it”, but once things are set up, I can work with things pretty good.

    I also participate at, currently down for maintenance and upgrade, and at the pretty much moribund, both of which use drupal, and my local Green Party chapter was set up by Rena, owner of GC, using WordPress.

    I need to learn how to use these tools because I can’;t keep hounding folks to help me . Right now, for example, I have a domain registered via targeting all the folks who think they have to throw away their old TVs once the federales make analog TV illegal. The site,, would ideally use WordPress, and I think I would prefer the Nautica05 set up, but I just don’t seem to be able to figure out the how-to. I guess that’s why I like blogger…less capability, but simply enough for a 50 year old man to figure it out. 😉

  5. BTW Jason, thanks for running for office. No idea if we would agree on the issues or not, but I hate seeing these folks running without competition, so thanks!

  6. You’d be surprised. I think on many social issues, we would probably tend to agree.

  7. Hi again, Gregg. 🙂

    I would strongly suggest you move your domain to GoDaddy. NearlyFreeSpeech is not at all user friendly. GoDaddy, on the other hand, is very user-friendly, and will walk you through what you need to do in order to set up a site.

    You can also set up a free wordpress blog, with whatever theme you want, and simply point the domain name at the wordpress blog. That way, you will avoid site fees altogether.

  8. Hi ENM

    I had a phone call from you a couple of days ago about being on some radio show. Tried calling you several times since then but it always goes to voicemail.

  9. Hiya, Paulie! That’s strange, my phone hasn’t rang. I wonder if the new replacement phone I got from Sprint is somehow screwy?

    I’ll call you in a couple of minutes, I know it works on outbound calls because I just called Elf.

  10. Still nothing.

  11. Sorry, Elf came over and I need to finish talking to him. I’ll call as soon as he leaves.

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