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Thanks Everyone!

In Libertarian on May 29, 2008 at 2:06 am

This will be my final LFV post. I’m just real busy at the moment and I’d rather give up “my spot” to someone with more time to dedicate to posting here. Like to thank ENM & the other contributors here. The site is really taking off again.

If you are interested in posting here, shoot ENM an email. I’m sure she’ll consider you.

I’ll still be active in the comments area of the site, but I just don’t have much time to actively post. When I’m not leaving comments, I’ll be working my ass off, trying to get elected.

Again…thanks to everyone. Keep fighting the good fight. Oh yeah, if you missed tonight’s “LFV Live”, make sure you catch the archive. It was pretty sweet.

  1. I enjoyed your posts, Jason. Looking forward to seeing what you have to say in the future.

  2. I’ve gone as much as three months between posts, Jason. I don’t think you should resign. Just take a break.

  3. Good luck with your campaign.

  4. I agree with G.E. Don’t resign. Just post as you have time. Besides, I just got here!

  5. Thanks guys. I would just rather see someone who can actively blog. I’m pouring through literally thousands of pages of “meeting minutes” from the past 4 years. Each meeting report consists of like 80 pages. Crazy, especially since they basically vote 7-0 on every issue, every meeting. Seems to me you could sum it all up in less than 80 pages, but I could be wrong.

  6. Hey Mike, I’ve been wanting to ask since I knew you moved around a bit. How long did you actually end up serving on the “Parks Board” 4 years ago?

  7. I hate to see people who have agreed with me in the past leave. What am I supposed to do if BOTH of you stop commenting on my posts?!?

  8. Well you’re in luck cause I’m still going to hang around and comment, just not “contribute”.

  9. Hi Jason,

    I served almost the full four year term before I had to make the move to New York. The time there was well spent. I managed to convince most of the board members to vote based on libertarian ideals; although I never espoused them as libertarian ideals, I just argued them out. As well we were able to cut the budget back and reduce the spending, AND get new park equipment, by selling off the old rather than asking for a raise in local land tax prices.

    Even if it was a lowly job I think it was a good start. We did manage to spare the tax payers taxes and the board learned some new management tricks :).

  10. Awesome. I remember how proud I was that you joined Bradley as our other elected local

  11. Jason,

    I was ecstatic too. I’m very grateful for your help in that too. I’m looking forwarding to starting an LP group up north here where there is an absolute dearth of activity or even recognition. I became a Ron Paul Precinct Leader partially to help garner some attention towards libertarian ideals in a very heavily loaded Republican area. I know that it’s work to some extent as I’ve converted dozens to certain ideals such as the non-aggression pact, drug war is evil, throwing non-violent people in jail is a misuse of justice, etc. I have people borrowing books from my personal library which is nice. Once it dawns on them they are hungry for more truth.

    Concerning getting elected, here’s a secret we all should take notice of. Go in and find a position with little to no resistance. Run for that position even if it’s as a write in. Tell your friends to write you in and start pounding the streets. It works.

    I don’t care how lowly the position is. The whole goal is education and growth right? Well my Park Board position did just that; gave me a chance to educate other members from the local community, and helped grow the party a little bit. I believe in local impacts as much as possible.

    Because of that run I can now drive down to the Lansing, sit down with Michigan House and Senate members, and talk to them about my concerns and ideas face to face. I did just that a few months ago. I also have the support of the entire city of Niles and some support in Saint Joseph, Cadillac, and Ann Arbor. I am constantly being invited back to Niles by several prominent members in the city there, and I’ve helped shape their idea of what a libertarian is and does.

    All from getting involved locally, not just in office, but in business and community. It’s action that moves us forward. Even the smallest action helps make large gains. I encourage everyone to turn their minds on and strap their shoes on. Get out there and use your freedom and liberty to forward true libertarian ideals encapsulated and packaged in easy to digest services and products.

    People are more willing to buy things that help them personally, and which have our slant on them, than they are to think about the ideas that bring that product about. Let the plethora of products and services that benefit them personally bring about conversations and change.

    And by all means get in to a local office of any sort. That allows you to get closer to the people as you raise up in the eyes as to what is considered respectable. That really does help.

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