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LFV Live!: Final LP Convention wrap-up

In Libertarian, Libertarian Convention on May 28, 2008 at 6:11 pm

LFV Live! will be on tonight at 7:30 EST. We will be discussing the convention.

I’d like to have some of our contributors who attended the convention as guests. Anybody up for that?

UPDATE: Paulie Cannoli, GE Smith, Chris Bennett, Brian Miller and Jeff Wartman will be on the show, so we will have viewpoints from all sides of the current controversy.

The call-in number is (646)478-4638, if anyone wants to call in with comments or questions. The show tonight will be one hour long, running from 7:30 to 8:30.

If there are any further updates, I will post them here.

  1. I plugged the show last night on my show. I plan on tuning in.

  2. I’ll call in if you like.

  3. Will anyone from the Libertarian caucus be on, or will this just be a retard caucus circle jerk?

  4. disinter,

    The show is being hosted by I believe ENM, Paulie & Chris Bennett.

  5. I’ll call in as well.

    It would be interesting to see if Mike Nelson (“disinter”) will grow a pair and dial in also, or if he’ll once again retreat to blog posts behind aliases.

  6. Aww is Brian Miller still pouting over the loss of his endorsed candidate: Urkel (Phillies)?

    Poor thang.

  7. Actually, that’ll be a topic of discussion, I’m sure. Not that you’ll be interested in discussion — it’s not your thing, Ms. Thang!

  8. May Urkel RIP.

  9. Ms. Miller, are you going to talk about how the Outright Liber-Nazi’s took all of Urkel’s time with their narcissism that he (Phillies) couldn’t speak? Now THAT I will tune in for.

  10. I’ll be on the show as well:)

  11. I’d be happy to be on the show, too. Is it getting too crowded?

  12. disinter – I can’t help it – you are making me pee my pants! LOL
    I actually think that the outright libs spoke long for a reason – so Urkel wouldn’t have too 🙂

  13. So far Paulie, GE, Chris Bennett, and Jeff Wartman have agreed to be on the show.

  14. Don’t defame Urkel aka Jaleel White. He is a free trader, pro-immigration, anti-Fed capitalist!

  15. G.E. for real? Jaleel White is truly a free trade, pro-immigration anti Fed Capitalist?

  16. This sounds like a good show!

  17. I tried calling in during the final 15 minutes. The show sounded great.

  18. t.g. – I don’t know. Daniel Imperato is the one who told me, and I’m not sure how credible he is. 🙂

  19. He hangs with the pope.

  20. LOL re Imperato hanging with the pope, Jason. 🙂

    I didn’t realize this when I scheduled it, but apparently I had a full house with five people as guests. Sorry about that.

  21. So where can people find the show archive?

  22. If you go to the LFV Live page, and just scroll down a bit, you’ll see each episode.

  23. Oh yeah, and the most recent show will just auto play once you go to the site until the next show is up.

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