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Christine Smith: ‘The LP is dead, I’m outta here’

In Libertarian on May 28, 2008 at 6:59 pm

Christine Smith – the longshot LP presidential candidate who received only six delegate votes, and who blasted Barr at the convention on live television – has announced that she is leaving the “dead” Libertarian Party.

Here is an excerpt:

For those of you who have asked: I am leaving the LP. I think the party is a waste of time and resources for anyone who actually wishes to join with others whose priority is freedom (some advances are made on the local level which I think are very good-but as a whole I think the LP is unworthy of the participation of anyone with integrity, ethics, and character–that is my conclusion after witnessing what occurred at the National LP Convention this weekend.) Though some true libertarians will choose to remain in the LP, from the emails and phone calls I have received, I believe many will leave. Each true libertarian must make the choice that is right for him or her; my choice is to fight the battle for liberty in other ways. As for me, I want no part of an organization that could put Barr and Root as the 2008 Presidential/VP candidates. Their choice to do so is, in my opinion, a tragic mistake for the LP. The LP now stands for nothing different than the two major parties – it is a meaningless party as it has become what it always condemned; it no longer offers an alternative choice or voice for liberty at the highest level as should be represented in its presidential candidate. The resulting damage to the party as a means to advance liberty and to attract liberty-minded individuals has been done. No true libertarian would support (or defend) the selection of Bob Barr. (For those who choose to remain in the LP to try and repair it, it will take many years to even return to the place the party was a few days ago.) The hope and enormous potential the LP, as “The Party of Principle,” had in 2008 was enormous – now that has been destroyed.

  1. Don’t go! That is what the retard/unity caucus wants you to do! Barf and the Barfers will be gone in 6 months, the party will be back.

  2. Nobody says you have to vote for Barf… or provide ANY other support.

  3. I’m staying active in my state party but will sit out the election and advocate a blank in the prez slot of our slate. (In NM he can run as an independent – if we run him and he falls below a threshold, we lose our ballot status.)

    Don’t leave: just go limp, give them an empty bag, play dead until after the election. Then, when they have no more use for us, rise up and help us get our party back.

  4. A few years ago, Ms. Smith supported government-funded single-payer health care and increased income taxes.

    Then she “found the party” and reinvented herself several times.

    When she contacted me and other LP folks, she pitched herself as the anti-Ron-Paul and got support. Then she alienated her initial supporters with her rather erratic behavior — especially her diva-like demands for additional cash and HUGE expenditures for perfectly scheduled flights and fancy hotels during campaign stops. She complains about the LP being a “waste of resources” — something she’s an expert in. I offered to fly Smith to San Francisco on my Delta miles and host her in my guest room so that she could raise money and support in the Bay area. She instead demanded continuous upgrades to the accommodations, culminating in a demand for nonstop flights at preferred times on her preferred airline at full fare (since a 6AM departure was “too early”) for herself and her opposite-gender campaign manager, with separate rooms for them in a downtown hotel. Suffice to say, that wasn’t on my agenda.

    Then she flip-flopped again and became pro-Ron-Paul just a couple months after collecting money from folks who she courted for an anti-Ron-Paul stance.

    Then she threatened to quit the race three or four times after money started running out, to bully supporters into sending her more.

    Then she supported Shane Cory’s shameful effort to smear Mary Ruwart as a child porn advocate.

    By the time the convention rolled around, she’d managed to alienate just about everyone she’d contacted in the LP in some regard. Her vote totals reflected that.

    One of the more amusing things was this candidate-come-lately, who nobody had heard of even in her local party, going from health-care and taxation socialist to Libertarian Purist Champion in under 3 years, insisting that nobody else (including Barr) could possibly do the same.

    I don’t think she was ever really serious about the LP except as a place to boost her own ego. When we failed to sufficiently accommodate her personal desires, she moved on to other things that will stoke her emotional needs. Good for her, and for us.

  5. Tito, grab me a tissue.

  6. A few years ago, Ms. Smith supported government-funded single-payer health care and increased income taxes.

    Hell… a few WEEKS ago, she was ranting on live radio that the LP would be nuts to nominate Ruwart on account of the child porn thing. It’s all fine and well for the Barr-haters to give a thumbs up to her convention speech… but let’s not pretend that she’s anybody’s friend, or that she has any goal other than attention for herself.

  7. Waaaah, I didn’t get my way. Please.

  8. As stated earlier reality set in for many of the LP POTUS candidates in Denver. Many of them sadly were delusional for even being in the race. Embarassment on a national level has to be extremely humiliating. All losers including Root are hurt in the ego to a certain degree. Let’s hope Ms. Smith and all other losers have a speedy return to normality, if it’s possible !?

    It has been some time since we had a POTUS with only a high school education and a pauper to boot. I would recommend in the future before anyone seek a national party’s nomination for POTUS at least have a college degree and many thousands of dollars in your bank account. A job wouldn’t hurt either…jmo

  9. A few months prior to when Christine Smith defended Shane Cory’s “kiddie porn” press release, Christine said that she didn’t like Shane Cory.

  10. These are all correct comments… Ms. Smith has a history of flakiness on policy positions.

  11. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out, Christine!

  12. With this huge field of candidates, the seemingly impossible goal of our unmanaged processes should have been to encourage the quality candidates while discouraging the embarrassing candidates. As intensely proud as I am of the performance of the seven candidates in Saturday’s debate, I’m even prouder of our convention delegates for having the collective distributed wisdom to put exactly those seven before the C-SPAN cameras. At first I questioned their judgment at letting Smith have time for nominating speeches, but now I see the genius in denying her an excuse for her dismal vote total (6 out of ~650 delegates) while creating an object lesson for anyone who might be tempted to emulate her race in the future.

    Tom Knapp has been talking almost perfect sense since the closing gavel, but his post-gavel defense of Smith is as off-base as his pre-gavel predictions about the strength of Root’s candidacy. 🙂

    Brian, if you could provide some cites for the claims in your first sentence about Smith’s past positions on health care and taxes, I’d like to be able to incorporate (with credit) some of the information in your comment into any future TPW article that might have occasion to mention Smith’s quitting.

  13. Hello, Brian:

    That’s a reasonable request and I will have to do a bit of digging. I found it on Smith’s personal web site a while back and took note of it. I’ll post a link as soon as I find it.

  14. Check out this article from Ms. Smith’s web site from mid-to-late 2006:

    It calls for:

    1) US citizens being subject to the International Court (and not the US Constitution) as well as “international law”;

    2) Increased federal spending on education;

    3) Endorsement of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, which includes such socialist rights such as “equal pay,” income “supplemented by social protection,” “limitation of working hours,” and “holiday pay”;

    4) Exclusion of the private sector from providing voting machines and voting-related services;

    5) Establishment of a fair tax;

    6) “Universal healthcare with freedom of choice; socialized medicine for all American citizens.”

    7) The initiation of taxation of religious groups;

    8) “Basic necessities such as electricity not controlled by capitalists; as well as other areas such as insurance coverage…”

    I discovered this about two months after I had some misgivings about Smith.

    Keep in mind that this web page is from late 2006 — not even two years ago!

  15. Ms. Miller. Smith lost. Get over it.

  16. You’re the one cheering on someone who called for “socialized medicine for all American citizens,” cupcake.

  17. She claimed the LP lost its principles, but she blamed the tsunami deaths a few years ago on the LACK of U.S. intervention.

  18. You’re the one cheering on someone who called for “socialized medicine for all American citizens,” cupcake.

    I don’t believe that Ruwart or Kubby called for socialized medicine.

  19. Quoth Brian Holtz:

    “Tom Knapp has been talking almost perfect sense since the closing gavel, but his post-gavel defense of Smith is as off-base as his pre-gavel predictions about the strength of Root’s candidacy. :-)”

    My pre-gavel predictions of the strength of Root’s candidacy were:

    – That there was no way he’d win the nomination. He didn’t.

    – That his polling “positives” of 30% represented his absolute ceiling. His fifth-ballot self-elimination performance was about 26.5%.

    Even with Barr’s endorsement and plea to the convention to support Root for VP, Root barely skinned through, and probably wouldn’t have if we’d had a better floor operation to keep Kubby’s supporters in the room and voting.

    My “post-gavel defense of Smith” actually commenced pre-gavel. When she gave up tokens to get other candidates into the debate instead of hoarding them and hoping for the best for herself, I became a fan. I was there. She didn’t hesitate, and she didn’t seem to be calculating. She knew she was down, she knew Kubby and Jingozian were closer to getting in than she was, and she forked over. It’s just that simple. She won my respect, and having given it I won’t take it back easily.

    Tom Knapp

  20. I was standing right next to the podium when Smith handed in her tokens… 36 total. She was over 20 shy of making the debates, and had only 6 excess of making the ballot.

    I don’t know if those 6 helped anybody, or even if they were given to anybody (she just handed them to the counter and said, “Give the excess to others if you want”). However, she didn’t really have much in the way of options there.

  21. Frankly, I don’t know where Smith got the 36… I stopped by her booth the day before and she had only a handful. If I were a Machiavellian kind of guy, I might start wondering if she was the mystery candidate that Barr gave a chunk of tokens to… her antics seemed to work to his favor with the swing vote.

  22. Frankly, I don’t know where Smith got the 36…

    Yea, cuz anyone that Perkins doesn’t agree with shouldn’t have any!

  23. Milnes left the LP today, also. Oh the shock.

  24. It does seem strange that Ms. Smith could end up with 36 tokens but only 6 first-ballot votes. It’s worth checking out whether some other candidate gave her the 30 tokes needed to qualify for the ballot.

  25. Sorry, the 30 “tokens.” Christine says that she doesn’t use marijuna.

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