Steve G.

“Live From Court Street” Returns Tonight

In Entertainment, Humor, Libertarian, Libertarian Convention, Libertarian Party-US, Libertarian Politics, Media, Music on May 27, 2008 at 3:55 pm

We’ve been on hiatus for a couple of weeks due to injury and political ambitions, but tonight we return for a special Tuesday episode. Join Cilla & myself tonight at 7:30 PM Eastern as we discuss the Libertarian National Convention, the USA vs Mexico soccer friendly, Cilla’s Entertainment Report & our very popular “news” segment.

Please note: Unless we are conducting an interview, we do not take calls during the show.

Visit and bring a friend or two.

  1. When is LastFreeVoice going to have another radio show. If anyone is up for it, I can’t host it but we should have one soon while the National Convention is still fresh in our minds? How about tomorrow?

  2. I’m flying tomorrow, afternoon or evening might be OK

  3. If you guys do one tomorrow, I’ll plug it on my show tonight.

  4. We can do one tomorrow. I’ll set it up.

  5. Tomorrow night between 5-9pm CST?

  6. I’ll do it around 7:00 pm EST. I don’t want to do it before then, because it will count against my cell phone minutes, and I don’t want to do it after that because, like everyone else here, I have a life outside of LFV.

    If someone else wants to do the blogtalk show, let me know.

  7. I plugged the LFV show tomorrow! Both people who tuned in live heard it! Woooooo!!! haha.

    I’m tuning in tomorrow. Is it going to be ENM, Paulie & Chris? I can’t wait, that should be awesome!

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