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Barr/Root Have My Support

In Activism, Libertarian Party-US, Libertarian Politics, Politics, Wayne Allen Root on May 27, 2008 at 6:29 pm

In private over the past two days, I’ve been interacting with other Libertarians who are upset about our ticket. Not all “radicals” either (and for the record, I hate labels). Anyways, I have no clue what they are going to do, but I do know what I plan to do.

In November, I will cast my vote for Bob Barr.

Will I help raise money for the campaign? No

Will I send donations? No

Will I put a graphic up on my campaign site & stand on a corner and hold a rally sign on election day? Maybe, if they send me a sign.

Will I go to any meet-ups? Sure, why not. I enjoy talking to folks.

In other words, my “involvement” with this campaign will be pretty limited. Bottom line is, I’m a Libertarian Party member and I will cast my vote for the Libertarian Party ticket in November.

  1. Sensible stuff.

  2. I would rather write in Bugs Bunny than vote for Bob Barf.

    You realize this guy is currently financially supporting statist Repug candidates that are running against Libertarian candidates? He is a traitor and should be removed from the LNC at the VERY least. He MOST DEFINITELY shouldn’t be our prez candidate. WTF are you people thinking?

  3. Then you do that disinter. Unlike you, I’m not going to disrespect anyone’s decision.

  4. I will take the same approach as Jason. But mainly for maintaining ballot access and making sure the Libertarian Party is on North Carolina ballots for years to come.

  5. Then you do that disinter.

    What? Point out the truth?

  6. I respect your decision, Jason.

  7. I have never voted for a Republican presidential candidate in almost 30 years of voting, and I’m not going to start now.

    I personally think the LP has sold out to the Republicans. If that’s what they want to do, that’s their business, but I’m not going to compromise my principles just to toe the party line. If I were going to sell out, I’d go back to being a Democrat.

  8. Thanks GE, that means a lot coming from you bro.

    In my opinion, I’m not selling out my principles to anyone and I DARE anyone to attempt to tell me otherwise. This is about party unity. Sometimes in life you gotta do something you’re not thrilled about in order to keep something going that you are absolutely in love with. Kinda like when I was 21, broke as hell, and I fucking stole something so my son wouldn’t go to bed hungry. Do I regret it? Sure. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat given the circumstances.

    In 2 years, we go to war again. This year, we need to unite.

  9. I’m not selling out my principles to anyone and I DARE anyone to attempt to tell me otherwise.

    You ARE selling out your principles. Unless your principles are big-government, pro drug war, pro imperialism, pro patriot act etc…

  10. This is about party unity.

    Yes, let’s all welcome the antithesis to Libertarianism with open arms. Then we can win! Yay!

  11. Kinda like when I was 21, broke as hell, and I fucking stole something so my son wouldn’t go to bed hungry.

    Umm, ok. That explains all I need to know. Next.

  12. If Barf was really interested in unity, then he wouldn’t be financially supporting big government republicans that are running against Libertarian candidates. He’s nothing more than a traitor.

  13. Know about what? That I was willing to go to jail to make sure my son was fed because the the company I worked for stalled on paying me workers comp when I threw out my back, which was a good thing because I found out at that point I had a fucking back dis-order, but thats besides the point.

    Straight up dude…fuck off. Don’t speak about what you don’t know.

  14. Well boo fucking hoo. Good red herring though.

  15. Bob Barr has a proven track record as a fascist, and the only Libertarian thing he has ever done is just talk. Actions speak louder than words, and once a fascist, always a fascist. I can’t believe you nominated him to represent the LP. A sad, sad day for the LP.

  16. A lot of parents would steal to feed their child, if it was their only option. I don’t hold that against anyone. However, I also don’t understand what that has to do with whether to support Barr/Root.

    Incidentally, Jason, I never said that your principles have to be (or even should be) the same as mine, so you have no reason to take offense and I certainly was not directing that comment at you. I was simply explaining why I made the decision I made, and I apologize if the way I worded it made you feel that I was attacking you. That was not my intention.

    That being said, my grandmother married my grandfather on a dare, so I come from a long line of women who you really don’t want to dare to do anything. 😉

  17. There are “party people” as in people affiliated with a particular political party and then there are people who just go where their principles are. I used to be a party person before I moved to Texas. Then, something happened, I started to question everything and realized that I’m not a party person after all. I simply cannot tow the line if I don’t agree with something “for the sake of the party”.

    I have been saying that the Libertarian Party is this country’s last hope for about 10 years now, that is 1/3 of my lifespan. It always bothered me when people get so hung up n winning and notoriety.
    When people mentioned “gaining power”, it made me cringe- I guess it all depends on the definition of power. The power to participate in lawmaking is great, but not the power to tell your neighbor how to live their life. As long as ther message is clear, consistent, true and righteous people will find their way. It may happen slowly, but it WILL happen as evidenced by Dr Paul’s campaign. It just takes 1. The right message 2. The right person and 3. A motherload of “principle” ie: a proven track record. I support true, organic growth of parties such as this.

    Those are the things that will win folks over, and not just from the right, from the left as well. I have seen many more people come from the left – and the LP is forgetting all about them this election year with the current ticket. Do you really think people coming from the left will even so much as consider this ticket? My bet is they would equate this ticket to Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter – very polarizing figures to the left.

  18. Think you were a bit touchy EMN. Trust me, I’ll call you out if anything is directed at you. I was just stating my own feelings. I’m a straight shooter 🙂

  19. I voted neither for Barr or Root on any ballot. I’m ashamed that they are our nominees. I will not support the ticket financially but if they stick REALLY close to a principled Libertarian message, I might vote for them in November. I also worry about ballot access but will not support a watered down message.

  20. Yeah I mentioned the ballot access aspect of it the other day. Let’s just pretend Barr gets 180,000+ votes in Michigan (give or take), we could then be qualified as a major party. We’ll maintain ballot status regardless, but that could put us over the top. I doubt very much that would happen, but it is a positive to look at. Now thats Michigan, where we would keep ballot status pretty much regardless. Imagine other states who struggle more.

  21. I agree TG. Mary Ruwart would have reached out to both sides and I would be much happier with a ticket that included her or Steve Kubby. But, thats not what we have.

    There are just other factors involved and I wish the LP well and the Libertarians on the ballot will get my vote. In the mean time, we must organize and prepare for a battle in 2010 so this sorta thing doesn’t happen again.

    Guess the other thing is, if people didn’t give me a “2nd chance” or even a “3rd chance”, I would be a very lonely, broken man right now. I fucked up in my early adult hood and spent many years trying to prove myself. Took some people close to me a long time before I got that “2nd chance” in their minds.

    I will not deny someone a 2nd chance. I would be a hypocrit otherwise. As Tom Knapp said on his blog, the slate is “wiped clean” right now.

  22. Realistically, a vote for Barr/Root is as much a protest vote as a vote for Nader/Gonzales, or any other minor party candidate. I don’t have high standards for my protest votes. If McCain, Obama, and Nader were the only ones on the ballot, I’d vote for Nader. I don’t interpret casting a vote as approving of the candidate. I don’t approve that much of Barr, but I think he’s a better protest vote than any of the other candidates. (If the LP fails to get access in WA, and the CP does, than Baldwin would work as well.)

    Considering the anti-choice “top two” ballot we’ll be using in WA for a good number of our elections from now on, if I only voted for principled libertarians I’d have to stop voting. There are other strategies to help weaken the power of the state (i.e., voting against the incumbent).

  23. I might vote for them in November.

    Michelle what happened to you in Denver? Good lord, what a disappointment.

  24. While I respect Jason’s decision, I will disagree. If I compare my top two candidates, I find the Barr isn’t as close to my views as the other is:
    Barr vs. Baldwin:
    Taxes: Barr favors replacing IRS with national sales tax, whereas Baldwin simply wants to abolish the IRS. Baldwin wins this round.
    Monetary Policy: Barr is silent on this issue, whereas Baldwin states that he would abolish the Fed. Baldwin wins this round.
    Abortion: Both Barr and Baldwin are pro-life, but favor turning this issue over to the states. Tie.
    Drugs: Both Barr and Baldwin favor legalizing medical marijuana, but as a tiebreaker, Barr was a vocal drug warrior in the past. Baldwin wins this round.
    Immigration: Both Barr and Baldwin favor securing the borders, but as a tiebreaker, Baldwin favors cracking down on employers hiring illegal immigrants. Barr wins this round.
    Foreign Policy: Barr voted for the war, but now says it’s a mistake, but doesn’t agree with a timetable, and supports aiding Columbia in their drug war, whereas Baldwin has consistently opposed the Iraq War, interventionism, and internationalist organizations. Baldwin wins this round.

    Final score: Barr 1+1/2 Baldwin 4+1/2

    Baldwin gets my endorsement.

  25. I’m still torn as hell. I’m not a party man per say, as the National Party goes. But I’ve also recently made the decision to come back and try to reform the party with new comers in tow if need be.

    There are three major concerns in my opinion; three major things at stake for us reformers/radicals:

    * Loss of Ballot Access
    * Watered down membership and loss of more libertarians; as the Boston Tea Party, which I consider less radical, soaks up the runaways, and more Republicans seep into the party
    * Principles

    I know I spoke out in favor of Stephen Gordon, but I have since seen his history since I last communicated with him. He’s no longer a bright spot in the party as far as I’m concerned. It sickened me to see him in the Barr group a little. But I let it slide because of past dealings with him on the Badnarik campaign.

    So out of those three major points, which ones am I’m willing to let go of in order to keep my self conscious clean? So far I can’t let go of Principles, but principles don’t require a party either. I’m willing to let ballot access slide maybe. I’m not willing to let the party membership get watered down.

    That leads me to say that I won’t be supporting the National party financially, nor Barr/Root. I may be willing to vote for Barr, but that all depends on his behavior over the next few months. I still detest Root.

    If I do vote for the Barr/root ticket it will be based on the strength that I’m drawing from Steve Cubby’s approach. That man will save the LP if it’s salvageable.

    Meanwhile, I’ve got a ton of work to do if we want to reverse the “party power/ grass in greener on the other side of the fence” trend. Peace everyone.

    P.S. Jason, I would steal to keep my kids from starving too. Don’t let those who haven’t been in that awful place, I call homelessness, anger you. They know only their hard principles, and not the pragmatism that sometimes must go in to effect in order to make a place for those principles to work. It is pragmatism that calls for a party in the first place, in order to make something different in politics. Why should life be different?

  26. That leads me to say that I won’t be supporting the National party financially, nor Barr/Root.

    I 2nd that.

  27. Thanks Mike.

    My entire point was, sometimes you do shit you later regret for the greater good. If people don’t get that, then they don’t get that.

  28. Hugh, what of Baldwin’s protectionism? What of his open homophobia? What of the call in the CP platform to wage a war on pornography? (Which Baldwin, to my knowledge, has never expressed disagreement with, which if he did disagree he would be required to declare.)

    I can see not wanting to vote for Barr, but Baldwin is hardly libertarian.

  29. “Hugh, what of Baldwin’s protectionism? What of his open homophobia? What of the call in the CP platform to wage a war on pornography? (Which Baldwin, to my knowledge, has never expressed disagreement with, which if he did disagree he would be required to declare.)

    I can see not wanting to vote for Barr, but Baldwin is hardly libertarian.”

    I never said that Baldwin was libertarian. I merely said that he was more libertarian than Bob Barr. Barr really hasn’t said anything about trade that I could compare him to Baldwin on. Baldwin, at least to my knowledge, opposed the Federal Defense of Marriage Act, whereas Barr both sponsered it and to this day sorta defends it. I didn’t know that Baldwin opposed pornography.

  30. Where is the Libertarian Campaigns officail website? Ive looked everywhere and cannot find it. Ive looked at My vote is up for grab becuase I am not happy with either McCain or Obama. I like what ive seen of Bob Barr but dont know much about Wayne root and would like to know more about him if he is going to be Barrs veep vp Can someone direct me to the official campaign site of BarrRoot2008 Ive went every where. Ive even went to and there is nothing there. I did stumble on a pretty good anti McCain site called it suggests that mccain is too old to be president and has lots of funny videos of “Old man McCain moments.” Please if anyone can direct me to the officail libertarian campaign ticket website let me know, My friend has not been able to find it either. If the Libertarians expect to do well they should get on the ball with the internet comapaigning. They should have these sites up all ready.

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