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Root/Kubby could have been ‘unity ticket’

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Yes, a lot of Mary Ruwart backers are quite bitter. Do you imagine it would be any different from the other side, had she won? I was reviewing the round-by-round results earlier today, and the thought struck me: Some pragmatist (not me, I would take a bullet for Mary) should have organized the vast center and engineered a compromise. If Root could have pulled off enough votes to leap over Mary and into second place, then the Mary backers could have been made the kingmakers one insider predicted they would be. We would have chosen Root, of course, but we could have gotten his support for a Kubby VP nomination. Thus, both Barr and Ruwart would be off the ticket, and neither side would have “won.” There would still be hard feelings, but Barr and Mary backers could each take solace in the fact that the other lost, and both would find the Root/Kubby ticket equally agreeable.

G.E. (no longer) live in Denver: Posthumous report

In Libertarian Party-US on May 27, 2008 at 7:33 pm

First, I want to offer my apologies to Elfninosmom for not being able to provide more coverage while in Denver.

I left off Thursday night after the Libertarians for Justice event. The next morning, a strange thing happened: I got put to work.


I manned the Mary Ruwart booth for much of the day. This is when I first got to really meet Mary, and she shocked me by asking me to giver her a nominating speech. I was afraid to say yes, but I couldn’t say no. I would be horribly nervous and dreading the idea of it for the next 48 hours.

I had lunch with Tom Knapp. He bought. He told me about an apparent attack on George Phillies the night before — I mean a real attack — by an armed gunman. I never found out anything more about this, and inexplicably, I forgot to ask George when I saw him.

A little later, Andy and I ran into the WWE wrestler, Kane. Andy talked him up. He was very knowledgeable about wrestling, and Kane was impressed. Andy asked Kane which candidate he supported, and Kane pointed his thumb at the Ruwart booth. “You support Mary Ruwart?” Andy asked for clarification. Kane shook his head affirmatively. I later told this to Lee Wrights and we made several efforts to build a bridge with Kane without being too pushy. The day of the voting, Kane gave me a big thumbs up after my speech and I noticed he was wearing a Mary Ruwart button.

But back to Friday: This was the night of the big “unofficial, all-inclusive” debate. I have to say I would have much preferred a “mostly inclusive” format, rather than all-inclusive. Candidates without even two supporters don’t need to be heard. This includes both the crazy (Imperato and Alden Link), as well as the sane and principled candidates with no support whatsoever (Jim Burns).

If there were any doubts (and I don’t think there were), Imperato firmly established himself as batshit crazy during the debate. Wow. Paulie was sitting next to me and cracking jokes all night long. The whole audience snickered and outright laughed every time Imperato would go into long multi-lingual rants — “Must be he bought Dondero’s book,” Paulie said — or bragged of his connections (knows George W. Bush very well, partner with bin-Laden, has adopted nephews and nieces in Abu Dabai who call him “Uncle Dammy”). Imperato would also redirect every financial, fiscal, or monetary issue to his theory of Jacob and Esau, whereby Arabs were now jealous of the Jewish money mastery.

Alden Link: What a waste of time. Totally not libertarian in the least. Energy socialist. Monetary moron. Literally supported the “military industrial complex” in both name and spirit. Bigoted against Muslims. For the war on terror. Paulie said, “New rumor: Alden Link is Eric Dondero’s grandfather.”

Jon Finan was the only candidate (other than Barr) not in attendance. I did see him on Sunday on the convention floor. I don’t know why he didn’t show at this debate, but I’m glad he didn’t.

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Voices from LFV Mailbag: Barr pledges to repeal DOMA

In Libertarian on May 27, 2008 at 7:25 pm

LFV received a link to the following YouTube video from Brian Miller.

Barr/Root Have My Support

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In private over the past two days, I’ve been interacting with other Libertarians who are upset about our ticket. Not all “radicals” either (and for the record, I hate labels). Anyways, I have no clue what they are going to do, but I do know what I plan to do.

In November, I will cast my vote for Bob Barr.

Will I help raise money for the campaign? No

Will I send donations? No

Will I put a graphic up on my campaign site & stand on a corner and hold a rally sign on election day? Maybe, if they send me a sign.

Will I go to any meet-ups? Sure, why not. I enjoy talking to folks.

In other words, my “involvement” with this campaign will be pretty limited. Bottom line is, I’m a Libertarian Party member and I will cast my vote for the Libertarian Party ticket in November.

Voices from YouTube: Video coverage of convention

In Libertarian on May 27, 2008 at 6:28 pm

Someone on YouTube commented that Christine Smith looks crazy.  She really does, when the video is up close like that.

I have no idea what Imperato is talking about in this video.  The man doesn’t make a lot of sense.

“Live From Court Street” Returns Tonight

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We’ve been on hiatus for a couple of weeks due to injury and political ambitions, but tonight we return for a special Tuesday episode. Join Cilla & myself tonight at 7:30 PM Eastern as we discuss the Libertarian National Convention, the USA vs Mexico soccer friendly, Cilla’s Entertainment Report & our very popular “news” segment.

Please note: Unless we are conducting an interview, we do not take calls during the show.

Visit and bring a friend or two.

Voices from LFV Comments: Less Antman on Steve Kubby

In Libertarian on May 27, 2008 at 3:42 pm

The following was written by Less Antman in the Last Free Voice comments section.

There was, by the way, some magnificent news during the LNC At-Large nominations: Kubby, at the start of his nomination speech for Ruwart, mentioned that he’d just received word that morning that all government charges pending against him related to his use of marijuana to control his cancer had been dismissed, and his record expunged. Since I was, at the time, going over remarks of my own on behalf of another candidate (Susan something-or-other, I forget her name), I wasn’t paying close attention to what he was saying, but the audience exploded in applause at his words, and I’m pretty sure he did say that it appeared the government’s harassment of him and his family had finally come to end. Let’s hope so.

Voices from YouTube re Libertarian Convention

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