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Liveblogging LP Convention: C-Span Coverage: Nominating Speeches

In Libertarian on May 25, 2008 at 3:57 pm

Sorry for the late start, I had computer problems.

The delegates had the opportunity to object to the 100 or so new delegates, and most didn’t even have the balls to do that. This really is the bush league, folks. No guts, no glory.

Anyway, Root is on first.

Root has put his teenage daughter Dakota on to make a nominating speech for him. She’s every bit as fake as he is, it’s a damn shame. What nitwit would put a kid on to make a nominating speech? Then he nominated her for president … um, yeah. Does he actually think libertarians are nitwitted enough to nominate him because his kid said we should?

He says he’s going to speak from the heart, but he keeps looking down at notes. He told a story about his mom dying 28 days after his dad, after fighting cancer and made it 13 hours after they disconnected life support. Nice story, but I don’t know what that has to do with the nomination.

Order of candidates: Root, Barr, Smith, Ruwart, Phillies, Kubby, Jingozian, Gravel.

The guy making the nominating speech for Barr looks and sounds a lot like Kevin from “The Office”. In the season finale, the new human resources rep thinks that Kevin is simple-minded, LOL. He’s saying the same things we have already heard, so maybe he’s more like Kevin than I thought, LOL.

Now a guy from the Marijuana Policy Project is nominating him. This is going to sound like a joke, but it’s not. The dude looks stoned.

Mark Rutherford is on now. Are these people really so dumb that they don’t realize Barr is going to rehabilitate his name then return to the Republican Party? Apparently so.

Mike Ferguson is on now, talking about how proud he is. He also supports Barr.

Bob Barr is on now. Says he caught a lot of hell at convention.

It should be interesting to see what Christine Smith has to say, given that she’s delusional and didn’t get enough tokens to make it to the debate.

Guy talking about Christine Smith now, says she gave some of her tokens to other candidates.

Gary Archer from New Mexico is nominating her. Damn, that guy looks dirty. What the hell?

Christine Smith is an extremely smug person, or maybe she is embarrassed by having buck teeth and that’s why she holds her mouth that way. She rewrote her speech based on what she saw at convention. I still cannot believe she thinks she can be an actress/model. She has sacrificed but libertarians made it worthwhile. She thinks we should nominate a female candidate. She wants to go into the inner cities, talk to the poor, talk to the Hispanic community. She bragged about her kill rate with a gun, as if that’s a reason to nominate her. Says we used to stand for all kinds of things, but no one calls us the party of principle but us. After what she’s seen at convention, allowing neoconservatives to come in and take over, she’s upset. America will have no hope if neocons take over LP.

Hell has frozen over, because Christine Smith finally made a valid point. She is still seeking nomination. Damn, she’s talking for a much longer time than Root or Barr did. Maybe it just seems that way.

She’s finally finished. She made the best speech so far.

Next candidate is Mary Ruwart. Dean Ahmad is nominating her. He’s going on for quite some time. Says she won’t give up principles to get a million votes. He brings up again that voters want to vote for a woman. He really doesn’t have a clue; does the Ruwart campaign actually believe that people will vote for her only because she is a woman?

Our own Jason Seagraves is nominating her! Cool! Hey, since you’re from Flint, do you know Grand Funk? I’m friends with those guys, didn’t know you are from there (and yes, I know I’m really showing my age by admitting that, LOL). Mary will continue Ron Paul Revolution. Great job, Jason – I’m proud of you!

Barry Hess is talking about her now. I guess that means he is no longer running. She has testicular fortitude. Um, yeah. Don’t be fooled by newcomers claiming they get media.

She’s finally speaking. Her hair looks better today. She says we need to talk to everybody in their own language. That’s true, but when she has tried to talk to others in their own language, all hell broke loose.

If any LFV contributors are reading this, I’d appreciate some help.

George Phillies is next. Carolyn Marbry is speaking. She joined his campaign because she believes in what he has to say, he’s a man of principle and will even speak his mind when it makes others mad.

Steve Kubby was up, but I had to do something else. Tom Knapp made a speech for him, and Kubby said it was the party of fun.

Jingozian is up next. The first guy is saying he has “rock star status”. Um, yeah. Has this guy ever actually seen a rock star?

Guys, I really need someone else to jump in here and give me a hand. I do have a life outside this blog, and I’m also kind of pissed off that one of my own contributors just suggested in comments in another thread that I join another party just because I thought the debates weren’t very good. Maybe that contributor would like to do this liveblog, since this is the second day in a row I’m liveblogging by myself? No, of course not; it’s much easier to make smartass comments than it is to actually pitch in and contribute. Argh.

Jingozian is staying onstage, and nominating Gravel. Smooth move, I like it. He says Gravel is a maverick, promoted libertarian values in Congress. Ended Vietnam, exposed the Pentagon Papers. He knew to survive, we need to know what’s going on in our government.

Now Gravel’s daughter is seconding the nomination. She remembers sitting in Supreme Court with mother and brother, wondering if her father would be sent to prison for releasing the Pentagon Papers. He said Iraq was the next Vietnam, and he was right. His daughter is very pretty. The libertarian message can save this country, and Gravel can bring the message to the country.

Gravel is speaking, said it’s touching that so many people have wished him good luck. Says following the libertarian platform is extremely important. Nothing in the platform that makes him uncomfortable. He has a gun, says he will die with his gun in hand if necessary, but if it comes to that, it’s too late. Good point. Government is an oppressive institution, that has to change. He is a very engaging speaker, the best one today by far. He supports the woman’s right to choose, civil liberties above all else. His base of power in Alaska was the minorities. The government wanted to reeducate the Alaska native children, he fought for them to be educated in their own communities. The people are smarter than their leaders, they just don’t know it. Says he’ll make us proud.

The end.

Redpath says there will be multiple ballots.

People are walking through with Barr 08 signs, getting very loudly boo’d. I think Barr just lost the nomination.

652 credentials voters. Expects more voters to arrive.

I’m starting a new thread for the balloting.

  1. I think Christine Smith is a very good candidate, and I hope she runs again in 2012.

  2. I would have been glad to help had I known you wanted it.

    I’ll be back in 2-3 hours though, probably too late to help at this point.

    Count on me next time.

    Keep up the great work.

  3. Thanks. Sorry I couldn’t do more blogging, ENM. I got very busy after Day One. That’s why I didn’t want to make too much of a fight over the media creds.

  4. Now a guy from the Marijuana Policy Project is nominating him. This is going to sound like a joke, but it’s not. The dude looks stoned.

    Rob doesn’t smoke. The only drugs he uses are wine and whippets.

  5. # G.E. Says:
    May 26, 2008 at 12:47 am edit

    Thanks. Sorry I couldn’t do more blogging, ENM. I got very busy after Day One. That’s why I didn’t want to make too much of a fight over the media creds.

    paul) Yeah..sorry, I was really busy too. About 2 hrs sleep/night last week plus or so.

  6. Christine Smith needs to get involved with the LPCO and run for Congress in 2010.

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