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Liveblog: LP Convention on C-Span: Presidential Debate

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For those of you who don’t get C-Span, or for some reason want to feel like you’re not watching alone, we present the LFV liveblog. I’m ElfNinosMom (ENM) and I will be joined by TitaniumGirl (Tigirl); others may join in as well.

ENM: The guy doing the introduction is boring. They are going to cover the presidential debates, and then the Chairman debates. They are showing Mike Gravel, and I can see Wayne Root. There’s Phillies and Barr as well.

Jim Pinkerton is moderating. When the person introducing him pointed out that he worked for Bush, he got boo’d. Seems like a lively crowd, to say the least.

The candidates debating are Bob Barr, Mike Gravel, George Phillies, Mike Jingozian, Mary Ruwart, Steve Kubby, and Wayne Allyn Root. The moerator called him “The King of Las Vegas!” as if that’s something that makes him qualified for the presidency. Can you see my eyes rolling?

Each gets a two-minute introduction, then will answer in the order in which they were introduced. Pinkerton wants the delegates to hold applause, booing, etc in order to allow more time to ask questions.

Pinkerton made some really strange jokes, which didn’t really go over very well.

Question: What philosopher most closely represents your views?

Barr: Ayn Rand. (Yeah, right.)

Pinkerton actually screwed up and forgot to let them make their opening statements first. I wondered about that.

Barr says his journey has taken many years to get to libertarianism. He brings up Ayn Rand again. he says he has lived in societies with no freedom, no liberty, and said he was referring to Congress. That joke fell flat, he was the only one who thought it amusing. He said people think he is not charismatic. He did okay, but not great.

Gravel said we’re in a mess, and it’s silly to think the ones who got us here can fix it. Only libertarians can fix it. The Dems and Reps have a monopoly, follow the money to find out what will happen when they are elected. I thought he did well.

Phillies is proud to be a Libertarian, and have the opportunity to spread the message of peace, liberty, and prosperity. Proud to have had many opportunities to serve the party, mentioned his congressional run and his PAC, made a jab at Barr without naming him. Phillies will cover issues the American people care about. He is the centrist who can hold the party together. He actually did very, very well.

Jingozian talks about what we have seen in this country. Does he have pink eye in his left eye? It looks odd for some reason. Hopefully it’s just a shadow, because pinkeye sucks. He sacrificed his own time and money to get us where we need to be.

Ruwart got applause right off the bat. Interesting. Democrats made this “the year of the woman”, then dropped the ball. Her hair looks like it’s plastered, she looks much prettier when it’s more natural. She’s still very attractive for a woman her age. Libertarianism is the passionate choice, decrease crime, slash healthcare costs. Only liberty can deliver those things. She has the experience and the depth of understanding of principles to accomplish it. Big applause at end.

Kubby has good news and bad bews. He has 6 months to live, adrenal cancer. Good news is that this is the 34th year they’ve told him that. Big applause. Medical marijuana is the only treatment which has worked. His campaign is not about marijuana, it’s about liberty. Applause again. Has nearly died and gone to jail for liberty. Most cant define liberty. It’s not freedom, it’s freedom from government. He looks like he has some splotches on his forehead. is he okay? I sure hope so!

Root claims we’re the anti party. Anti this, anti that. He talks like a used car salesman. Claims he’s the first Jewish American to get presidential nomination (not true). SOB, blah, blah. Obama, blah blah. Does he not realize that people are tired of hearing the same crap over and over again from him? I know i am. He’s a SOB, for sure, but the B doesn’t stand for butcher.

Okay, now back to questions about philosopher. Gravel says laws permit us to have the sovereignty. Small applause at first, then big applause. Didn’t catch the name of the philosopher, sorry.

Phillies: Goldwater. He got applause during his answer. Then mentioned Marcus Cicero, wrote “Essay on Duty”, sacrifice for country. Small applause.

Jingozian said (dammit, dog was barking, missed it). He says this is the year we will put LP on map.

Is it just me, or are these guys not really answering the question about philosopher?

Ruwart named Ayn Rand. Judge and be prepared to be judged. Unity of our party being challenged. We need to practice non-judgment and love. Big applause.

Kubby said many, but most influenced by David Nolan, LP founder. Taught him liberty works. Without liberty, everything in jeopardy. Moderate applause.

Root said “Yogi Berra”. What a retard. Who wears a fuschia tie on television? Root, that’s who. Ugly, ugly tie.

Question: any part of the world where you’d send troops?

Gravel: No. Wants to withdraw troops from around the world, close bases around world. Treat everybody as equals. Golden rule is answer to meaningful foreign policy. Huge applause.

Phillies: Cold war is over, bring troops home, close bases. End foreign aid, compete economically. Applause.

Jingozian: Most people in world just want to live in peace, have a good standard of living, hope kids have it a little bit better. It’s the governments at war, not the people. War will not end unless we vote libertarian. big applause.

Ruwart: bring troops home. They’re in a Middle Eastern Vietnam. Were at war with Japan just a few decades ago. Be friends to all, trade with all, offer hand in friendship. Applause.

Kubby: strange feedback sounds. We have competitors, we need to figure out that bombing civilians won’t help. People look to US as leader. Some applause.

Root: Thomas Jefferson is hero. Impoundment. Damn, this guy sounds like a broken record. He has said the same things in other debates. He claims he has come the farthest of everyone in the panel. Cut military budget, give money back to taxpayers.

Barr: Missing emphasis on word defense. It is not defending America to occupy foreign nations. Bring troops home, remove security blanket propping up foreign regime. Conveniently doesn’t say anything about his recent statement about invading Colombia. Applause.

Sorry, missed a question because I had to let my dogs out.

Gravel bashed Barr on energy, LOL, and got some applause. Got big applause at end.

Question: Are you familiar with the tragedy of the commons(?)

Jingozian: I don’t know. Big applause. He’s successful not because he knows all the answers, but knows what questions to ask. We need to work together, need a president who admits he doesn’t know. Learn from other countries. Big applause.

Ruwart: Restitution. Make people clean it up. Mentioned taxes, then corrected herself and called it a “fine”. Her response makes no sense, she’s stumbling over her own words. I get the impression that she’s just making it up as she goes along.

Kubby: US government is biggest polluter on planet. He looks really tired.

Root: Al Gore is 2nd biggest polluter, pollutes more when he gets on his private jet to get a Nobel Peace Prize. What a stupid statement. Ends with “government is a failure”. What a retard.

Barr: He says he has no idea what the question was about, but he keeps talking anyway. Retard.

Gravel: Concept of private property should be honored, let people sue polluters, that’s the answer. Applause. Lobbyists set up barriers to stop citizens from doing this. LP offers freedom. Big applause.

Phillies: Not going to bash people because they are conservatives or liberals, is running for President of all. Scientific truth is that there is global warming. Suing people not the answer. If somebody pollutes, put them in prison.

How would you deal with Patriot Act and Real ID Act?

Ruwart: Abolish them both. Ron Paul. Mentioned herself? That fell completely flat. Liberty gives us the way to choose.

Kubby bashed Barr, got laughter. Set clear limits for government. Big applause.

Root: Patriot Act turned him into libertarian. Get rid of it all.

Barr: Full-body x-ray, fear is driving public policy. Claims he has been working with broad coalition to drive a stake through its heart, burn it, blah blah blah. Methinks he doth protest too much.

Gravel: Ask the American people if they want this stuff gone, brings up his National Initiative for Democracy, let people make their own decisions. Cheering from audience.

Phillies: Accidentally said “Congress” instead of president, put Bush et al into prison. Applause.

Jingozian made crack about how can’t you like the Patriot Act, it has the word “patriot” in it. First joke that actually went over well.

Question about American Indian immigration policy. What an incredibly stupid question.

Root will open borders only if he can be guaranteed that there will be no welfare recipients. Secure borders.

Barr says we have no immigration policy. We should require people to go through checkpoint, provide verifiable identification, and check them for communicable diseases.

Gravel says 6 countries in Europe lowered all barriers. Do they know something we don’t? We’re great because we are an amalgam of people of the world.

Phillies said he will actually answer the question, unlike the other candidates. Indian immigration was a failure. We’ll go broke if we have open borders and a welfare state.

Jingozian says we have a “feel good legislation policy”. Native Americans didn’t have welfare state. We must end welfare state. If he used the same practices in his businesses the government uses, he’d be in prison for life for accounting fraud.

Ruwart says government has limited the number of jobs we have. If we got rid of government, we’d be begging for immigrants. Government too busy at border.

War on Drugs question.

End international drug war on drugs. Legalize all drugs. I can’t get over that ugly ass tie he’s wearing.

Barr says drug war hasn’t worked. Turn it over to states. What a cop-out answer.

Gravel says treat addiction as a public health problem. Got big applause.

Phillies: Prohibition was a failure, never underestimate the power of stupidity. We can’t afford it. Applause.

Jingozian agrees with everybody else. Legalize it and deal with it honestly. Can’t win war on drugs. Property crime comes from drug abuse. Will pardon all nonviolent drug offenders first day in office.

Ruwart: War on drugs kills more people than drugs themselves through AIDS. Says legal drugs are also problem, talked about people who tried to buy unapproved cancer drugs. Big applause.

Kubby is “getting a major buzz right now”. Never imagined he’d see such diverse group all agree that medical marijuana should be legalized. Wrote two books on it. Passed Prop 215. 12 states and 2 countries now copy that law. End the drug war by executive order. Big applause.

Barr is really boring compared to the other candidates. At least he’s wearing a nice tie, unlike Root.

Phillies’ tie is crooked, but at least it’s not fuscia.

Sorry, I had to take a break.

Why is Root always yelling? I feel like I’m on a used car lot. Sheesh.

What involvement should the government have in medical care, including FDA?

Gravel: If you’re not healthy, you’re not free. You don’t have freedom if you have a dumb or unhealthy population. Wants to empower people, they will shrink the government better than anyone else.

Phillies: Will propose answers Americans will support, not a philosophy. Vetern healthcare is government obligation, they paid for it with their arms, legs, etc and their friends’ lives.

Jingozian: Deregulate.

I dislike Root more and more, as he talks and gives his fake smile. I’m getting to the point that I actively dislike both him, and Barr. Root in particular, though, grates my nerves. He makes this debate seem like an infomercial, which cheapens it.

How will your campaign help the LP?

Jingozian: Harry Browne enrolled all Americans, not just libertarians. Focusing on issues all Americans have in common.

Ruwart: Invokes Ron Paul. Says women want to vote for a woman. Huh? I’m a woman, and I’m going to vote for the best candidate regardless of whether they have a penis or a vagina. That’s insulting as hell. I suddenly don’t like her. At all. I hate it when people pander and condescend simply because I am female. I hate it even more when the person doing it is a female, because a female should know better.

Kubby: Too many conservative candidates for LP. Invokes Ron Paul.

Root: Fundraising. Will get small business vote (yeah, right). He needs to stop yelling. Education reform. Online poker enthusiasts who consider him a celebrity. Gee, I thought they considered him a scammer.

Barr: Travels, need change. Can reach voters in way they can understand. I don’t think he realizes how much he is hated by Democrats for Clinton impeachment. Seize Libertarian era.

Gravel: Judge people by actions, not talk. Ended the draft, stopped nuclear testing, Alaska pipeline, risked jail with releasing Pentagon Papers, did all that in four years.

Phillies: Has already reached out, so won’t say what he might do, he’s already done it. He’s got the campaign, the volunteers, etc. Will build stronger party.

Root turns his closing statement into an infomercial, by trying to excite the crowd. Gawd, I despise that man.

My least favorite candidate is Ruwart, she lost any possibility of my support or respect when she made the comment about how women want to vote for a woman. That is almost as annoying as Root’s yelling and ugly fuscia tie. I don’t have a favorite, it wasn’t a very good debate in my opinion. It was almost a waste of time to even watch it, I’m very disappointed.

  1. I am willing to bet Barr has never read any of Rand’s books. Gordon probably told him to say that.

    Good lord could they have picked a bigger dumb-ass to be moderator?

    Phillies reminds me of urkel. Weird nerdy robot-like speak.

  2. Missed the first couple opening statements. Gravel seemed surprisingly good. Caught Phillies, who seemed boring and hysterical at the same time. Jingozian didn’t seem to know what he wanted to say in the opening. C’mon Mike, it’s your chance on national TV. Gotta do better. Big cheers for Ruwart, who says nothing logical. Shows the low expectations of Ruwart supporters, I guess. Now it’s Kubby One Note. So far, not a good start if they’re trying to impress a national audience of people who might be curious about the LP.

  3. Kubby rocks too! Surprise here.

    Ruwart/Kubby ticket would be great.

  4. Retard caucus candidate Root makes a smooth sales-pitch as expected.

  5. Root is wired. I think he’s on “Ups.” At least he has a message and knows what he wants to say.

  6. Root would be the best retard caucus candidate by far. Very good speaker.

  7. Why does George Phillies keep yelling at the audience?

  8. Libertarians should elect Ruwart/Kubby or vice versa.

    Retard caucus should elect Root/Barr or vice versa.

  9. Ruwart and Kubby definitely won the first question.

  10. Ruwart makes some nice comments second time up, about respecting others choices. Good advice for her own supporters, who seem to turn viciously on any negative word about her or nice word for someone else.

  11. Take disinter, for example.

  12. Favorite philosopher:
    We’ve got Yogi Berra (Root); David Nolan (Kubby); Barry Goldwater (Phillies); No one (Jingo), and Ayn Rand (Ruwart). Pretty unimpressive for a party that likes to think it is intellectual. Only Ruwart actually names a philosopher. Of course, the LP isn’t as intellectual as it used to be.

  13. Good answer by Gravel on second question.
    Phillies still sounds like Urkel….

  14. Enemy is the military industrial complex…

  15. Oh, and Gravel named Solon. Good for him.

  16. Jingo looks like he hasn’t slept in a week

  17. Kubby says we have no enemies. Guess he missed 9/11.

  18. Did Barr not show up?

  19. Damn I wish Root was actually a libertarian… he is good.

  20. Ah, finally I see Barr (missed his opening). “The policy of defense is sometimes confused with the defense of policy, when it ought to be our policy to not to use defense policy offensively” or some such thing. Not good.

  21. Whats up with the sound system?

  22. Barr: “I have nothing against polar bears, I like to go to the zoo and look at them”.

    What a fucking retard.

  23. Gravel: “We need more government”.

    Perfect retard caucus candidate.

  24. Root is good. He’d be a good candidate.

  25. Junglezian: “I don’t know anything”.

  26. Kubby: “Government biggest polluter on the planet”.

    Good answer.

  27. Ok, I am rooting for Kubby as prez and Ruwart as VP.

  28. Root: “Second biggest polluter: Al Gore”.


  29. WAR’s tie is a bit too loud. Takes the focus off the man. Barr and Kubby know how to dress.

  30. Barr: “Can’t remember question”. Goes on to spew rehearsed nonsense.

  31. Root will be AOK by 2016

  32. Gravel: “Everyone else but government pollutes.”

  33. Phillies: “Running for president of all nerdy robot-speaking Urkel fans”. Then fills the room with sound pollution.

  34. Ruwart: “Abolish Real ID and Patriot Acts.” “MOST Libertarians were against Patriot Act” (Barr voted for it).

  35. Kubby: “Barr voted for Patriot Act”.

  36. Oh, first attack, Kubby goes after Barr for voting for Patriot Act.

  37. Kubby: “Govt stops at our property line”.

  38. I think Kubby smoked a bowl or two pre-debate !

  39. Root: “I bought into the war on terror bullshit and still do”.

  40. Barr: “I voted for the Patriot Act but now I don’t like it because LP members don’t like it”.

  41. See Barr can be Flustered. Kubby got to him…

  42. Gravel: “We need more government… National Initiative for Fascism”.

  43. Phillies is yelling at us again. Kind of like a nasally Ted Kennedy speaking style. Maybe it’s a Massachusetts thing.

  44. Phillies: “I will have to check with Urkel and get back with you”.

  45. Junglezian realizes the deceptive name “Patriot” in Patriot Act.

  46. Ruwart/Kubby/Root — best performers so far!

  47. Next question: Immigration

  48. Kubby: “Immigration policy racist, prejudice, and unproductive.”

    Good answer.

  49. Root: “My grandparents are immigrants so I am an expert.”

  50. Barr: “We have no immigration policy, need checkpoints, show papers, we don’t want diseased mexicans”.

  51. Kubby’s immigration answer stinks. His position is right, but the answer is awful. Root is confused on the issue but gives a better answer (thinking here of the average viewer at home who’s not a libertarian, but curious). Barr gives a wonkish but decent answer. Gravel continues to answer strong, although his answer on European immigration is disingenuous – many of the EU countries are harshly anti-immigrant from outside the EU.

  52. Gravel: “Fair tax will solve immigration problem.”

  53. Phillies: “Wants every country to be ‘as free as we are.”

    Earth to Phillies.

  54. Jingo is clearly out of his league. Seems like a decent guy who should be running for local office.

  55. Junglezian: “Need to end welfare state.”

  56. Ruwart: “Fear drives immigration hysteria”

  57. Next question: War on drugs

  58. You will go broke with a welfare state and open borders…

  59. Root: “I love drugs. Why else would anyone wear this tie.”

  60. Barr: “I put 10 times more people in jail for drug offenses and I am proud of it.” “Oh, and it doesn’t work”. Goes on to point out he is insane.

  61. Gravel: “Need government to solve drug problem”

  62. Phillies: “When I was a boy I did lots of drugs and now I sound just like Urkel.”

  63. These are some good candidates

  64. Junglezian: “I agree with everyone on everything.” “Republicrats are bad because they talk about baseball.”

  65. Ruwart: “Decriminalize”. “Who owns your life anyway?”

  66. Kubby: “End drug war with executive order”.

  67. Next: Sumpreme court nominee

  68. Barr worships some dude in CA and wants him to be on Supreme Court.

  69. Gravel: “Need more government”

  70. Phillies: “Urkel for supreme court!”

  71. Junglezian: “Government is corrupt.”

  72. Ruwart: “Appointees should be libertarians.”

  73. Kubby: “Supreme Court has too much power, idiots”

  74. Next: healthcare

  75. Gravel: “government necessary for freedom”

  76. Phillies: “Urkel likes veterans”

  77. Ruwart, who started weak and has been sinking since, absolutely NAILS the health care question. Clearly her best moment.

  78. Junglezian: “Two-party system evil”
    Ruwart: “Regulations raise costs”
    Kubby: “FDA is the problem”
    Root: “Boob cancer is best treated here”
    Barr: “I go to Rome so that I can be poked and prodded”

  79. Next: Gay marriage

    Phillies: “Urkel likes government forced equality”
    Junglezian “I agree with everyone about everything”
    Ruwart: “Private contracts would be good; get govt out of private matter”
    Kubby: “Government shouldn’t be involved”
    Root: “Non of government’s business”
    Barr: “Stool is uncomfortable. Authored DOMA. But now I don’t like it because you don’t”
    Gravel: “Need more love”

  80. I don’t think Barr has the votes now. He may win, but other candidates will have to back him, he can be beat…

  81. I don’t thik Barr is going to get the votes either.
    I think Ruwart and Kubby are doing exceptionally well.

  82. Debate Performance Ranking (not my preference ranking):
    1. Kubby. Flubbed an answer or two, but generally energetic and fun.
    2. Barr. I thought he was strong enough, not great but solid. But there are lots of skeptics.
    3. Root. Animated, but erratic.
    4. Gravel. Depends on how close you listened. If you didn’t listen too closely, he was really good.
    5. Jingozian. In over his head, but still got off a couple good lines.
    6. Ruwart. Got better late, but by then had established herself as condescending and vaccuous.
    7. Phillies. Kept shouting at everyone.

  83. Next: Campaign

    Junglezian: “Can’t remember why I am running; oh remember now…. patriot act and other stuff”
    Ruwart: “Principled Libertarian woman, help local and sate candidates, Ron Paul supports me, get Ron Paul involved, invite RP activists into the party”
    Kubby: “Will fight for your freedom”
    Root: “Small business initiative will solve all problems; homeschool; poker”
    Barr: “Need a Republican like me; can talk to people; wants to lead”
    Gravel: “Need more government”
    Phillies: “Up to you whether Urkel is elected”

  84. I don’t see Ruwart as vaccuous at all – I think that she shouldn’t refer to her gender so often, but it probably would help to have a woman on the ticket and she is probably right.

  85. I like Root. He may be my first pick. But he does seem a bit like a guy playing a empty suit presidential candidate in a “B” movie.

  86. Guns

    Root: “I love guns”
    Barr: “I love the NRA”
    Gravel: “Need more government”
    Phillies: “Urkel is running for president, not dictator”
    Junglezian: “I own a gun”

  87. Closing

    Barr: “I’m a hypocrite but I want to win anyway”
    Gravel: “Need more government”
    Phillies: “Urkel has been here forever; been campaigning like a good Urkel”
    Junglezian: “I am a CEO, thank you”
    Ruwart: “Big shift in message; ideas becoming more mainstream”
    Kubby: “Track record that no other candidate can match; only candidate that has written a law that recognized new freedoms”
    Root: “Need energy; I have energy, passion”

  88. Good debate

  89. And now C-SPAN is asking the neocon rag “Reason” their opinion of the convention…

  90. Disinter: LOL. You have no credibility with statements like that.

  91. I was very disappointed in that debate. The candidates have been challenging Barr in debates where he wasn’t in attendance, but did very little to challenge him in this one, when it’s the only debate in which he’s even participated. At the same time they all seem to say we should nominate someone who can walk the talk. If that’s true, we should nominate None Of The Above.

  92. You have no credibility with statements like that.

    Turn on C-SPAN and see for yourself.

  93. I mean your characterization of Reason.

  94. And how the room has emptied for the LNC chair debate.

    Bennett – emotionally unstable nutcase
    Ernie Hancock – hope he wins.
    Redpath – GOP infiltrator

  95. I’m starting a new thread to liveblog the Chairman debate.

  96. My take:

    Kubby performed well, very impressive.
    W.A.R. trying to come around on war, still going to be a hardsell for me.
    Ruwart seemed a bit sluggish tonight but still my first choice.
    Barr’s answers seemed contrived. Even if he’s sincere, his record undermines his credibility. I don’t beleive he read Ayn Rand either. Both he and Gravel are still unaceptable to me – the Fairtax thing.

  97. I think Kubby came out on top. Even though I think Ruwart should not discuss gender at all, I still like her. Root really surprised me, I wouldn’t vote for him (too much of a salesman for my taste) but I at lease like *a few* of the things he has to say. I think Gravel is likable, but not really libertarian material. Barr just reminded me of what the 2 parties offer, I really think he was just saying what he thought people wanted to hear. Phillies gets an A for effort, he is not as likeable as most of the candidates up there, and personally I just disagree with him on too many things. I’m glad he had enough tokens to get into the debate though, just for the effort he has placed into his candidacy and to the party alone.

  98. Disinter: Why do you say Bennett is an unstable nutcase?

  99. My rankings of the candidates’ performances:
    1. Kubby
    2. Root
    3. Ruwart
    4. Barr
    5. Jingozian
    6. Gravel
    7. Phillies

  100. Disinter, was that a joke or you really don’t know who Judge Jim Gray is?

    As far as reason goes, there are certainly some there who aren’t perfect libertarians by any stretch but many reason contributors and staff have done a lot more for liberty than many pure Libertarians. I don’t think anyone there is a necon and most did not support Iraq invasion. Some did and yeah, they suck.

    I don’t know much about Bennett- mostly agree with assessment of Redpath and Hancock.

  101. Hancock RULES!

  102. Hancock rules? Ouch. He’s terrible. Unfocused, rambling… And now we’ve got Starchild standing out there on national TV. Good image. Oh well.

  103. Bennett, OTOH, has been much better than I expected, based on what people had told me about her (which is pretty much the same thing disinter said above – “unstable nutcase”).

  104. Disinter: Why do you say Bennett is an unstable nutcase?

    Personal experience.

    I still have a comment awaiting moderation.

  105. Redpath needs to go

  106. I don’t think anyone there is a necon

    What you think and what is reality are complete different.

  107. I like Hancock, I hope he gets it. Yeah, he is passionate. I like Starchild too, if people look down on the LP because Starchild looks different then that is their problem.

  108. Starchild has a lot of interesting outfits, LOL.

    I thought Bennett did pretty well in the debate. Hancock, however, was all over the place, and I fear he would be a loose cannon rather than the professional the Executive Director needs to be.

    Either way, Redpath should be replaced, for the very reasons Starchild pointed out.

  109. I released your comment, disinter. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  110. Well, actually, if people look down on the LP because Starchild looks different, then that is the LPs problem. It may not be one we want to address. We may figure principles of tolerance and inclusion overrule. But we may think it would be best for Starchild to moderate himself for the long term good of the party. The role of a political party is to appeal to voters. It is not a sell out of principle to reach out to voters in a way that those voters do not find offputting.

  111. Well, actually, if people look down on the LP because Starchild looks different, then that is the LPs problem.

    You have very twisted logic. If you can call that logic.

  112. Thank you ElfNinosMom. Great blog btw!

  113. My rankings of the candidates’ performances:
    1. Root
    2. Kubby
    3. Phillies
    4. Ruwart
    5. Gravel
    6. Barr
    7. Jingozian

    Not my preferrence, jmo

  114. Starchild is just one person, I don’t think he does the LP any disservice for being who he is. I think the LP debate was much better than any of the Demopublican debates. Sure, not all of the candidates are perfect but hey, REAL issues were discussed and that is HUGE. People also had equal time to answer questions & everyone had the opportunity to respond. It was FAIR. Refreshing to see!

  115. disinter writes: ” ‘Disinter: Why do you say Bennett is an unstable nutcase?’

    Personal experience. ”

    And you reply means what? Please fill in the blanks.

    Personally I think Ruth would be excellent for the job. Our literature is pathetic, the news releases go out on an irregular schedule, outreach is poor, the website is out of date both on issues and tech wise and I could go on, but I’d be wasting my time.


  116. Based on performance,

    1. Kubby
    2. Root
    3. Phillies and Ruwart
    5. Jingozian
    6. Barr
    7. Gravel

  117. Libertarian Party Presidential nomination candidate debate on C-SPAN…

    Watch the debate online on C-SPAN.My impressions:You know what? I was pleasantly surprised by all of the candidates’ debate performance. None were perfect, but they were all good enough. They expressed a nice range of positions from radicalism to incr…

  118. I disagree with ENM. Had Barr laid out a personal attack, all bets are off. However, I like the fact that this was a friendly debate. I’m so sick of mud slinging, it was awesome to watch a debate without the bullshit. If you enjoy mudslinging, join a different party.

    As for my thoughts on who performed well…

    1.Kubby-I was very proud of Steve. He did an outstanding job tonight and looked very relaxed. He may have picked up some support.

    1a.Root-Once again, I loved his energy and he didn’t alienate anyone. He has evolved since he first announced. Is it real or a fake sales pitch? Who knows. How many of us joined the LP as our first party? I know I came from a different movement.

    3.Barr-Pains me to say this, but Barr did a pretty good job last night. He didn’t have a “foot in mouth” moment as I had predicted. Not sure he won over any “purist” or anyone sitting on the fence.

    4.Ruwart- She had her moments where I was proud to say I supported her, however, I’ve seen her much more dynamic in the past. She seemed like she was maybe a tad nervous. If I were in Denver, she would still get my vote.

    5.Jingozian-“I agree with everyone and check out my serious face”. Although I did like the part where he said he “didn’t know the answer”.

    6.Phillies- Very hard to watch. Stop shouting at me. You may have lost support last night.

    7. Gravel- I liked Mike Gravel as the maverick democrat. As a libertarian, he sucks.

    I’ll also say this, If Root some how won the nomination, I would have no problem supporting him. He may be “fake” but he does have charisma. I still hope Ruwart or Kubby wins it though.

  119. So I should join a different party just because I disagree with you, Jason?

  120. […] Liveblog: LP Convention on C-Span: Presi […]

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