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Liveblogging LP Convention: C-Span Coverage: Nominating Ballots

In Libertarian, Libertarian Convention on May 25, 2008 at 6:24 pm

hey plan to ballot through lunch, but there will be natural breaks where they can take care of needs. Sandwiches available.

I heard the names George Phillies and Christine Smith.

The nominee will be chosen by majority vote. Those who receive the fewest vots and those polling less than 5% are removed from subsequent ballots. Lather, rinse, repeat until someone has a majority.

Something I wonder about with the LP is that the delegates don’t necessarily vote for who their constituents would want. I find that odd, since people are credentialed so they can represent their state, but in the end they represent themselves.

I heard Mike Jingozian’s name, and Christine Smith’s name.

I see PaulieCannoli just kind of wandering around by himself.

Did the Barr supporters actually think it was a good idea to interrupt the speaker by walking through with their signs? That doesn’t seem to be a very good idea, especially given the crowd’s extremely negative reaction. As I said before, I suspect that just lost him the nomination. I wonder whether he was behind that or approved it, and if not what he thinks about it.

They’re showing a guy with some major body modification. He has the giant rings in his earlobes, like you see in some native tribes. I wonder if it hurts to do that? I think they just do it very slowly, a little bit bigger hole each time until it’s the size you want.

They keep showing the same Barr delegate, trying to talk people into supporting him. He seems to be trying to convince either a Ruwart or Smith supporter to vote Barr for Prez, the female for VP, but the supporter shot him down and said she would not run with any candidate she has major problems with, and she has major problems with Barr.

Interesting if they were referring to Ruwart, because a lot of people have said that Barr/Ruwart is their preferred ticket.

Some guy just said “Vote Mike Gravel” into the roaming camera.

Hancock is saying he thinks Americans will wake up. Another guy is talking about the Federal Reserve. Hancock wants to stop the debt.

I need to put a television in my kitchen, because I really need to clean the kitchen but I also want to watch this. I guess the kitchen will have to wait. Argh.

I’ll be back, need to take my pain medication.

I’m back. I feel kind of guilty for spending so much time doing this, when it’s my partner’s only day off this week. I really wish some of the contributors would jump in and give me a hand.

They seem to be adding up votes. Wayne Allyn Root got zero votes from his home state of Nevada, they were shocked by that. That’s not a good sign for him.

I see someone in a “V for Vendetta” mask coming toward the camera.

State by state announcement of results in five minutes. I’ll try to keep up with that, but I’m on a different computer than usual so my fingers on a strange keyboard may not cooperate.

Some woman in a weird hat is talking about her mom watching it on C-Span, but is using a very strange voice in her impersonation. I get the impression she just wants to be on television.

Some guy is telling Gravel that he may have beaten Phillies in the first round.

I forgot to mention earlier, but someone wrote in Ron Paul.

Results in one minute.

Results starting.

By the way, did I mention on LFV that the LP’s Media Director, Andrew Davis, was photographed a couple of years ago carrying an “Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve” sign? I have it on my computer, if anyone wants to see it.

Results to be alphabetical. They have limited supplies of paper, so they want people to put votes on only a small piece of it. Huh?

New Hampshire: Talking about how great their state is, blah blah. Get on with it already. NOTA 1, Barr 1, Gravel 1, Phillies 3, Ruwart 3

New York: What happened to New Jersey and New Mexico?

New Jersey: Ruwart 3, Root 11

New Mexico: Gravel 1, Kubby 2, Root 1, Ruwart 3, Smith 1, William Colin 1 (Huh?)

New York: Barr 4, Gravel 4, Jingozian 1, Kubby 1, Phillies 0, Root 6, Ruwart 5, Smith 0, NOTA 0

North Carolina: Gravel 1, Barr 2, Ruwart 5

North Dakota: No delegates

Ohio: blah blah blah. Get on with it. Ruwart 3, Root 7

Oklahoma: Ruwart 1, Kubby 3, Barr 3

Oregon: blah blah, blah. Get on with it. That poor guy is so nervous he’s shaking like a leaf. Jingozian 9, Gravel 3, Barr 1, Root 1, Ruwart 1, Smith 1

Pennsylvania: Barr 6, Phillies 4, Gravel 7, Jingozian 1, Ruwart 2, Kubby 1, Penn Jillette also got votes

Rhode Island: Phillies 2

South Carolina: blah, blah. Root 1, Gravel 3, Barr 8

South Dakota: Root 3

Tennessee: blah, blah. Phillies 1, Kubby 1, Root 1, Barr 3, Ruwart 8

Texas: blah, blah. Barr 8, Gravel 4, Kubby 2, Phillies 1, Root 6, Ruwart 14

Utah: blah, blah. Barr 2, Gravel 1, Kubby 2, Ruwart 2

Vermont: Ruwart 1

Virginia: blah, blah. Barr 10, Gravel 1, Jingozian 1, Root 1, Ruwart 3

Washington: blah, blah. Barr 1, Gravel 4, Kubby 1, Phillies 2, Root 3, Ruwart 3

West Virginia: blah, blah. Gravel 1, Ruwart 2

Wisconsin: Gravel 2, Ruwart 4

Wyoming: Ruwart 1, Barr, 1, Gravel 1

Alabama: Gravel 1, Kubby 1, Ruwart 2, Barr 7

Alaska: Barr 1, Ruwart 1, Root 2

Arizona: Ruwart 8, Kubby 3, Barr 2, Gravel 2, Root 1, Phillies 1

Arkansas: blah blah. Imperato 1

California: blah, blah. Ron Paul 1, kubby 6, Gravel 9, Phillies 10, Barr 17, Ruwart 20, Root 38

Colorado: Barr 2, Gravel 2, Jingozian 2, Kubby 2, Phillies 2, Root 9, Ruwart 4, Smith 1, NOTA 1, Ron Paul 3

Connecticut: Ruwart 1, Kubby 2, Gravel 2

Delaware: Ron Paul 1

District of Colombia: Barr 3

Florida: Gravel 2, Phillies 2, Root 1, Ruwart 5, Barr 9

Georgia: Ruwart 2, Barr 33

Hawaii: blah, blah. Kubby 1

Idaho: Barr 1, Gravel 1, Jingozian 1, Kubby 2, Root 1, Ruwart 1

Illinois: blah, blah. Phillies 1, Root 1, Gravel 1, Kubby 2, Jingozian 2, Barr 2, Ruwart 10

Indiana: blah blah. Root 6, Gravel 5, Barr 4, Phillies 3, Jingozian 2, Ruwart 2

Iowa: Phillies 3, Root 2, Ruwart 1, Gravel 1

Kansas: Barr 4, Root 3, Ruwart 2, Jingozian 1

Kentucky: Root 3, Ruwart 1

Louisiana: Smith 1, Ruwart 1, Gravel 1, Barr 2, Root 3

Maine: He is so nervous he can barely speak, but tries to make jokes. Barr 1, Kubby 1, Ruwart 1, Ron Paul 1

Maryland: Barr 2, Phillies 5, Kubby 1, Ruwart 2

Massachusetts: blah blah. Phillies 6

Michigan: blah, blah. Barr 4, Gravel 3, Jingozian 1, Kubby 1, Root 5, Ruwart 12

Minnesota: Phillies 1, Smith 1, Barr 2, Root 2, Ruwart 1

Mississippi: Barr 1, Root 1, Ruwart 2

Missouri: blah blah. Gravel 1, Kubby 3, Barr 5, Root 4, Ruwart 4, Jingozian 2

Montana: Phillies 2, Ruwart 1, Kubby 1

Nebraska: Ruwart 3

Nevada: Ruwart 1, Kubby 1, Smith 1, Gravel 6

Results of first ballot:

Barr 153 votes – 25%

Ruwart 152 votes – 25%

Root 123 votes – 20%

Gravel 71 votes – 11%

Phillies 49

Kubby 41

jingozian 23

Smith 6

Plus ten write-ins

(Sorry, they didn’t keep it up long enough for me to copy all of them.)

Jingozian and Smith excluded from second ballot

He was asked to put the results back up, but he said he can’t do that because the computer is being used for something else. Eventually read out totals.

Jingozian concession speech; not giving up, will be back. Stumps for VP? Not about him, it’s about what’s good for the party. Endorses Gravel again.

Smith concession speech. Disappointed, but is visibly angry about Barr being on top. Bashes conservatives. She’s pissed. Says Barr is not a Libertarian, “we don’t trust you!” She thanks her supporters. Said “put a libertarian on the ballot”, got boo’d. Damn, that is one angry woman. I get the distinct impression that she is extremely pissed at getting only 6 votes. Did she really expect to get more than that?

Being interviewed, Christine Smith says libertarians are selling out. Says people are leaving LP if Barr is chosen. Damn, she’s angry again. Says Barr needs to use the media he brags about to apologize to people who are in prison because of his laws. Says libertarians are selling out by supporting Barr. Says it’s all for nothing if we sell out. Barr is not a libertarian, is wolf in sheep’s clothing, etc.

She kind of has a point, in my opinion, though she goes about expressing that point the wrong way.

No state-by-state ballots this time.

Bob Barr 30%

Ruwart 26%

Root 138

Gravel 73

Phillies 36

Kubby 32

Kubby eliminated from next ballot. Again, they didn’t leave it up long enough for me to get all the numbers. Argh.

They’re reading out the state-by-state, but I’m not even going to try to keep up with that.

Kubby giving concession speech. Endorses Ruwart.

My other half just told me he’s going to make us some steaks for dinner. Yum. I hope this is over by then, or that at least one of the contributors has come by to help. Otherwise, I’m closing up shop. I don’t want to spend my entire holiday weekend stuck inside liveblogging.

Some guy (Joe Johnson) was making a speech, but not about the candidates, so I walked downstairs to talk to my other half for a few minutes. I’m back now, and he’s still talking. Geez.

He finally stopped talking, thank goodness.

Mary Ruwart is talking to a small group of people, she seems to have serious concerns about Bob Barr. She says he will legalize medical marijuana, but not heroin or crack. She says our media is the internet. She also says Ron Paul supporters will not support Barr. Libertarians in the LGBT community are telling her that if Barr is elected, they’re leaving. She thinks Ron Paul might talk about her, but I think that’s doubtful.

However, I absolutely will not support Bob Barr under any circumstances, so she might be right about a defection. I won’t defect, but I also won’t give Barr any positive press.

Total results of third ballot:

Tied for first place between Barr and Ruwart (186), followed by Root, Gravel, and Phillies in last place. Someone wrote in Ron Paul again. They are just reading out the state totals quickly, so again I’m not going to try to keep up with them.

Fourth ballot; Phillies eliminated. That’s a shame, but on the bright side I guess he saved himself the $100,000 he was going to spend on his campaign.

Phillies concession speech. Disappointed that not one person has asked him to endorse someone they wanted to lose. Big laughter over that. Will not speak ill of a fellow Libertarian. Nice guy. Acknowledges Gravel for debating a Libertarian when he was running as a Democrat. Thanks Ruwart and Barr for entering race to do what they think is right for the party. Voting majority of his state is neopagan, he wanted to make that point, undoubtedly directed at Barr. Enemy is Democratic Party and conservatives. We are the party of the future. Nice speech, but I was hoping he would endorse someone.

I want to say this. George Phillies is a really nice guy. I realize some people have a problem with him, but I’m not one of those people. He has always treated both me and LFV with fairness and respect, and even offered to help get GE press credentials when they were denied by LPHQ, so LFV could cover the convention. George is a good man, a dedicated libertarian, and I will always think very well of him.

Barr, Gravel, Ruwart and Root on fourth ballot.

Root people talking about how he needs to take 40 votes from Gravel. That is never going to happen, because anyone who supports Mike Gravel is never going to support Wayne Root.

Gravel talking to someone, says this is a vehicle for him to get out his message, to give power back to the people.

Root walking by with his fake infomercial smile. Talking to Gravel, then someone pointed out the camera.

Barr and Ruwart still tied for first place, Gravel in last place. Gravel will be out of the fifth ballot. He doesn’t seem to be making a speech, though. I wonder why? They show him talking to people, so he is still there. he says it’s a collective decision, and he respects it. He said to that person that he voted for Root out of the three still left. What? Damn, now I’ve lost respect for Gravel. I would have thought that he was supporting NOTA.

Gravel says this is the end of his political career. He would not have done anything differently. He is not going to make a speech. He is going to push the National Initiative until the day he dies. He says this is all politics as usual, that representative government is broken, and libertarians have chosen not to fix it.

He says he would vote for Barr before he’d vote for Ruwart, if it comes down to the two of them.

Fifth ballot totals: Ruwart 229, Barr 223, Root 165, NOTA 6

Root is out of the sixth ballot. I have a feeling the Root supporters will support Barr, not Ruwart, based upon her statements about child porn; remember, it was Root who raised a big stink about that. If Ruwart wins, I will be very surprised.

Root making concession speech. It’s not over, he wants to be Barr’s VP. No surprise there. Says he has been respectful to all candidates, but that’s not true because he was not respectful to Mary Ruwart. He keeps raising his fist into the air and saying ‘Bang!” What a retard.

Sixth ballot is Barr vs Ruwart vs NOTA. It will be interesting to see how many votes NOTA gets this time.

Root and Barr are embracing. Root’s daughter is there, he’s talking about her running for president again. Boring. Root’s baby is on TV, cute kid. Root was asked why he didn’t endorse Barr. Root never actually answered the question, but says he and Barr can change the face of the country. Yawn. If it’s a Barr/Root ticket, I will no longer support the LP, because that will be proof that it has been taken over by conservatives. I have never supported a conservative candidate, and I’m not about to start now.

People are walking around with Ruwart signs. Some woman is telling people to vote Barr/Root, talking about the next 12 years. If that’s the ticket, the LP will be unrecognizable long before then.

Some guy is talking about VP voting, says Ruwart’s people will want her, but Ruwart will not accept running with Barr. You can hear people chanting “Barr/Root! Barr/Root!” Other people are chanting “Mary! Mary!”

If the winner of this round does not win by a majority, will they still have to go up against NOTA? That would be interesting, LOL.

Results of sixth ballot: Barr 324, Ruwart 276, NOTA 4

Ruwart speaking. Thanks supporters and campaign team. She thanked LFV’s own Jason Seagraves right after her husband. Jason, you’re supposed to clap for the other people she’s introducing, LOL. Then again, Nancy Neal clapped for herself, and that’s a bigger faux pas. She says it’s time to get on with the business of the party. She says nothing about being interested in becoming the Vice Presidential nominee.

Barr will address delegates about the Vice Presidential nominee. Called Redpath the greatest political leader in the US. Um, yeah. Talked about seeing people in a Barr administration cabinet. Um, yeah. Talks about his son, thanks him. Derek is his son’s name. Introduces his wife, Geri Barr (not sure of spelling, I just guessed). Russ Verney on staff. Gawd, this man is boring. Says it will be historic and positive campaign that will succeed, not in race to make a point, or to send message, is “campaign that will win”. Um, yeah. Introduces Steve Gordon and Shane Corey. The man is either lying or delusional, because there is no way he can win the general election.

Taking recess until 4:15, which should be 7:15pm EST.

C-Span did not pick up the VP nominations after all, but Root won.

The LP ballot for the 08 election is Barr/Root.

It looks like Barr has a live stream at, and I’m really sick of liveblogging (and even sicker of watching this crap on television), so I’m signing out.  (Thanks to Jacqueline Passey for the link!)

Liveblogging LP Convention: C-Span Coverage: Nominating Speeches

In Libertarian on May 25, 2008 at 3:57 pm

Sorry for the late start, I had computer problems.

The delegates had the opportunity to object to the 100 or so new delegates, and most didn’t even have the balls to do that. This really is the bush league, folks. No guts, no glory.

Anyway, Root is on first.

Root has put his teenage daughter Dakota on to make a nominating speech for him. She’s every bit as fake as he is, it’s a damn shame. What nitwit would put a kid on to make a nominating speech? Then he nominated her for president … um, yeah. Does he actually think libertarians are nitwitted enough to nominate him because his kid said we should?

He says he’s going to speak from the heart, but he keeps looking down at notes. He told a story about his mom dying 28 days after his dad, after fighting cancer and made it 13 hours after they disconnected life support. Nice story, but I don’t know what that has to do with the nomination.

Order of candidates: Root, Barr, Smith, Ruwart, Phillies, Kubby, Jingozian, Gravel.

The guy making the nominating speech for Barr looks and sounds a lot like Kevin from “The Office”. In the season finale, the new human resources rep thinks that Kevin is simple-minded, LOL. He’s saying the same things we have already heard, so maybe he’s more like Kevin than I thought, LOL.

Now a guy from the Marijuana Policy Project is nominating him. This is going to sound like a joke, but it’s not. The dude looks stoned.

Mark Rutherford is on now. Are these people really so dumb that they don’t realize Barr is going to rehabilitate his name then return to the Republican Party? Apparently so.

Mike Ferguson is on now, talking about how proud he is. He also supports Barr.

Bob Barr is on now. Says he caught a lot of hell at convention.

It should be interesting to see what Christine Smith has to say, given that she’s delusional and didn’t get enough tokens to make it to the debate.

Guy talking about Christine Smith now, says she gave some of her tokens to other candidates.

Gary Archer from New Mexico is nominating her. Damn, that guy looks dirty. What the hell?

Christine Smith is an extremely smug person, or maybe she is embarrassed by having buck teeth and that’s why she holds her mouth that way. She rewrote her speech based on what she saw at convention. I still cannot believe she thinks she can be an actress/model. She has sacrificed but libertarians made it worthwhile. She thinks we should nominate a female candidate. She wants to go into the inner cities, talk to the poor, talk to the Hispanic community. She bragged about her kill rate with a gun, as if that’s a reason to nominate her. Says we used to stand for all kinds of things, but no one calls us the party of principle but us. After what she’s seen at convention, allowing neoconservatives to come in and take over, she’s upset. America will have no hope if neocons take over LP.

Hell has frozen over, because Christine Smith finally made a valid point. She is still seeking nomination. Damn, she’s talking for a much longer time than Root or Barr did. Maybe it just seems that way.

She’s finally finished. She made the best speech so far.

Next candidate is Mary Ruwart. Dean Ahmad is nominating her. He’s going on for quite some time. Says she won’t give up principles to get a million votes. He brings up again that voters want to vote for a woman. He really doesn’t have a clue; does the Ruwart campaign actually believe that people will vote for her only because she is a woman?

Our own Jason Seagraves is nominating her! Cool! Hey, since you’re from Flint, do you know Grand Funk? I’m friends with those guys, didn’t know you are from there (and yes, I know I’m really showing my age by admitting that, LOL). Mary will continue Ron Paul Revolution. Great job, Jason – I’m proud of you!

Barry Hess is talking about her now. I guess that means he is no longer running. She has testicular fortitude. Um, yeah. Don’t be fooled by newcomers claiming they get media.

She’s finally speaking. Her hair looks better today. She says we need to talk to everybody in their own language. That’s true, but when she has tried to talk to others in their own language, all hell broke loose.

If any LFV contributors are reading this, I’d appreciate some help.

George Phillies is next. Carolyn Marbry is speaking. She joined his campaign because she believes in what he has to say, he’s a man of principle and will even speak his mind when it makes others mad.

Steve Kubby was up, but I had to do something else. Tom Knapp made a speech for him, and Kubby said it was the party of fun.

Jingozian is up next. The first guy is saying he has “rock star status”. Um, yeah. Has this guy ever actually seen a rock star?

Guys, I really need someone else to jump in here and give me a hand. I do have a life outside this blog, and I’m also kind of pissed off that one of my own contributors just suggested in comments in another thread that I join another party just because I thought the debates weren’t very good. Maybe that contributor would like to do this liveblog, since this is the second day in a row I’m liveblogging by myself? No, of course not; it’s much easier to make smartass comments than it is to actually pitch in and contribute. Argh.

Jingozian is staying onstage, and nominating Gravel. Smooth move, I like it. He says Gravel is a maverick, promoted libertarian values in Congress. Ended Vietnam, exposed the Pentagon Papers. He knew to survive, we need to know what’s going on in our government.

Now Gravel’s daughter is seconding the nomination. She remembers sitting in Supreme Court with mother and brother, wondering if her father would be sent to prison for releasing the Pentagon Papers. He said Iraq was the next Vietnam, and he was right. His daughter is very pretty. The libertarian message can save this country, and Gravel can bring the message to the country.

Gravel is speaking, said it’s touching that so many people have wished him good luck. Says following the libertarian platform is extremely important. Nothing in the platform that makes him uncomfortable. He has a gun, says he will die with his gun in hand if necessary, but if it comes to that, it’s too late. Good point. Government is an oppressive institution, that has to change. He is a very engaging speaker, the best one today by far. He supports the woman’s right to choose, civil liberties above all else. His base of power in Alaska was the minorities. The government wanted to reeducate the Alaska native children, he fought for them to be educated in their own communities. The people are smarter than their leaders, they just don’t know it. Says he’ll make us proud.

The end.

Redpath says there will be multiple ballots.

People are walking through with Barr 08 signs, getting very loudly boo’d. I think Barr just lost the nomination.

652 credentials voters. Expects more voters to arrive.

I’m starting a new thread for the balloting.

Jacqueline Passey Endorses Ruth Bennett for LNC Chair

In Libertarian on May 25, 2008 at 5:31 am

The following is reproduced with the permission of the author, Jacqueline Passey.

I am delighted to discover that Ruth Bennett is running for LNC Chair and proudly watched her debate on C-SPAN tonight.  Although I feel lukewarm about our Presidential nomination candidates, I am enthusiastic and excited about Ruth Bennett’s candidacy for national party chair.

Ruth bennett

I had the great pleasure of working with Ruth within the Libertarian Party of Washington State during my 2000-2006 involvement (before I moved away).  She is a hard-working fair-minded long-time activist who knows how to get shit done.

Some of Ruth’s credentials:

  • Libertarian Party member and activist for 30 years
  • Has been the parliamentarian for the Libertarian Party of Washington for many years and is *very* good at it (so you know she knows how to run an effective, productive, fair meeting)
  • Has served a wide variety of positions within the party, including most recently as the former Chair of the Libertarian Party of Washington State
  • Has run for office as a Libertarian 5 times
  • Her 2000 campaign for Lieutenant Governor, in which she advocated simply abolishing the useless office and all its related expenses, resonated so successfully with Washington voters that she won the highest vote percentage of any Libertarian candidate in a three-way statewide race in Washington’s history
  • Very experienced with ballot access issues, including successfully lobbying the legislature to change ballot access laws
  • A zillion other accomplishments that I don’t remember or know about because she’s been involved in the Party longer than I’ve been alive

Ruth Bennett will be a very effective leader of the national party.  She has the right balance of principled libertarian ideology and interview skills necessary to be the external “face” to the media as well as the organizational skills to lead the party’s internal operations.  She also has the diplomatic and people skills necessary to heal the rift between the different factions, bring back people who have left the party, and unite all of us in our common cause of liberty.

If any delegates are reading this before the vote (nudge) I implore you to please cast your vote for Ruth Bennett for LNC Chair.  You will be so proud of all that we will accomplish under her leadership.


Jacqueline Passey is the former Executive Director of the Washington state Libertarian Party, and former LP candidate for Washington Secretary of State. Blog enthusiasts likely remember her from her 2006 blog entry covering the Nevada LP presidential debates, amusingly titled “Two whackjobs, a convicted felon, and George Phillies”. That blog entry set into motion a short-lived “memogate”, in which a memo from then-LP Executive Director Shane Corey, referencing her blog and asking whether the LP can offer better candidates, was leaked into the blogosphere.

Ms. Passey lives in Las Vegas with her husband and dachsunds, and is currently working on her Master’s Degree at UNLV. Her current blog is “Jacqueline Gets Her Geek On”.

Be sure to bookmark this link to to her political posts, and check back often for her continuing convention gossip updates.

LP Debates now available on C-Span website

In Libertarian on May 25, 2008 at 4:36 am

If you missed the debates, or if you want to watch it again, it’s in the C-Span archives.

Liveblog: LP Convention on C-Span: Chairman Debate

In Libertarian on May 25, 2008 at 4:05 am

I sure hope this debate is more interesting than the presidential debate.

Not surprisingly, there don’t seem to be anywhere near as many people in attendance.

It’s the same moderator, hopefully he won’t mess this one up.

Candidates are Ruth Bennett, Ernie Hancock, Bill Redpath.

Asked them what they saw in the presidential debate that the LP should go forward with.

Bennett: Could support any of them enthusiastically.

Hancock: Libertarian principles upheld as trait to be admired.

Redpath: Unusual year, very bright and talented straight-talking forthright people.  Great presentation, everybody knows LP much different from Rs and Ds after that debate.

How can people use internet better as a tool?

Bennett: Need to build personal relationships, internet can be powerful tool but is no substitute for personal relationships.

Hancock: Set high standard, provide central resource for people to do it on their own.  Allow people to do what they want and to act in own self-interest.

Redpath: Will be using it better very shortly.  Revamped website in a week.  Will be using internet better.

Moderator: Federal government is not paying for LP convention.

Question: What would you do for fundraising?

Bennett: Increased membership is most important through state and local organizations.  “Unhidden Agenda” (previously posted on LFV).

Hancock: Be the can opener.  If we build it, they will come.  Audience just stared at him, LOL

Redpath: Fundraising harder than for Rs and Ds (duh).

Question: Ballot access.

Bennett: Involved in litigation in Washington state to end initiative (not sure on what).  Has been active in ballot access in her state.  Bill Redpath good on ballot access.  Must work with state legislators to get ballot access passed.  Learn how to lobby successfully.  President of 100,000 member not-for-profit.  Ran for office 5 times.

Hancock:  If we had 50-state ballot access, will put us in the debate?  No.  Talk show host on Air America affiliate.  Many politicians in Arizona try to be libertarian in votes.  Did Ron Paul money bombs.  Let people know on state and local level that they are being supported.  Chastising no-compromise libertarian should never have happened.  Being libertarian is a good trait.

Redpath: Worst ballot access laws among established democracy worldwide. On board of Fair Vote.  People don’t realize it will take change to get away from two-party monopoly.  Legislators have conflict of interest in ballot access issues.

Question: Redpath explain instant run-off voting, then get response from Bennett and Hancock.

Redpath: Eliminate least votes, does away with spoiler problem, allows people to vote conscience.  People like it.  In short term doesn’t make libertarians more electable, but will get libertarians into debates etc.

Bennett: Have it in Pierce County, Washington, called “rank choice voting” there.  It’s a way to save money on primary, go right to general election.  Has people from all third parties in her speed dial, proposing to put that statewide, working with legislature now, can’t promise it will happen. Is involved with Compassionate Choices, which allows death with dignity, big believer in initiatives because it lets the people decide issues the legislature won’t touch.

Hancock:  Told background.  (Boring)  Blah, blah, blah.  Party system gives special privileges.  Libertarians sought him out.  Talked on and on before coming to his point that he already has that in his county.  Will not allow people to be chastised for being too libertarian.  Says there is election fraud because cannot compare paper ballots to electronic ballots.  He seems to go on and on without even really making a point.  He suddenly jumped to talking about restaurants, believe it or not.

Q to Hancock: what was it like to run against John McCain.

Hancock: Didn’t address voters until after voting started.  Makes fun of media.  Never did really answer the question, moderator finally just cut him off.

Q: How do you fix the media

Bennett: Ran for office five times.  Several newspapers treated her like a major party candidate.  She’s a lesbian, did an article on her partner called “First Mates”.  Hancock has passion, but we’re talking about chief officer of non-profit organization.  Has worked with non-profits and led boards into new directions.  She is competent leader who likes to build coalitions to get things done.

Redpath: New website, mentioned Andrew Davis (boo!), going to have helluva presidential campaign this year, will introduce new people to LP, field more candidates.

Question from audience (Starchild):  Ideological drift in national office, LP news not helping in education, website shows presidential race for sale.  Embarrassed to see Imperato on party website.

Bennett: Need more education through LP News.  Considers self pragmatist and radical libertarian.  Need to do outreach, re-radicalize LP News with pragmatic twist.

Hancock: National party shows preference, that’s not their job.  Job is to defend libertarianism and national office has failed in that.  Tired of explaining away actions of national party which is non-libertarian.

Redpath: Hiring new Executive Director, defended Liberty Decides and Ron Paul letter because they brought in money.  I guess that puts an end to the rumor that Shane Corey is going to be rehired.

Thank goodness this is over, but it was more interesting than the presidential debate.  I don’t have a favorite, but I don’t like the way the LP has been handled at the national level, so I think Redpath should be replaced.

Tomorrow’s schedule:

At 10:30 am (EST), two elected Libertarians from Colorado will speak.  At 11:30 am, the presidential nomination process starts.  Viguerie will be on at 7:30 am to talk about his speech, I’m sure we’ll all wake up early just to watch that (not).

Liveblog: LP Convention on C-Span: Presidential Debate

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For those of you who don’t get C-Span, or for some reason want to feel like you’re not watching alone, we present the LFV liveblog. I’m ElfNinosMom (ENM) and I will be joined by TitaniumGirl (Tigirl); others may join in as well.

ENM: The guy doing the introduction is boring. They are going to cover the presidential debates, and then the Chairman debates. They are showing Mike Gravel, and I can see Wayne Root. There’s Phillies and Barr as well.

Jim Pinkerton is moderating. When the person introducing him pointed out that he worked for Bush, he got boo’d. Seems like a lively crowd, to say the least.

The candidates debating are Bob Barr, Mike Gravel, George Phillies, Mike Jingozian, Mary Ruwart, Steve Kubby, and Wayne Allyn Root. The moerator called him “The King of Las Vegas!” as if that’s something that makes him qualified for the presidency. Can you see my eyes rolling?

Each gets a two-minute introduction, then will answer in the order in which they were introduced. Pinkerton wants the delegates to hold applause, booing, etc in order to allow more time to ask questions.

Pinkerton made some really strange jokes, which didn’t really go over very well.

Question: What philosopher most closely represents your views?

Barr: Ayn Rand. (Yeah, right.)

Pinkerton actually screwed up and forgot to let them make their opening statements first. I wondered about that.

Barr says his journey has taken many years to get to libertarianism. He brings up Ayn Rand again. he says he has lived in societies with no freedom, no liberty, and said he was referring to Congress. That joke fell flat, he was the only one who thought it amusing. He said people think he is not charismatic. He did okay, but not great.

Gravel said we’re in a mess, and it’s silly to think the ones who got us here can fix it. Only libertarians can fix it. The Dems and Reps have a monopoly, follow the money to find out what will happen when they are elected. I thought he did well.

Phillies is proud to be a Libertarian, and have the opportunity to spread the message of peace, liberty, and prosperity. Proud to have had many opportunities to serve the party, mentioned his congressional run and his PAC, made a jab at Barr without naming him. Phillies will cover issues the American people care about. He is the centrist who can hold the party together. He actually did very, very well.

Jingozian talks about what we have seen in this country. Does he have pink eye in his left eye? It looks odd for some reason. Hopefully it’s just a shadow, because pinkeye sucks. He sacrificed his own time and money to get us where we need to be.

Ruwart got applause right off the bat. Interesting. Democrats made this “the year of the woman”, then dropped the ball. Her hair looks like it’s plastered, she looks much prettier when it’s more natural. She’s still very attractive for a woman her age. Libertarianism is the passionate choice, decrease crime, slash healthcare costs. Only liberty can deliver those things. She has the experience and the depth of understanding of principles to accomplish it. Big applause at end.

Kubby has good news and bad bews. He has 6 months to live, adrenal cancer. Good news is that this is the 34th year they’ve told him that. Big applause. Medical marijuana is the only treatment which has worked. His campaign is not about marijuana, it’s about liberty. Applause again. Has nearly died and gone to jail for liberty. Most cant define liberty. It’s not freedom, it’s freedom from government. He looks like he has some splotches on his forehead. is he okay? I sure hope so!

Root claims we’re the anti party. Anti this, anti that. He talks like a used car salesman. Claims he’s the first Jewish American to get presidential nomination (not true). SOB, blah, blah. Obama, blah blah. Does he not realize that people are tired of hearing the same crap over and over again from him? I know i am. He’s a SOB, for sure, but the B doesn’t stand for butcher.

Okay, now back to questions about philosopher. Gravel says laws permit us to have the sovereignty. Small applause at first, then big applause. Didn’t catch the name of the philosopher, sorry.

Phillies: Goldwater. He got applause during his answer. Then mentioned Marcus Cicero, wrote “Essay on Duty”, sacrifice for country. Small applause.

Jingozian said (dammit, dog was barking, missed it). He says this is the year we will put LP on map.

Is it just me, or are these guys not really answering the question about philosopher?

Ruwart named Ayn Rand. Judge and be prepared to be judged. Unity of our party being challenged. We need to practice non-judgment and love. Big applause.

Kubby said many, but most influenced by David Nolan, LP founder. Taught him liberty works. Without liberty, everything in jeopardy. Moderate applause.

Root said “Yogi Berra”. What a retard. Who wears a fuschia tie on television? Root, that’s who. Ugly, ugly tie.

Question: any part of the world where you’d send troops?

Gravel: No. Wants to withdraw troops from around the world, close bases around world. Treat everybody as equals. Golden rule is answer to meaningful foreign policy. Huge applause.

Phillies: Cold war is over, bring troops home, close bases. End foreign aid, compete economically. Applause.

Jingozian: Most people in world just want to live in peace, have a good standard of living, hope kids have it a little bit better. It’s the governments at war, not the people. War will not end unless we vote libertarian. big applause.

Ruwart: bring troops home. They’re in a Middle Eastern Vietnam. Were at war with Japan just a few decades ago. Be friends to all, trade with all, offer hand in friendship. Applause.

Kubby: strange feedback sounds. We have competitors, we need to figure out that bombing civilians won’t help. People look to US as leader. Some applause.

Root: Thomas Jefferson is hero. Impoundment. Damn, this guy sounds like a broken record. He has said the same things in other debates. He claims he has come the farthest of everyone in the panel. Cut military budget, give money back to taxpayers.

Barr: Missing emphasis on word defense. It is not defending America to occupy foreign nations. Bring troops home, remove security blanket propping up foreign regime. Conveniently doesn’t say anything about his recent statement about invading Colombia. Applause.

Sorry, missed a question because I had to let my dogs out.

Gravel bashed Barr on energy, LOL, and got some applause. Got big applause at end.

Question: Are you familiar with the tragedy of the commons(?)

Jingozian: I don’t know. Big applause. He’s successful not because he knows all the answers, but knows what questions to ask. We need to work together, need a president who admits he doesn’t know. Learn from other countries. Big applause.

Ruwart: Restitution. Make people clean it up. Mentioned taxes, then corrected herself and called it a “fine”. Her response makes no sense, she’s stumbling over her own words. I get the impression that she’s just making it up as she goes along.

Kubby: US government is biggest polluter on planet. He looks really tired.

Root: Al Gore is 2nd biggest polluter, pollutes more when he gets on his private jet to get a Nobel Peace Prize. What a stupid statement. Ends with “government is a failure”. What a retard.

Barr: He says he has no idea what the question was about, but he keeps talking anyway. Retard.

Gravel: Concept of private property should be honored, let people sue polluters, that’s the answer. Applause. Lobbyists set up barriers to stop citizens from doing this. LP offers freedom. Big applause.

Phillies: Not going to bash people because they are conservatives or liberals, is running for President of all. Scientific truth is that there is global warming. Suing people not the answer. If somebody pollutes, put them in prison.

How would you deal with Patriot Act and Real ID Act?

Ruwart: Abolish them both. Ron Paul. Mentioned herself? That fell completely flat. Liberty gives us the way to choose.

Kubby bashed Barr, got laughter. Set clear limits for government. Big applause.

Root: Patriot Act turned him into libertarian. Get rid of it all.

Barr: Full-body x-ray, fear is driving public policy. Claims he has been working with broad coalition to drive a stake through its heart, burn it, blah blah blah. Methinks he doth protest too much.

Gravel: Ask the American people if they want this stuff gone, brings up his National Initiative for Democracy, let people make their own decisions. Cheering from audience.

Phillies: Accidentally said “Congress” instead of president, put Bush et al into prison. Applause.

Jingozian made crack about how can’t you like the Patriot Act, it has the word “patriot” in it. First joke that actually went over well.

Question about American Indian immigration policy. What an incredibly stupid question.

Root will open borders only if he can be guaranteed that there will be no welfare recipients. Secure borders.

Barr says we have no immigration policy. We should require people to go through checkpoint, provide verifiable identification, and check them for communicable diseases.

Gravel says 6 countries in Europe lowered all barriers. Do they know something we don’t? We’re great because we are an amalgam of people of the world.

Phillies said he will actually answer the question, unlike the other candidates. Indian immigration was a failure. We’ll go broke if we have open borders and a welfare state.

Jingozian says we have a “feel good legislation policy”. Native Americans didn’t have welfare state. We must end welfare state. If he used the same practices in his businesses the government uses, he’d be in prison for life for accounting fraud.

Ruwart says government has limited the number of jobs we have. If we got rid of government, we’d be begging for immigrants. Government too busy at border.

War on Drugs question.

End international drug war on drugs. Legalize all drugs. I can’t get over that ugly ass tie he’s wearing.

Barr says drug war hasn’t worked. Turn it over to states. What a cop-out answer.

Gravel says treat addiction as a public health problem. Got big applause.

Phillies: Prohibition was a failure, never underestimate the power of stupidity. We can’t afford it. Applause.

Jingozian agrees with everybody else. Legalize it and deal with it honestly. Can’t win war on drugs. Property crime comes from drug abuse. Will pardon all nonviolent drug offenders first day in office.

Ruwart: War on drugs kills more people than drugs themselves through AIDS. Says legal drugs are also problem, talked about people who tried to buy unapproved cancer drugs. Big applause.

Kubby is “getting a major buzz right now”. Never imagined he’d see such diverse group all agree that medical marijuana should be legalized. Wrote two books on it. Passed Prop 215. 12 states and 2 countries now copy that law. End the drug war by executive order. Big applause.

Barr is really boring compared to the other candidates. At least he’s wearing a nice tie, unlike Root.

Phillies’ tie is crooked, but at least it’s not fuscia.

Sorry, I had to take a break.

Why is Root always yelling? I feel like I’m on a used car lot. Sheesh.

What involvement should the government have in medical care, including FDA?

Gravel: If you’re not healthy, you’re not free. You don’t have freedom if you have a dumb or unhealthy population. Wants to empower people, they will shrink the government better than anyone else.

Phillies: Will propose answers Americans will support, not a philosophy. Vetern healthcare is government obligation, they paid for it with their arms, legs, etc and their friends’ lives.

Jingozian: Deregulate.

I dislike Root more and more, as he talks and gives his fake smile. I’m getting to the point that I actively dislike both him, and Barr. Root in particular, though, grates my nerves. He makes this debate seem like an infomercial, which cheapens it.

How will your campaign help the LP?

Jingozian: Harry Browne enrolled all Americans, not just libertarians. Focusing on issues all Americans have in common.

Ruwart: Invokes Ron Paul. Says women want to vote for a woman. Huh? I’m a woman, and I’m going to vote for the best candidate regardless of whether they have a penis or a vagina. That’s insulting as hell. I suddenly don’t like her. At all. I hate it when people pander and condescend simply because I am female. I hate it even more when the person doing it is a female, because a female should know better.

Kubby: Too many conservative candidates for LP. Invokes Ron Paul.

Root: Fundraising. Will get small business vote (yeah, right). He needs to stop yelling. Education reform. Online poker enthusiasts who consider him a celebrity. Gee, I thought they considered him a scammer.

Barr: Travels, need change. Can reach voters in way they can understand. I don’t think he realizes how much he is hated by Democrats for Clinton impeachment. Seize Libertarian era.

Gravel: Judge people by actions, not talk. Ended the draft, stopped nuclear testing, Alaska pipeline, risked jail with releasing Pentagon Papers, did all that in four years.

Phillies: Has already reached out, so won’t say what he might do, he’s already done it. He’s got the campaign, the volunteers, etc. Will build stronger party.

Root turns his closing statement into an infomercial, by trying to excite the crowd. Gawd, I despise that man.

My least favorite candidate is Ruwart, she lost any possibility of my support or respect when she made the comment about how women want to vote for a woman. That is almost as annoying as Root’s yelling and ugly fuscia tie. I don’t have a favorite, it wasn’t a very good debate in my opinion. It was almost a waste of time to even watch it, I’m very disappointed.