Steve G.

PaulieCannoli at LP Convention with Mary Ruwart

In Libertarian on May 24, 2008 at 4:54 pm

Photo originally posted at Independent Political Report.


  1. Last I heard you were a Kubby man and I was pushing Christine. Now we’re both wandering around with Mary hearts? WTF? Oh, yeah – STOP BARR!

  2. I voted for Kubby for President as long as he stayed in, and Mary as soon as he was out.

    I also backed Kubby for VP all the way.

    I admire Mary greatly, love her books, and would have happily been on her campaign if she announced sooner.

    Unfortunately, I only get one vote.

    BTW there is supposed to be a space in Paulie Cannoli. I could not figure out how to make one part of my name when I registered here.

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