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Can we pull off a miracle in Denver?

In Libertarian, Libertarian Party-US, Politics, Republican on May 24, 2008 at 4:39 am

As many of you know, I attempted to run for VP this year. It was quite an experience. Unfortunately, I didn’t have Bob Barr or Ron Paul type contributions to make it to Denver. I wish I could be there having a beer with Paulie, Michelle, Angela and Tom. Maybe 2010? We are at a crossroads this year. I am not an anarchist but I am a principled and practical Libertarian who does not like the direction this country is headed. Our party has been infiltrated by Republicans willing and capable of turning the party I have been an activist since 1992, into another wing of the “Torture Party”.

My preferred candidates in order are Ruwart, Kubby, Barr and Phillies. A Barr nomination will not destroy the LP but allow these Republitarians to control the LP for at least the next 2-4 years. A Root nomination will purge principled libertarians right out of our party immediately. So what do we do?

From the reports I have been gathering all day, Barr delegates are stacking state delegations. To make sure these people are legit, we need to question their credentials before the vote. We want to make sure that delegates are eligible to cast their vote as to what our bylaws say. If we do not succeed in doing this; we need to try to win as many of our LNC spots as we possibly can and that includes making sure that Bob Barr does not have a seat on the LNC, if he is our presidential nominee. The LNC will meet at least twice during the election and to have our presidential candidate as an LNC member is a direct conflict of interest and unethical.

What if we do not succeed in Denver and we get crushed? We need to take over our state parties one by one. We need to separate ourselves from those hostile Republitarians and become better organized for 2010. I want to see more libertarians elected but it’s impossible to get principled libertarians elected when we are invaded by those who do not share the same goals and principles the LP was founded on. However, in order to get elected we can’t get elected on ideas alone. A good campaign is organized and run like professionals. We need to be strategic, get out the vote, speak well, have a short campaign platform and look somewhat professional (I hate suit and ties but I got plenty of respect).

Those who will not support Bob Barr I have a proposition for you. Do not leave the LP, fight for your party. Support candidates across the country who share your principled libertarian values and ideals. Don’t give a dime to the Barr campaign but pull the lever for him on election day. If Root gets the nomination, don’t vote for him nor give him a dime; let the LP collapse, we can pick up the pieces and start over. Most of the Barr/Root infiltrators will not be around long after the election, very few will stay but many will go back to the “Torture Party”.

As for what to do with LPHQ; I have a solution that may or may not work. In the coming months the Chair will have to hire a new Executive Director. There is a rumor that Shane Cory, who admits he’s not a libertarian, could be re-hired but I think he’s done enough damage with his ill-advised press releases. They need to hire someone who will reach out not to just conservatives but to liberals as well. They need to hire someone who is able to bring in members from all walks of life, not just disgruntled middle aged white males. They need to hire someone who will put out press releases that toe the party line. They need to hire someone who isn’t already entrenched in the D.C. culture and will bring a new perspective to the party and headquarters. That person I believe can be me. I will explain what changes I would bring to LPHQ as the Executive Director in another post in the near future. Don’t give up, the fight has just begun!

  1. Can us gruntled white males apply? I might have been middle class, but took a whack up side the head in the last few months. Be that aside did you really mean tow the line, or perhaps toe the line? Interesting use of the phrase.

    Anyway don’t forget about building the state and local organizations. Lots of people don’t know how to run a meeting that is polite and on schedule at the local level just fer starters. I could go on, but that’ll be enuff from me.


  2. Hey MHW, I understand. I just got hired at Wal-Mart as a stocker for 8.05/hr and I just graduated from college. By the way I fixed the “toe” line:)

  3. That would be AWESOME! How do we draft you as “The Peoples Choice” as I’m sure, you would be.

  4. If any of the axis of evil gets the nod, I’ll be sitting out the prez race altogether and focusing on my state party. I will not even vote for a Fairtax candidate – it would not be in my best interests to do so.

    I DO think you would make a decent hired hand. I’d give you a recommendation but these days that and $2 wouldn’t pay the tax on a cup of coffee. Good luck!

  5. I think you’d make a very good Executive Director, Chris. Just tell me where to sign, you have my support.

  6. I support Chris for ED.

    Have you called LNC members about the hiring process? I understand it is going on now.

  7. I’m drawing up a proposal as we speak so I will blog it here first then send it to the new LNC once it is finished!

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