Steve G.

Barr re-elected to the LNC

In Libertarian, Libertarian Party-US, Politics on May 24, 2008 at 11:58 am

Yesterday afternoon, Bob Barr was re-elected to another term representing his region on the LNC (along with Stewart Flood also… that region is a consolidated region which has two rep. slots). Say what you want, and I’m sure some people will continue to do so, but Barr’s showing no intention of slacking up on his LP support no matter how the Presidential race pans out.

  1. If Barr gains the nomination, he should step down from the LNC.

  2. Have we ever had an LNC member win our nomination before? I’m not advocating for or against anything, I’m just not familiar with what precedent there is either way.

  3. I’m with Jason, I definitely don’t think he should remain on the LNC if he gets the nomination.

  4. Steve,

    To be honest, I’m not sure. I would have to dig a bit to find out. However, to me it would be a conflict of interest.

  5. Conflict of interest? The nomination contest would be over.

  6. I don’t see a conflict of interest. Both positions are for the advancement of the LP and libertarian policy. I say he should remain on the LNC.

    I’d like to see a rational explanation why he should resign.

  7. Wouldn’t matter. Barr supporters don’t seem to listen to reason.

    I would say the same had it been Mary Ruwart in the same situation.

  8. What were the results for the other LNC candidates?

  9. I was under the impression that Shane Cory was the one behind the kiddy porn press release fiasco. I’m somewhat distressed by the fact that the Barr camp wants to bring him back into party management, particularly given their appreciated conciliatory attitude on most other disputes going on.

    Still, Barr getting the nomination does not mean he’s “taken over the party”. If he veers off in away from la libertarian message- which despite his current moderate, gradualist, semi-fusionist positions he has given no indication of doing- he’ll lose the support of the party. It’s happened before. I think we all remember Ed Clark and “low-tax liberalism”. Though at the same time it’s noteworthy that Clark was the most successful candidate to date- and I have no doubt that Barr can do much better than Clark did in 1980.

    Bob Barr wants the nomination and wants to expand the party’s base of support. I see no evidence that he wants to steal the party and purge the heretics the way many of the other candidates have more or less openly stated they want to do (Root and Gravel come to mind. A few others. Not Barr or Ruwart, for the most part).

  10. Bob Barr has a proven track record as a fascist, and the only Libertarian thing he has ever done is just talk. Actions speak louder than words, and once a fascist, always a fascist. I can’t believe you nominated him to represent the LP. A sad, sad day for the LP.

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