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Voices from LFV Comments: Steve Perkins at the LP Convention

In Libertarian, Libertarian Convention, Libertarian Party-US, Libertarian Politics, Politics on May 23, 2008 at 12:10 am

I just finished getting credentials downstairs, and am settling into my room from the travel out here. The vendor/candidate area downstairs is just ridiculous. Barr has a huge oversized booth staffed by attractive girls collecting delegate tokens and giving out Bob Barr cowboy hats. It has video projectors, an array of buttons / stickers / signs, and Barr himself is roaming the floor flanked by two or three camera crews filming him. On the table is a list of pledged delegates that’s starting to run into multiple pages.

All the other candidates’ booths are either completely unmanned, or have one person standing there twiddling their thumbs. Granted, it’s Thursday and people are still traveling… but sheesh. I’m almost worried that the Barr presence is “too much” and might alienate people. I’m a supporter and it still gave me a weird vibe. Then again, maybe a true professional campaign DOES look a bit out of place at an LP convention.

I bumped into Root in the elevator. Came across nice, but obviously had a ton on his mind.

My “Anyone who doesn’t buy me a beer isn’t a ‘REAL Libertarian’” t-shirt has not earned me a single beer since my arrival. There’s no principle left in this Party, I suppose.

  1. Heh… thanks for the shout-out, but I’m not sure who that “Delaware Libertarian” Steve is. I’m from Georgia.

  2. Libertarian Party National Convention gossip roundup for Wednesday/Thursday…

    I’ll have a new post for each day of the convention, and update the current day’s post as I come across new juicy gossip.Presidential Nomination: G.E. on Last Free Voice reports that an anonymous source has told him, “The radicals……

  3. Just got back from dinner, to change clothes and take a break before seeing what’s happing with hospitality suites. Other candidates are starting to show a presence… Root in particular has been wandering around working the floor pretty hard. I just met Gravel, and it’s kinda funny… usually with make-up and lighting and so forth, people look better on TV than they do in real life. Gravel, however, looks about 10-20 years younger and healthier in person than he does on TV. He also has a booth running now that’s about as large and professional-looking as Barr’s.

    The approximate order in which I’m seeing buttons and signs is: Barr, Imperato (?), Root, Gravel, Ruwart, and Phillies. I’m not sure who’s running against Dixon for LNC, but it seems like three-quarters of the delegates are wearing Dixon stickers.

    It seemed like almost all the volunteers and workers with the Barr camp are either: (1) Ron Paul activists who moved over, or (2) Stephen Gordon.

    It’s really strange running into people that I only know from the blogosphere, and noting the difference between that and the real world. I’ve argued a ton with Knapp online, but met him in person and found him to be really cool guy.

    I found out about an hour after I checked in that my state affiliate could have gotten my press credentials if I’d thought to ask (oh well).

  4. Hmmmm …. I must have confused myself, LOL. That’s what I get for posting on LFV while watching television, LOL.

    Sorry about that, I’ll fix it.

  5. People are wearing Imperato buttons? LOL

    I’m always surprised when I meet someone I have only known online. The online persona and the real person are many times nothing alike.

  6. Hmmmm …. I must have confused myself, LOL. That’s what I get for posting on LFV while watching television, LOL.

    Sorry about that, I’ll fix it.

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