Steve G.

I’m Running For Office

In Libertarian, Libertarian Party-US, Politics on May 22, 2008 at 12:54 am

I first need to apologize up front. It really wasn’t my intention to make this announcement here, but since my website is still being designed and nobody pays attention to me on myspace (haha), I figured I would give my friends here a heads up.

It’s been a very stressful year. I don’t want to get into it here, but some of you know what I’ve been through. Anyways, it was my original intention to represent the Libertarian Party on the local ballot here in Michigan this year. That won’t happen. However, I will still run for office & will appear on the November 4th General Election ballot in a non-partisan race.

I filed the paperwork today & paid the filing fee, so I’m pleased to announce my candidacy for Lake Michigan College Board of Trustees. There are 2 seats up for grabs this year with a 6 year term on the line. I’m very relieved this part of the process is finally over with and I look forward to the challenges a head.

I want to thank Elfninosmom for being very supportive of me. I’ve confided in her several times during the past year and someone I will always consider to be a friend. I would also like to thank “G.E” because when I thought I was running for State Rep, he took a real interest in my campaign and was very supportive.

I can’t promise much at this point, but I do promise to run a positive campaign based on REAL libertarian principles.

The website isn’t even close to completion yet, but I’m sure my wife will have it ready in the next week or so. The site will be located at http:/// Wish me luck.

  1. thanks Paulie. You helped me out quite a bit last summer when I ran for Tribal Council.

  2. Best of luck. I hope to do something similar in the next 2-4 years as well.

  3. That’s awesome news! I hope that all goes well for you! I’m looking forward to seeing the site!

  4. Fantastic news, Jason!

    Of course, I will always support you in your endeavors (and I also consider you and Cilla to be friends).

    Please, keep us updated, and be sure to post again when your website is ready for visitors. In the meantime, I will add you to LFV’s blogroll. 🙂

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