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G.E. live from Denver: Part 1

In Daniel Imperato, Libertarian, Libertarian Convention, Libertarian Party-US, Libertarian Politics, Libertarian Politics 2008, Politics, Presidential Candidates, Steve Kubby, Wayne Allen Root on May 22, 2008 at 8:42 pm

Arrived in Denver 9:00 a.m. local time. Found a dude waving a “Libertarian Party” sign and figured he was a fellow LPer. Instead, he was trying to round up Libertarians for the 45-minute shuttle trek from the airport to downtown Denver. I saw one guy walking around that I was sure was a libertarian, but the sign-waver was covering another area. Sure enough, he joined in a few minutes to wait for the shuttle. Come to find out, he was (is) a friend of Austin Cassidy and hopes to run with him on the multi-seat Soil and Water board.

Anyway, joining us in the shuttle six other Libertarian — three of them women. Taking shotgun was none other than Susan Hogarth. Susan heartily endorsed Ruth Bennett for chair. One of our shuttlemates, a guy named Scott who does ballot-access work for the LP, says a change would be disastrous to the LP’s ballot-access program. Maybe he has a point. But my vote goes against the current regime.

When I got to the hotel, the first thing I saw gave me chills: Allan Hacker and Daniel Imperato walking hand in hand. Is there a new conspiracy in the works? How do thetans relate to the Knights of Malta? Regardless, Austin’s friend and I got turned around in the hotel, and Allan Hacker lent us a helping hand. A little later, Daniel Imperato approached me — seeming totally normal and nice — trying to get my debate token. When I told him “I have to think about it,” he was totally cool with it.

No hardcore bad blood so far. But rumor has it that the former owner of TPW (and not the one now affiliated with IPR) wants to initiate force against my face. I guess I have become a scapegoat for everyone who sees this certain someone as part of a plot — call it a neocon plot. To the best of my knowledge, I have never called him a neocon, and if I have, I shouldn’t have.

Had lunch with Paulie, Angela Keaton, and Michelle Shinghall (sp). All of these people are way cooler in real life than they seem online, and they seem pretty cool online. Angela in particular has been very helpful to me and to the bloggers who were stripped of press creds following the Viguerie coup. I was invited by Angela to blog the LNC meeting, but my laptop was in my room which is like a mile away. I got here and decided to write this blog instead, and then I’m going to sleep. (I’ve had a combined total of four hours in the past 48).

Anonymous source: The radicals have, at best, 15 percent strength and either Barr or Root is going to be the nominee. This multi-person source supports Kubby/Ruwart. He/she/they all agree that the role for radicals will be to be kingmaker — who will do less damage to the LP: Barr or Root?

Not-so-anonymous source (Susan Hogarth): “I think Ruwart will take it.”

More to come.

  1. Sweet, I’m looking forward to your posts all day. If you see Arin Sime, tell him that Jason Gatties says “Fulham will beat Chelsea next season”.

  2. If I get to be kingmaker with that choice, then NOTA will be our next king.

    Ruwart/Kubby/Phillies voices will be heard, and what we have in common is more than 15 percent of the LP. Much more.

  3. Sittin here wasting my time,
    Cause the Denver weather’s delaying my flight,
    Got one thousand miles to go,
    To make the Sheraton Denver my home,
    Just sittin at the back of the plane,
    Wasting time.

  4. Susan heartily endorsed Ruth Bennett for chair.

    And I used to have a great deal of respect for Susan… poo.

  5. Susan’s probably happy that Libertarians are allowed on the ballot in North Carolina again.

  6. Thanks for the update! I don’t know much but I think the radicals have more than 15%

    And Less…. yeah, with that choice…NOTA sounds pretty good.

  7. I know Ernie Hancock. He’s a fucking loon. I have zero respect for him. About the only thing good I can say about him is that he’s more of a libertarian than Bob Barr. But he’s also the sort that don’t belong in the LP — he’s anti-politics, for crissakes!

  8. Ruth Bennett is a fucking loon.

  9. I just finished getting credentials downstairs, and am settling into my room from the travel out here. The vendor/candidate area downstairs is just ridiculous. Barr has a huge oversized booth staffed by attractive girls collecting delegate tokens and giving out Bob Barr cowboy hats. It has video projectors, an array of buttons / stickers / signs, and Barr himself is roaming the floor flanked by two or three camera crews filming him. On the table is a list of pledged delegates that’s starting to run into multiple pages.

    All the other candidates’ booths are either completely unmanned, or have one person standing there twiddling their thumbs. Granted, it’s Thursday and people are still traveling… but sheesh. I’m almost worried that the Barr presence is “too much” and might alienate people. I’m a supporter and it still gave me a weird vibe. Then again, maybe a true professional campaign DOES look a bit out of place at an LP convention.

    I bumped into Root in the elevator. Came across nice, but obviously had a ton on his mind.

    My “Anyone who doesn’t buy me a beer isn’t a ‘REAL Libertarian'” t-shirt has not earned me a single beer since my arrival. There’s no principle left in this Party, I suppose.

  10. Im confident that the Radicals have AT LEAST 30% strength, with the Reformers around 40% and the “neither” ranging around 30%.

  11. Thanks for the update, GE! 🙂

    Would Steve Gordon actually become aggressive toward you? He never struck me as the type of person who would do that, and I’ve always liked Steve (and still do, even in light of the TPW/Barr situation), so I’d be stunned by it. If he does do it, though, be sure to give us a full account.

    Tell Paulie, Michelle, Susan and Angela I said “Howdy”! Other LFV contributors who are supposed to be there are Tom Knapp, Jeff Wartman, and Brian Holtz. Tell them I said “hi” as well, when you see them. Also please tell Paulie I got my replacement cell phone, so he can call if he needs me for anything.

    Is anyone complaining about feeling unwell due to the elevation? I was stationed in Denver for a while when I was in the Air Force many years ago (even before Elf was born!) and that was a common problem people would have when they flew into Denver.

    Why is Barr giving out cowboy hats? Are they good hats, or tacky/cheap ones? That seems odd, given that he is from Georgia and the convention is in Denver. It would make more sense if he were from, for example, Texas. Maybe he should be giving out peaches instead. 😉

    Steve Perkins, I hadn’t realized you were going to Denver, or else I’d have added you to LFV this morning when we corresponded; but I was doing something like 12 things at once at that time, so I figured I’d ask you later. In the meantime, drop me a line at with your wordpress login email, and I will add you as soon as I get it so you can post directly to the LFV blog. 🙂

  12. GE,

    Bad blood from within internal party disputes are one thing, knowing we all want to arrive at the destination of liberty is another. I am en route to Denver… e-mail me at jeffwartman at gmail dot com (I will get it instantly on my BlackBerry) with your cell phone number, and we’ll have some beers. First round is on me.

  13. Libertarian Party National Convention gossip roundup for Wednesday/Thursday…

    I’ll have a new post for each day of the convention, and update the current day’s post as I come across new juicy gossip.Presidential Nomination: G.E. on Last Free Voice reports that an anonymous source has told him, “The radicals……

  14. […] For what it’s worth: Anonymous source: The radicals have, at best, 15 percent strength and either Barr or Root is going to be the nominee. This multi-person source supports Kubby/Ruwart. He/she/they all agree that the role for radicals will be to be kingmaker — who will do less damage to the LP: Barr or Root? […]

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