Steve G.

TheSpoof: Clinton Concedes to Obama, Steals Libertarian Nomination from Barr

In Libertarian on May 21, 2008 at 7:44 pm

From The Spoof:

Facing certain defeat due to Barack Obama’s insurmountable lead and his refusal to look for sex in public bathrooms, Senator Hillary Clinton resigned from the race for the Democratic presidential nomination on Tuesday night.

She then immediately accepted the Libertarian Party nomination, which was offered to her outright in a shocking and unprecedented move by a political party long believed by casual observers to identify more closely with Republicans than with Democrats.

Former Libertarian Party frontrunner and Johnny-come-lately Bob Barr could not be satisfactorily sedated for comment.

Read the rest of the (fictitious, obviously) article here.

  1. It must be “Libertarian” Day at the Spoof. I found another article written recently:

  2. Fictitious? Might yet happen.

  3. It’s GOTTA happen. We need Hillary! 😉

  4. A Clinton-Barr tickt would be a statist’s dream.

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