Steve G.

LFV Mailbox: Voices across the blogosphere

In Libertarian on May 21, 2008 at 7:17 pm

Last Free Voice has received several emails today (thanks, everyone!) referring me to various blogs which have discussed the Libertarian Convention, and in particular the Barr/Viguerie connection.

The Ron Paul blog discussed how Viguerie offered to help Ron Paul, for a “huge cut” of the donations raised; he then set up a shadow site, “Ultimate Ron Paul”, wherein he captured email addresses.

LP Founder David Nolan fears that Viguerie is trying to buy the Libertarian Party, and outlines the steps which led to the current situation.

Liberty for All opines that the “Republicanitis” of the Barr and Root campaigns will destroy everything the Libertarian Party stands for; and opines that they shouldn’t even be in the LP, much less running for the LP presidential nomination.

Tom Knapp ponders whether the Barr/Viguerie connection is a “hostile takeover” attempt.

  1. I should blog something. I’m at a loss.

    Luckily for me, ENM is in control!

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