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Deathblogging the Libertarian Party National Convention

In Daniel Imperato, George Phillies, Libertarian, Libertarian Convention, Libertarian Party-US, Libertarian Politics, Politics, Presidential Candidates, Steve Kubby, Wayne Allen Root on May 21, 2008 at 8:23 pm

Deathblogging refers to not-quite-live blogging; not the LP per se.

Trying to stick within my five free minutes, $16/hour after that. Business center

2 PM. Danny Imps is in the house. The lobby of the Denver Sheraton smells like a case of Eau de Palermo fell off the back of a truck in South Boston.

4 PM. Helped unload Laissez Fair Books. Said hello to Mary Ruwart, hubby Ray Carr and campaign staffer Brian Irving getting off the elevator. Headed off to get herbalife uppers from Carol McMahon of the Phillies campaign.

6-7 PM. Said hello to (among other people) VP candidate Daniel Williams (we discussed whether my punk rawk friends from New York were here; the answer is no, they barely leave Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, much less New York); LNC member and Wayne Root staffer Scott Lieberman (we talked about ballot access, especially in regards to Oklahoma); Rob Power from Outright Libertarians; Deb and Steve-O “The Fixer” Gordon; my acting region rep, Stewart Flood, who lobbied heavily for my vote, and told me we had a deal with Texas and Louisiana to become a superregion with two reps; rumored challenger for his position, R. Lee Wrights; John Wayne Smith; The Duensings; Tony and Bette Rose Ryan; and Bob Barr, who seemed to be under the impression that I might not make it here.

Oh yeah, and I finagled a free shower up in Casa Phillies. In what may be a move to get support from Steve Kubby backers, George is passing out Phillies Blunts.

  1. Deathblogging? Barr and the GOP/retard caucus haven’t won yet!

  2. Eau de Palermo? LOL

    Keep us updated, Paulie. We’re looking forward to your reports.

  3. We need a full report on which luminaries dressed as what for tonite’s Masquerade Ball. Who looked hot, who looked dorky, what did The David come as?? Dish it.

  4. I’m leaving tomorrow evening for Denver.

    Should be very, very interesting.

  5. I plan on watching on CSPAN for like an hour on Saturday (Sorry, UFC PPV on at 10pm) and for as long as they broadcast it on Sunday.

    I got a buddy who is going to call me from time to time to give me the dirt.

  6. I just tried to post my account of being censored over at on (my account is very similar to Mike Theodore’s, but my comment wasn’t approved).

    But I can’t post at unless I register.

    And I tried to register five hours ago, but I haven’t received the password yet.

    Looks like this site may be the best for those who can’t abide censorship or registration. 😉

  7. I haven’t been able to register at IPR yet either. I would like to write there as well.

  8. DD, post your account here.

  9. Thats weird. I got my registration info for IPR right away, although it did end up in the spam folder. If you haven’t checked the spam folder, you may want to (although I assume you did, just trying to be helpful)

  10. Eau de Palermo? LOL

    Smells kinda fishy. Fuggedaboutit.

  11. I had a comment pulled off of third party watch 3 times today. The last time my name had a message next to it that said “your comment is awaiting moderation” but my comment actually showed on the page for a few hours. It’s now missing again.

  12. DD, post your account here.

    I was responding to the post about TPW’s LPNatCon convention coverage, and that I’d prefer coverage by those not affiliated with the “Deform Caucus,” and asked the LNC’s Andrew Davis to post a list of which media organizations were credentialed for the convention.

    I then used IPR’s URL for the WordPress Website affiliated with my post.

    Initially the post showed up as awaiting moderation, then it disappeared.

  13. I just hope certain people end up with egg on their face when this weekend is over with.

  14. Okay, my post got eaten again. Click on the link to my name above regarding Richard Viguerie.

  15. Hey folks, sorry that you’ve had issues with posting. If you register, it should send you a password automatically and instantly.

    If you didn’t get it – and it isn’t in your spam folder – shoot me an email and I will figure it out.

  16. “I doubt the LP will spoil the election. Very, very few people who are, at this point, going to vote for McCain are going to vote for a Libertarian. If it’s close, the only Libertarian votes will be true believers and general protesters, like in 2000. And now the über nativists don’t like Barr because he’s supposedly for open borders. I don’t see him outflanking McCain on the right in any meaningful sense. He’s running as a tamed down hawk and slightly less spendthrift Republican. I like him, but his platform is modalism without the charm.”

  17. Eau de Palermo? LOL

    Keep us updated, Paulie. We’re looking forward to your reports.

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