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New third party political blog

In Green Party, Libertarian, Libertarian Convention, Libertarian Party-US, Libertarian Politics 2008, Politics, Presidential Candidates, Socialism on May 20, 2008 at 6:47 pm

I ran across Independent Political Report via Google alerts, and was pleasantly surprised to see some familiar names there.

If you get a free minute, cruise over to see what you think.

  1. Thanks for the plug, ENM!

  2. Thanks for the link! Sign me up…

  3. This isn’t quite “the last free voice” but it’s nice to know about the blog.

    Will I still be welcome to make replies after I say “the way I see the republican and democrat parties is as a one body venomous viper with two heads that have been acting in collusion and in concerted effort stealing this nation citizenry blind and put the wage earning class, the very people that make businesses grow, on a continuous straight line path to the poor house over the past forty years?”

  4. Hi, Tom. Yes, you would still be welcome here if you said that. You’d likely still be welcome on IPR as well. Most people on both blogs feel the same way about the mainstream parties.

  5. Elfninomom,

    “I did say that.” Thank you for the one welcom, and I hope you welcome my other comments as well.

    I post in blogs my plain spoken mind, the way I think and come to conclusion and do my utmost to present facts not just “my views of what I personally think is truth,” and I do so without apology. I’m not looking for friends, or backers, or glory, or praise, or medals, because all too often I’ve found that some people will get offended no matter what is said.

    My basic tenet is to do what I can to assist in getting people that have and use common sense united and this nation back on the right track.

    I can almost, but not quite, state with absolution, because there are no other viable choices or enough votes even if there were other viable choices, that no matter which of the two men next become president, that this nation is in for a long hard ride down a dusty trail filled with potholes that are demanding to be filled with sacrifice by all but the upper crust people already enjoying the fruits of this nation.

    The next four years and I think no more than that, is going to be currently independent minded voters last opportunity for a long long time, to achieve unity, form and implement that third major party and get our kind of elected and plurality votes winning the day and making equitable law and making sure in place regulations are enforced on an equal basis. Regulations DO NOT have to be of a nature that strangulates any business entity, but keep them under reasonably expected control.

    Republicans or at least the extreme right wing of that party aka “Free Marketers” which is tantamount of being
    Free Holders” want zero regulation and left to run wild and do as they please. On the other hand Democrats are real good about making business regulations, some of them strangulating, but pee poor when it comes to regulation enforcement.

    The oddity that the average citizen doesn’t realize is which group or group entity falls under the several differing greatest sets of multilevel government regulations…here I again I can profess with a great deal of authority the answer can be found by looking at oneself in their own mirror. We average John and Jane Does can’t hardly walk out our front doors without being subject to some level of government’s regulation, or for that matter even in our own homes. And how can I state this without flinching?

    Because we average John and Jane Doe’s have no active part in making law and let the few we elect, a virtual oligarchy that make themselves elitists because they have the power to do so once elected, make all the laws that we, but not necessarily, “they” have to live under and abide by.

    One of the paramount suggestions I have been making for well over twenty years is that there need to be a written, signed, legally binding contract between the elect and the people that elect them to ensure every law in place and every law to be enacted applies to the elect as well as ourselves….in all but a very few states, all we have now from those we elect are their nonbinding campaign promises that they will do our bidding once we vote for them…campaign promises that more often than not are forgotten as they swear their oaths of office. So when an elected official turns to malversation, we have no one to blame but ourselves because we by not having a binding contract agreement make it easy for them to become corrupt.

    Once I came to that be honest with myself conclusion, the bitter taste it left in my mouth has never completely gone away.

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