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Hat tip “Tennessee_Whiskey” (url not given):

From my friend:

I thought I would share with you a letter I sent to the Tennessee Delegation to the LP convention. You may share this with any Delegates you know if you wish.
-Allan Wallace

Dear Fellow Tennessee Delegates;

The pendulum of change swings slowly in the Libertarian Party. I’ve been an LP activist for over 20 years now, and when I first came into the party, the LP was just then coming back into balance after a leftward swing of that pendulum. But, its momentum has carried it on, slowly rightward over the years.

I was there when we had a nominal balance in the party, but the pendulum has continued on, fueled by political circumstances that have made libertarian leaning conservatives seek a new political home. By the time we started Outright Libertarians in 1998, the pendulum moved far enough to the right to worry us that someday soon those on the right-leaning side of the party might start to push us out. That’s why we wrote the party watch-dog section into our Mission Statement.

After years of influx from disaffected Republicans, they have finally taken key positions in the party and have started remaking the LP into what they believe the Republican party should have been.

Do not misunderstand me, these ex-republicans have a place in the LP, and they should take part in the leadership of the party. But, they should not attempt to change the LP into any kind of a conservative ideal. They should not prevent the party from reaching out to BOTH sides of the political spectrum. And, they should not water down our party Platform so that it won’t offend their still-republican friends.

When a party tries to change the face of politics as we are doing, the fact is that it will offend some people. It is inevitable. The question becomes, do we try to heap all the offense on one side of the political spectrum or the other, or do we try to equalize the offense between Both of the old political partys, charting a middle course, a mainstream libertarian course.

The still-somewhat-conservative ex-republicans in the LP believe that their numbers have moved the mainstream of the LP closer to their own ideals. This is a false belief. Libertarian principles, the central beliefs of our party, that are based in libertarian philosophy decides where our mainstream is, NOT numbers or public opinion.

We who joined during more balanced Libertarian times and want a more balanced party now, see what has happened especially in the last four years. We recognize that the party is at the point in that pendulum swing when we must either give the pendulum enough of a nudge to stop its right-ward swing and allow gravity to start moving it back toward center, or we must sit by and watch it swing further right, past the point where we in good conscience can follow.

Producing that needed nudge will take the effort of a lot of people who are willing to stand up and say “enough is enough!”

They will accuse us of being overly concerned with principle and dogma, and unconcerned with winning elections, as if winning elections is an option in any but local races. When winning an election is not an option, then the emphasis changes from winning to party building, to branding and name recognition building, and to paving the way for future LP candidates.

One of the battlegrounds at this convention will be over the Platform!

Certain members of the Platform Committee have labeled those of us who support the Restoration movement as “radicals.” We are not radical for wanting to preserve an excellently designed platform that took 6 years of hard work to craft.

They claim that they have simply removed the offensive parts and left in the basic principles; but the “offensive” parts in reality defined the principles, made them understandable. Undefined Principles offend no one because they illuminate NO ONE!

The restoration movement wants to preserve an excellently designed and versatile platform. They have taken a Jaguar, pulled all its teeth, declawed it, and chained it to a tree. THAT’S what I call radical.

-Allan Wallace


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