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Candidate Endorsement: Mary Ruwart

In Candidate Endorsement, Libertarian Convention, Libertarian Party-US, Politics on May 19, 2008 at 2:33 pm

With less than a week to go until the Libertarian National Convention, I felt it was time to offer up my endorsement. This has been a long process and I must admit, I’ve bounced back and forth between candidates. From George Phillies to Steve Kubby, every time I began to feel comfortable about a candidate, I quickly found something in their platform I just couldn’t agree with.

That is until Mary Ruwart entered the race.

Mary Ruwart was a key figure in my decision to join the Libertarian Party back in 2000. She sold me on libertarian values & I’ve been a determined activist ever since.  I feel Mary represents the core principles the party was built on. I feel she represents not only my voice, but those of the majority of Libertarian Party activists.

We have several great candidates heading to Denver and for the most part, I could see myself voting for any of these candidates when November rolls around. However, there is one candidate who gets me excited. Only one candidate who I will go the extra mile for. Only one candidate who I feel truly represents my voice.

That candidate is Mary Ruwart.

  1. Word.

  2. I like Ruwart a lot. She is definitely my choice if Kubby is out.

    What problem did you have with Kubby’s platform?

  3. Well I didn’t have an issue with his platform per say. I did have a problem with is “availability” though. Unfortunately, he had to “phone it in” or send comments via video one too many times.

    Plus my other fear was, Steve would still be labled a “one issue” candidate no matter how hard he tried to break that mold. I would love to see Steve run for Senator someday though.

  4. Great endorsement!

  5. thanks!

  6. Milnes/Ruwart. That is if you want to try to actually win.

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