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Candidate Endorsement: Mary Ruwart will continue the Ron Paul rEVOLution

In Libertarian, Libertarian Party-US on May 19, 2008 at 5:50 pm

As a congressional-district coordinator and office manager for the Ron Paul for President campaign, I came into contact with hundreds of spirited rEVOLutionaries. These people from diverse ideological backgrounds had come together for the common cause of liberty. They were conservatives, liberals, moderates — but very few self-identified libertarians. Ron Paul had given them their first exposure to the Austro-Jeffersonian gospel, and while their hearts and minds had embarked on the road to libertarianism, they had not yet reached the Promised Land. Mary Ruwart can take them there.

Dr. Mary Ruwart is the logical heir to the Ron Paul rEVOLution. Her book, Healing Our World in an Age of Aggression, won the hearty endorsement of Dr. Paul, and he also wrote a letter on her behalf urging President Bush to appoint her to the FDA (which, like Dr. Paul, she would like to see abolished). Dr. Ruwart has a unique talent for articulating libertarian solutions to the problems facing everyday people. She embodies the Principled Populism of Murray Rothbard without rancor or divisiveness. Mary Ruwart will not only unite the Libertarian Party, but she will bring in throngs of new members by proudly carrying the banner of the rEVOLution.

Libertarians have the woefully undeserved reputation of being a party full of angry white men with no concern for others. Through her Principled Populism and velvet touch, Dr. Mary Ruwart can heal our world and grow our party — if only we give her the chance.

Jason D. Seagraves
Saginaw/Bay City/Midland Ron Paul Meetup Organizer
Saginaw County Coordinator, Ron Paul for President
Michigan’s 5th Congressional District Coordinator / Flint Office Manager, Ron Paul for President
Former Green Party candidate for Congress (converted to libertarianism by Dr. Mary Ruwart)

  1. It will take a lot of work to change the perception some people have towards the Libertarian Party. Some people see us as the “Pot and Prostitution” party without realizing that the War on Drugs and the War on Infidelity have done more harm than drug or prostitution.

  2. I have felt for months Mary would receive more Paul libertarian support than any other LP cansdidate. The delegates must defeat Barr and nominate a more Paul like candidate to enjoy the benefits of the R3VOlution.

    The significate 9-11 truth movement support was pointed toward CP candidate Chuck Baldwin by talkshow host Alex Jones on his Sunday May 18 show. He endorsed Baldwin and stated Bob Barr is a fraud and ask his listeners to OPPOSE Barr and his campaign. If someone besides Barr gets the LP nomination, this large, enthusiastic and generous segment of the liberty movement could still give some support to the LP.

  3. Mary should have spent some time campaigning for Ron Paul if she wanted support from Ron Paul’s supporters. Chuck Baldwin did a lot for the Ron Paul campaign.

  4. Chuck Baldwin is certainly to be commended for the work he did for Ron Paul, as are many CP members. However, Chuck Baldwin is a divisive figure. His “If I Were President . . .” article talks about locking up employers who “consciously” (as if that could be known) hire illegal aliens, and implies that he’s in favor of doing so without a trial. A lot of Ron Paulians will take offense at that. He also emphasizes his opposition to legal abortion without drawing the distinction between the state and federal roles. Again, a lot of Ron Paulians would balk.

    Chuck Baldwin is aiming for one wing of the RP movement, and judging from my own experience, it is the less muscular wing.

  5. IF the LP gets the right candidate I could see a signifigant number of people from The Alex Jones/9/11 Truth/Ron Paul r3VOLution crowd supporting the LP. However, the key word is IF.

    If the LP ends up with a crappy candidate then I may end up supporting Chuck Baldwin for President.

    One thing to keep in mind though is that the Constitution Party is behind the Libertarian Party in ballot access. For instance, the Libertarian Party already had ballot status in Texas and the Constitution Party is not going to make it in Texas. The LP will likely be on several state ballots that the CP is not.

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