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Jim Casarjian-Perry: Restore ’04!

In Activism, Libertarian, Libertarian Convention, Libertarian Party-US, Politics on May 15, 2008 at 3:32 pm
The following is posted with the permission of the author, Jim Casarjian-Perry. The original article can be viewed here.

In 2004, the Libertarian Party platform was principled, thorough, and explained our position on any topic one could ask us about. It defined the issue at hand, applied the Libertarian Principle to said issue, and then offered a solution and transitional action. Our platform defined our position on each issue with the logical Libertarian answer. (2004 Platform can be viewed here.)

2006 came along and several right-wing members of the party decided it was time to scrap principle so we could play politics. They removed all but 15 planks of the platform and rewrote them, in my opinion, to be more suitable to reaching out to conservatives on the right. We’re not a right-wing party, nor are-left wing! We’re ABOVE left vs. right politics! (2006 Platform can be viewed here.)

Some say the idea was to modernize the platform to apply to current issues facing the government. I agree, the platform should reflect our views on current issues! But to scrap the whole thing was just plain mean spirited and was done in such a way as to purposely alienate those of us who believe the party should stick to our principles.

For now, we MUST restore the 2004 platform. Once this is done, I say we should begin looking at how to modernize the platform by changing the Transitional Action on each plank to address current issues. This is a simple solution to this platform problem and I hope others will consider this idea.

Until then, please sign the petition to restore the platform of principle for the party of principle. The petition can be found here. Please sign it TODAY as they will be closing the petition tomorrow so they may have copies of it available to National Delegates in Denver later this month.


Jim Casarjian-Perry is a Town Meeting Representative serving Precinct 9 of Billerica, Massachusetts. He is a Libertarian Party member and a delegate to the Libertarian National Convention for Massachusetts. He enjoys cooking, reading, bicycling, backpacking, and good conversation. He and his partner live in Billerica, Massachusetts.

Many thanks to Jim for allowing us to reproduce his original work on Last Free Voice.  I am very pleased to announce that Jim is joining LFV as a Contributor – welcome, Jim!  🙂

  1. 2006 came along and several right-wing members of the party decided it was time to scrap principle so we could play politics.

    I cannot find it in me to describe any of the members of the Reform Caucus as “more right-wing” than the people who want the ’04 platform back. If anything, precisely the opposite seems true to me.

    Stop with the damned ad hominem bullshit! I was never going to sign any petition to abolish the ’06 revisions — I happen to find simplification and streamlining to be in-line with the idea of a libertarian agenda — but now I certainly just got that much deafer to any arguments that might have swayed me.

  2. “We’re not a right-wing party, nor are-left wing! We’re ABOVE left vs. right politics!” – Jim Casarjian-Perry

    I couldn’t say it better myself. Restore ’04!

  3. Jim,

    I was at the 2006 convention. It took a lot more than several members to delete all those bloated and out-of-date planks. It took 50% of the delegates to toss them, and if I recall many planks were tossed with much more than 50% of the vote.

    Just like a bloated government grows, the platform grew from 2700 words and 27 planks to over 14,000 words and 62 planks over the first 24 years of the party.

    Just like government it needs a good house cleaning. The delegates understood this and they gave us a chance to do so.

    The proposed platform is about 2300 words and back to 27 planks. It is composed of recycled language from all of our previous platforms. I think the platform committee members did a good job at crafting this new platform.

    I’m on the platform committee. While I would have my own preferences for what I think the platform should be, I do think this proposed platform is very good.

    – Hardy

  4. I disliked the 2006 platform debacle as much as anyone, but I’m not sure that Restore ’04 is superior to other proposals.

    As far as “right wing” goes, the two “reformers” I immediately think of when that word is used are Carl Milsted (who calls for an “upper left” party, advocates a “citizens dividend,” etc.) and ecolibertarian/geolibertarian Brian Holtz. Hardly “right-wing” by any traditional definition.

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