Steve G.

Sorry, Cheap Plug

In Entertainment, Humor, Music on May 7, 2008 at 2:05 am

Live From Court Street with Jason and CillaI hijacked “Last Free Voice” for a moment to quickly plug my Blog Talk Radio Show. “Live From Court Street w/Jason & Cilla” returns live tomorrow at 6pm Eastern for a 90 minute episode.

Although we’ve had interviews in the past, we have nothing special scheduled this week per say. We will discuss “wacky” news, sports & entertainment. And, if you are a fan of underground music, you’ll hear the best underground rap & rock on our show.

I have discussed the possibility of either moving the show to LFV’s Blog Talk Radio account or perhaps uploading previous episodes, so we will soon decide what would be the best course of action. I do think offering a variety of shows on the LFV Blog Talk Radio account will be great for this website.

We generally don’t take live calls unless we are conducting an interview, however, feel free to tune in at

  1. I absolutely love Jason’s blogtalk show, and I highly recommend it. He and his wife are quite a tag team, and it’s just a fun show!

  2. We need to have you on again, that was fun. Although next time, we are going to talk more politics.

  3. And We’ve had 2 straight “glitch” free shows!!! haha.

  4. Mynamar needs our assistance. If you want to help, here’s a link to send donations to Mynamar :

  5. Sweet! My hijacked post got hijacked!

  6. LOL, Jason!

    Anytime you want me back on, just let me know. That was indeed fun.

    Speaking of which, tell Cilla that I’m rooting for David Cook to win American Idol now.

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