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“Why George?”

In Activism, Congress, George Phillies, Libertarian, Libertarian Convention, Libertarian Party-US, Media, Politics, Presidential Candidates on May 6, 2008 at 6:31 pm

Why George?

Why should we Libertarians choose George Phillies to be our 2008 Presidential candidate?

Fellow delegates to our National convention!

Why should we nominate George Phillies for President?

George is a Libertarian Centrist. He isn’t Republican Lite. He isn’t a radical. He’s square in the middle of our party. He isn’t the darling of any one faction, so he’s acceptable to all of us. George will keep our party united.

George has the realistic campaign objective: Use the campaign to build the party. He does that by doing what winning campaigns do. Organize. Advertise. Mobilize. He’s telling his volunteers to stay with us after November.

George is a long-time activist. He’s not a newcomer with evolving stands on the issues. His Libertarian Congressional run was in 1998. He was national volunteer coordinator for Michael Badnarik. Now he’s Chair of his state party.

George’s campaign is up and running. He has $100,000 in the bank, ready to go when he wins. He’s already advertising on the radio and the internet. His press releases reach 17,000 media outlets. His campaign
staff is hard at work.

George put his money where his mouth is. He put $100,000 of his own money into his nominating campaign. He’ll give a second $100,000 if nominated.

George gave Libertarian activists the respect we earned. We all need time to study candidates before going to Denver. George declared two years ago, not two months or two weeks before our Denver convention.

Paid for by Phillies 2008.

  1. Phillies immigration stance continues to be the main reason I would never support him for the nomination. However, should he get the nomination, I will vote for him but thats about it. I won’t “give my time” to helping him out at all.

  2. “He isn’t the darling of any one faction, so he’s acceptable to all of us. George will keep our party united.”

    Um, no. George Phillies melds the worst elements of the Constitution Party and the left-wing, (non) “libertarian” Statoite/tReasonistas. It’s like someone sat down to cobble together the worst possible combination of stances to cobble together a philosophically bankrupt platform, and gave it to Phillies to run with. Far from keeping the party united, members would drop like flies every time Phillies opened his mouth to make another segment-alienating statement as candidate.

  3. The Constitution Party? I thought they were all religious folks (or at least that’s the impression I got from comments on TPW).

  4. ENM – They are. But George embraces their positions on immigration and trade (and probably some more stuff too). The CP is fairly libertarian (certainly more so than George), but George basically only embraces their anti-libertarian policies. Similarly, he gleans the worst swill from the “cosmopolitan” “libertarians” who hate Ron Paul and the Constitution and conflate libertarianism with the celebration of sexual and moral depravity. These are the cretins who make idiotic statements like “abortion-clinic protesters are the greatest threat to America’s security” — oh wait, that was George himself.

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